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Chapter 2: Old Friends

It is now October 2nd, 2013. Two days before my birthday. I’m heading back to the garage, when I remember a faint smell on William when I killed him. Will it help? I think. I decide using my pros and cons, I decide for it, and grab my empty water bottle. I go back up the spiral staircase into the memory hallway and into my room. I’m going to be in here for the last time, I think. I look at william, there is green ooze mixed in with blood everywhere. I’m most likely going to regret this, I think.

I grab the ooze and start dipping it into the water bottle. It feels so clammy and just plain gross. I’m there for a few minutes, scooping and dumping. I’m almost done, and the last of the ooze falls into the bottle, which is now filled to the brim. I seal up the bottle, and head out the house, into the garage. I open the SUV door, and zip my bag open, I put the bottle in there for safe-keeping.

The garage clanks open, as it goes up. There is another zombie right outside. I can barely read his name tag from here: Dr. Arsenio Garza. I get in the SUV and ignite it. I rev it up, and go from zero-to-sixty. I barely hear as the head of Dr. Garza explodes under the wheel. I stop my car. I look back at the house.

“This’ll be the last time, I’ll ever be here again.” I say. I go back to looking up the street, and to my surprise someone is actually walking towards me in the car. I take a look at who it is.

It’s Mr. Cheny, my old school principal before the world went wonko. I get out of the car, and walk towards Mr. Cheny. I keep my pistol close for safe measures.

“No need to shoot, I’m not bit.” He says, looking at me

“Mr. Cheny?” I ask.

“Jake, is that you?”

“Yes sir, wow, are you okay?” Looking towards his leg, there is a huge gash going into his leg knee-to-ankle.

“I’ve been better.”

We take a look at each other, even thougn it isn’t spoken aloud- we are a team, whether we live or not.

I head to the SUV, and tell him to get in. He listens. He goes around the car, opens the passenger door, grabs my 6-pack of water and puts it in the back, all as he sits down and closes the door.

“Where are we headed?” He asks.

“To the store, it’s a couple of miles from here. We need to get you something about your leg. Then we go to San Antonio, It was safe on the radio a week ago, before the batteries died out.”

“Sounds good.”

I rev up the car once more, and backup. I head down the street for a few minutes when I get to Costco. It was only a three minute ride. I roll down the window to spot any zombies, and I hear something unfamiliar. I pull on the brakes.

“What are you doing Mr. Jake?!”

“Look and listen, there are other cars on, or being used!”


“Someone else could be alive, you idiot!”

We pull up to the curb of the store. We grab our guns and I go into the store first.

“Hello?” I call out.

I hear people running to the front of the store, my hand twitches near the gun. They all come through the aisles, they have guns as well, aiming at me.

There is a girl that I usually saw as I walked home. I liked her, I wanted to go out with her all before this happened. I also see the store manager (this I can tell from his clothes, red polo and khakis). Then, coming on the left, is my best friend, Aden!

I give Aden a hug and a handshake and say,"You guys left your cars running, people could've heard and came to kill you or something."

Aden then replies,"I don't think those are our cars. I practically walked here with a machete." The others agree with him.

"Well it's lucky that I thought so, huh?"

I look back outside and there are five people running here. Wait, those aren't people (well anymore), THEY'RE ZOMBIES! I run out, and grab my pistol. With the remaining two bullets I take out one of them with a headshot and the other bullet whizzes past and hits a garbage can. The garbage can flips over, knocking over trash of rotten banana peels and old mail. The four that are left come straight at us still, and I have run out of ammo. I start to reload, when Aden pushes me out of the way with an M-16 in his hands.

"WOAH, where'd you get that beauty?" I yell.

The zombies fall to the ground with bullet holes in their bodies. Aden and I head back into the store, laughing that i had run out of ammo.

I say to the group of people in the store,"Mr. Cheny, Aden, and I are going to be headed for San Antonio, if anyone of y'all want to come." We start to head back to the SUV.

"Wait!" The girl exclaims. I realize she has the voice to change millions (if there is even that many survivors) and she looks straight at me, just like she read my thoughts,"I want to come as well."

"Alright, I have NO problem with that." I say, as if i'm in love.

We head to the car, and I don't hear the other cars that are running anymore. They have stopped running. I don;t think about what would've happened if I had waited a few more minutes to leave. We all open our doors, 2 on each side, with me as the driver. Aden is in the passenger seat with Mr. Cheny and the girl in the back. I back out of the parking lot, and get on the interstate towards our freedom to safety.




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Another compelling chapter. I am assuming he has collected the ooze so maybe he could smother himself in it so the zombies would think he was one? I like the way you had Jake conclude that there must be someone in the shop as the cars were still running. Jake is a very observant and resource character and i like that. Nice bit of zombie killing action going on too. You described it well and i could see the whole showdown taking place. I had to laugh when Jake was reloading and Aden jumped in with his M-16 and mowed them down, Nice! Well now it's four, for the road. A school principal, two teenage boys and a teenage girl. I see some drama coming on here lol I look forward to the next installment ")

Sun, May 11th, 2014 10:33pm


Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! I can't wait for the installment either, I was just about to write it tomorrow, and there will be drama. :D

Sun, May 11th, 2014 8:40pm

James Rowley

When write the letter I in a sentence always capitalize.
For example: Listen I'm just gonna grab the water.
Listen I just want to leave.

Tue, August 22nd, 2017 4:37am

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