Mistaken Identity

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: April 30, 2007

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Submitted: April 30, 2007



Chapter Three

He so enjoyed watching her while they spoke. That’s what made this morning’s call outside the police station so delightful; he just wished he were able to allow himself this pleasure much more often. Patience, it has gotten him this far and as long as he continued to exercise patience he will reach his final destination and accomplish his goal – to have Alexis to himself and to have her fall completely, passionately in love with him. Yes, he knew he must continue to remain patient and stick to his plan; the rewards at the end of his journey are definitely worth the time spent getting there.

He didn’t necessarily want to follow Alexis and her friend around all day, but he didn’t know another way to find out where this friend lives. So he went to the airport and saw Brad’s family, went to lunch at the same restaurant, sat outside the funeral home while arrangements were made, saw the hotel where the family was staying, went to dinner again at the same restaurant they went to, and finally after saying goodnights all around, the family took off in their rental car, and Alexis and her friend were on their way to her house. Now he could see Alexis almost anytime he wanted; the phone calls are so much more pleasurable when he is able to watch her while they talk. Now he just needed to get this friend’s phone number so he can reach Alexis here, at her place, and by cell phone.

He did not talk to Alexis since this morning. He figured it was the right thing to do to leave her alone with Brad’s family for awhile. The funeral is tomorrow at 11:00 am. He decided not to call her until Wednesday, the day after the funeral. This would give her some time to grieve before she started to move on and learn to live without Brad. But he would call her Wednesday after all he did not want to wait too long or she may think he abandoned her just like her parents and Brad.

It was going to be difficult not to hear her voice for the next couple of days, but it would be down right rude to rush right in without allowing her some time to say goodbye. However he had a desperate need to be close to her, communicating with her everyday. An idea finally occurred to him - he would write her a letter each day starting with today. The first letter will express his sorrow in seeing her so unhappy and tell her how he cannot wait for the day when he can help her to forget the pain and show her how to start enjoying life again.

As he sat down to write this letter his mind was overflowing with ideas for the other two letters. In tomorrow’s letter he would tell her of all the dreams he had of the two of them experiencing life and all its wonders. He would tell her of all the places they would travel to – Paris, Australia, Greece, Italy, Moscow, China, Tokyo, Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Hawaii, and any other places she wished to visit. They would go skydiving, rock climbing, bunji jumping, waterskiing, exploring the Outback, deep sea fishing, and again anything else she wanted to experience.

The third letter would simply express his love and devotion and how hard it is to wait even a day, but he would be as patient as he needed to and not force her hand. It had to be real on her part, and he knew that once she got to know him she would fall in love with him in no time at all. He also knew that before long he would have to get her away from that police detective and this friend she is staying with; he just knew they were filling her head with all sorts of negative thoughts concerning him and with no one to counter what they are saying she will start to believe what a horrible person he is and that she needs to stay away. If she is not willing to go with him when he asks and insists on staying with her friend then instead of getting her to come with him he will have to go to the next step in order to cutoff contact with her friend and this detective.

He finished the letter, had a glass of wine, and went to take a long, hot shower. Afterwards, he turned on the stereo and listened to Mozart and Bach while he had a couple more glasses of wine. It was getting late and he had to be at the office in the morning, he couldn’t afford to miss any more appointments, so he went on to bed and fell asleep with thoughts of Alexis in his mind.

‘Sam’ worked for a financial planning and consulting firm and got up and went to work at 9:00 am just like so many others; it was such a normal thing to do, no one would ever suspect he had killed a man or had an obsession with the famous author Alexis Bartlett. If the circumstances were different he would spend all day feeding his obsession but he needed to make a living like everybody else. So he went to work as normal, advising people on how to invest their money while all the while thinking of Alexis.

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