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A girl going though highs school and beyond. Finding herself and the love if a man. But is this man the one?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Strong

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Part 1


Grade 11 when you are not a newbie or a senior your are a sophomore. This is the grade that changed my life in so many ways. "Kira come on wake up!" I heard a voice say. I slowly  opened my eyes and saw a familiar face. Matt Fernanz closest friend.  Nickname Mango. Almost every friend is nicknamed after a fruit. I arose from my bed  hair a complete mess and headed for my walk in closet. Matt left to let me change.  During the summer I got a totally new wardrobe. My old clothe were girly and not my style anymore. My new clothe mostly black and tomboy. I did this because I didn't want what happened last year to happen again. I picked out a tight fitted black t- shirt and loose jeans. Then I walk into my private bathroom and brushed my long reddish brown hair and straightened it. My hair is naturally straight but lately I taken to braiding my hair before I go to bed. With one last look at myself I walk back into my bedroom,  pack my school things and  swing my bag over my shoulder. I then grabbed my pack of cigarettes and lighter from my dresser, shove them in my jean pocket and walked out of my room and down the many flights of stairs. When I walked into the kitchen I catch Matt about to fling porridge at Paul. "Mango don't you dare." Matt has long light brown hair and light brown eye to match. He used to live with his parents but after last year he and the gang moved into my place to make sure it never happened again. I walked over to my fridge and took out an apple. I sat at the kitchen island while the gang sat at the table.  Sitting next to Matt was Paul Anderson. Nicknamed Peach. His long hair is dyed a dark brown, eyes a brilliant green. Sitting across from them was Kyle Richards. Now when we met  Kyle he came to us with an obsession with everything having to be organized. In time he slowly wasn't as obsessed. He disowned his parents a few years ago and since then live with me. He has short golden blonde hair and hazel eyes. He was the only muscular one out of three. We nicknamed him Kit Kat. Once I finished my apple I threw it out, swung my bag back over my shoulder and started for school. Not caring if the boys were finished or not. I wanted a smoke. "Kiwi wait for us." They say as I passed by them. "I'm going for a smoke." I replied. They quickly grabbed their empty bowls and school bags and put them in the sink. I quickly grab a black sweater from a nearby closet before I stepped outside. I then  flip the hood up and take out my pack of cigarettes and lighter from my jean pocket. I lit my cigarette and take my first puff since last night. I then shoved my lighter in my hoodie pocket in front and started to walk."Kiwi what's your rush to get to school?" Mango asked. "No rush I just needed a smoke." I replied. "This early in the morning!" Exclaimed Kyle. "The day is going to be stressful." The walk to school was about twenty minutes. "Where shall we meet for lunch?" Kyle asks. "My locker." I suggest. Everyone agrees. Everyone is given a locker for throughout high school. "Say did you hear there is going to be a new kid." Matt said. Silence. "Maybe Kira will fall in love with this guy too." Teased Paul. Teased but telling the truth. Every new kid that comes to our school I tend to fall in love with. A habit I need to break. I shudder when I think break. When I sprained my ankle last year I soon feared of breaking my ankle.(Not why the gang moved in) "I wonder if anyone will recognize you?" Kyle said. "I bet no one will. When I think about it. You look completely different than last year." Replied Mango. I smiled at the thought. Maybe you'll be taken for the new kid." "I doubt it once my name is said all mysteriousness will be gone." I finished my cigarette. I threw it on the ground and stepped onto  it to put it out. The school was in sight I need to get into character. I changed my walked into my gangster strut. "Let's get this party started." Whispered Mango.


We walked into that school like we owned it. All heads turned in our direction. More specifically my direction. "Who is that? Is that the new kid?" I heard people whisper. I just ignored it and walked straight to my locker as the gang went to their own. I put my code in and opened my locker. I put my bag, books and supplies into my locker and closed it. Then I realized someone was beside me. I turned to look at him. One look knocked me breathless. He was the most handsome man I ever seen in my life. He was 6'0 tall, long messy, chestnut brown hair, Gorgeous brown eyes. "Hello my name is Billy." He says. I almost fainted hearing his voice but luckily the gang came up behind me. "Kiwi what is taking you so long? Oh." Mango said. "Kiwi?" Billy asked. "Nickname my real name is Kira." I quickly said. I could hear the gang giggling at me. "Nice to meet you Kira. I hope we have some classes together." He said closing his locker and walked away. "Kira is in love with the new kid." Squeaked Matt. "I am not!" I denied. I quickly regained my composure and joined the gang in walking around the school seeing who is new and who isn't. 
"What classes have you Kira?" Asked Paul randomly. "Acting, P.E, Biology, Chemistry." "Hmm." I looked at my watch and decided it was time to head for class. "I'm going to class." I declared. "Don't forget my locker for lunch." I said as I walked away from the gang. I didn't need anything for acting so I didn't bother going to my locker.  "Hey Kira! You got acting too?" The most handsome voice asked.  I slowly turned around and look straight into those beautiful brown eyes. "Yes I've got acting." I replied. We held our gaze for a few seconds later then noticed the teacher on her way. "Sorry class for being late. Grab a chair and form a circle." She said as she unlock the door. Billy and I waited while everyone else shoved there way into the classroom. We walked in and grabbed a chair. Having no place but to sit by each other. All class we introduced ourselves and got to know one another. 
"My name is Billy Levick. I moved here about a week ago. I am currently staying at Nico Lorenzo my cousins place." "Cousin you two could practically be brothers except for the eyes." He just smiled. His teeth were straight and white.  "Kira tell us a little about yourself." The teacher said turning to me.  "Well my name is Kira Mason. I haven't any parents or siblings so you can say I am an orphan." "My gosh Kira!" The teacher gasped.  "Oh it's nothing I'm used to it." "Kira if you ever need something I am here for you. In fact come see me after class." "Okay Mrs. Vincent." The rest of the class I listened to everyone else and didn't speak once. When class was over I walked up to Mrs. Vincent. "Mrs. Vincent you wanted to see me." I asked. "Yes about how you are living." Do you live alone right now or with someone?" That caught me off guard. "I mean after last year I would hate for you to be alone."She said quickly. "Oh do not worry my friends decided to come live with me." "Phew that's really good to hear." "Thanks for being concerned." I replied. "Well I should be off to class." She just nodded. My next class was Physical education. I walked into the gym and the first person I saw was Billy. I went and sat in the bleachers while everyone else busy themselves with shooting hoops or just talking. The entire time I just stared at Billy. Mrs. Vincent was right about Billy and Nico Lorenzo looking alike. The only difference was the messy hair and brown eyes Billy had. I then got up and walk up to the teacher. "Mr. Dawson may I go for a run around the field outside?" I asked. "Sure just as long as you do something active." He replied. That was all he ask for to just stay active during class. Other wise we could do whatever we wanted. I walk out of the gym and onto the field. I slipped my hood down tied my hair in a high pony tail and ran. While I ran a terrible memory came into my head.
Memory: It was night time and I was stuck at home alone. The gang all went to their own homes. I was bored so I decided to go for a quick walk around town. Well the walk turn out into a long walk. It wasn't until about three o'clock did I start to head back home. I decided to take a shortcut I knew through an alley. I was about three quarter through when a man came up behind me and tackled me to the ground. I could only see his silhouette.  He made me face him and cuffed my hands and taped my mouth. "Well looks like I will be getting laid tonight." As soon as I heard that I struggled even harder than before. I tried kicking him but he kept on top of my legs while he undid my shirt and bra. He then undid my pants and ever so slightly got off my legs but not enough for me to kick him. He grabbed both my pants and panties and pulled them down. He then grabbed me and push me against the wall and whispered "You are going to have the time of your life." He placed my cuffed hand under his armpits and then shove it inside me. I muffled a scream when he entered. That was it my virginity gone. He looked and with little light there he noticed the blood. "A virgin huh? Even better." He then thrust inside me like there was no tomorrow. All I could do was groan. What felt like half and hour later he stopped. He kept it inside me but just leaned on me against the wall. After a good few minutes he started  again. During a mid thrust something hit him in the head.  Someone caught him and undid the cuffs. I free myself from him and collapsed. I could hear someone comforting me. "It's will be okay I am here now."  the voice sounded familiar but I couldn't place a face to it. Memory over. 
When I came back to reality I noticed I wasn't running no more. I was on my knees, tears streaming down my face. I took a moment to regain my composure. Once I did I glanced at my watch and saw I had five minutes until class was over, so I began to walk back to the gym. "Oh Kira I was just coming to tell you class is almost over." Billy said walking toward me. "I  am not stupid I have a watch." I snap at him. "Hey don't shoot the delivery boy." He chuckled. I just glared at home and walked right by him. "Did I do something to make you hate me or something?" Billy asked catching up to me. "No I just hate the first week of school." I replied. Billy opened the door for me. "Thanks." I mumbled.  "That what a gentlemen is for right." I just rolled my eyes. I may like him but not at the moment. "What is that new kid doing hanging out with that slut?" I heard people whisper. That just made me even more angry. I began to run trying to get some space between us. Pushing and shoving my way through the halls.  "Kira!" Billy called after me. I just ignored him. "Kira! Matt voice came from somewhere." I ran to the farest and least used bathroom and into a stall. I quickly took off my watch and threw it on the ground. Flicked my pocket knife I had in a secret pocket inside my sweater and slowly began to cut my left wrist. The pain excruciating but satisfying.

It's mid October and Billy and I  haven't spoke to one another ever again, not even in acting class. Eventually he made it to be the most popular kid in school. But unlike everyone else he never called me a slut or anything else. I also did the impossible for some, quit smoking and drinking."Now Kira just has to stop cutting." Matt added. We were hanging out on my patio. "And start telling us how you are feeling." Kyle said. Yeah I'll get right on that." I said sarcastically.  "We aren't joking we know you've had a rough life still even. But to bottle up everything isn't going to help." I just sighed and let them let it all out before I spoke again. "Let's just take it step by step like what we just did with the smoking and drinking." I said. "Okay but it's going to be stopped." Threatened Matt. I just rolled my eyes.  


"Guess what class. We are doing M*A*S*H!" "Yeah I have an idea what mash is about but not that other play." I said to my neighbour sitting next to me. "Oh my god really!" "Really." "I ordered the play but I was only able to order one so I made copies for each of you and put it in a duo tang. If you loose it it will cost you five dollars to get another copy." The teacher continued. "We will spend a week getting to know a little bit more about mash and the characters then Friday I will have audition pieces to memorize depending on the character that you want to audition for. Then the Monday following we will have auditions." "Sweet." I whispered. Thank god it was last block. "So tomorrow we will watch the pilot episode and then go through the play." Today just go through the script yourself." She said starting to hand them out. "Thanks." I mumble when I got mine. I looked over at Billy. He was taking a look through his script. I opened my duo tang and looked through my script like everyone else. Also trying to decide who I want to audition for. Most are guy parts, a few nurses. A korean servant named Ho-Jon. 
I was at my locker getting ready to go home checking that I got all my homework when Nico came up to me. the halls were empty. Billy was long gone. He quickly grabbed his books, bag and left. "Billy already left." I said. "I know that, I'm not looking for him I was actually looking for you." "Well you found me." I answered. "I'm just going to come right out and ask. My company is having an annual dinner and dance Friday night and I was wondering if you would like to be my date." That caught me completely off guard. "You're asking me of all the girls. What's wrong with asking one of your many fan girls." "That is definitely not a choice that could be disastrous and beside you are also an employee so you have to go too." Okay so mine and your choices are go with another date or go with each other." I confirmed. "Exactly ." He replied. I closed my locker and swung my bag over my right shoulder. And began to walk out of the school. Nico right behind me. "This is such short notice I need to buy a dress and high heels to match." "I'll handle the details just tell me what dress size you are and high heel size." I was a little hesitant to tell him but I did anyways." Dress size four and size seven for high heels. "So I take it as a yes." I nodded." "Will Billy be there?" I asked." "Unfortunately no he is busy Friday night." "Hmm." "So I will pick you up at 5 Friday evening." "Okay do you know where I live?" I asked. "Yes it was on your resume." "Right." We were getting closer to the gang." "See you tomorrow."  he said then walked away. "Why was that jerk talking to you." Matt asked automatically.  "He was talking about business. So just chill." I snapped as we started to walk home. " Just so you all know Friday night I am busy." "With what?" They all asked. "I have a date." "With who?" They all asked at the same time. "None of your business and it is not Billy!" I said before they can accuse me. "Oh sure it isn't." Paul said  "It's not." "Wait is it Nico by chance? Is that why he was talking to you?" Matt asked. "Eww! No how can you even suggest that!" I replied pretending to be grossed out.  Then that got me thinking. As soon as we get home I am running up to my soundproof room and making a phone call. "The good thing about my phones, which can be found in every room is each phone has it's own number and calling line. No one could listen into other conversation. "New subject please." I said. Why won't you tell us who your date is? Do you want last year to happen again?" Matt asked. I stopped right in my tracks. "That's what I thought." Snipped Matt. "It won't happen the man I'm going with is 100 percent trustable and I still will not tell you." "You leave us no choice but to follow you on your date." "Ha good luck."I resumed walking.  Giving me another idea to escape disaster. "Can we just hurry up and get home I need to make phone calls and make arrangements." I said walking faster. "Phoning her secret boyfriend." Snickered Paul. I just rolled my eyes. "Grow up will you, so what if I have a boyfriend." I snapped. "Hey give it a chance to sink in for us. The last time you had a boyfriend was just before last year happened." Paul said. "And you two were getting quite serious about each other too." He continued. I just scoffed. The things I used to do. I thought to myself. "Ugh." "Please won't you tell us?" Pleaded Matt. "No not now not ever now please drop the subject." We drew closer to my house. 
I was up in my room phoning Nico. I was pacing my bedroom floor waiting for him to pick his cell phone up.  "Damn it pick up!" I yelled into my phone. I checked for the tenth time that my door was locked. I slammed my home phone down and plopped down on my bed. I could have left a message but I just didn't feel like it. Doesn't that guy ever take a break and just chill. I swear he is serious enough for the whole world. 


Nico's POV. 
Memory. I was up late in the night in my private study room studying for my grade 12 exam. I was fifteen and a child prodigy. My step father had me homeschooled. I was on a strict diet and always running on little or no sleep. I was in my study room with papers and books laid out before me and a plate of healthy snacks and water. When I was in my study room only one servant was allowed in but only to deliver food and water. His name was Cam he would also help me when I didn't understand something.  English was the only subject I had to pass to graduate but I had several other exams.  All those days studying. I had to get an "A" in every subject. If I didn't my stepfather would use the strap. End of memory.

 I was currently sitting in my office going over paper needing signing.  Knock knock knock. "Come in Miah." My little brother. "How was your day at school?" I asked. "It was fairly good. How was your day Billy/ Nico?" "Boring as usual." I replied setting my paper down. 
Miah Scott Lorenzo, 10 years old and my reason to live. I would do anything for him.  His blue eyes and chestnut hair. He likes his hair long in front and short in back. He's a mini me only a happier version of me. The hair being the only difference in appearance. He too is a genius, he is currently in grade nine. 
"So you ask anyone to the Lorenzo annual dinner and dance?" Miah asked while doing his homework on my office floor. "Actually I did." Was all I replied. "So who is it?" "It's a surprise." "Oh come on tell me please." " No end of conversation." I finished looking over the papers and signed it. "Fine but one way or another I shall find out before Friday, mark my words." Miah said getting back to his Math homework. The rest of the day was spent in silence. Once both  of us were done our task we went home to have supper.  "Wow for once I don't have to drag you home." Miah said. I flipped my phone out and saw I had missed calls. I checked the number and found out it was Kira trying to phone me several times. What could she want that is so urgent. We got into the elevator and hit basement button. "No I'm quite ahead of the game so I can take a few days off truthfully." "Yeah that's awesome we can spend some time together!" Said an excited Miah. "Sure can Buddy." 

Kira's POV
Friday: I woke up in a panic. All the what if's for tonight were running through my head. "Kira are you even ready yet. You been up early this morning so what is taking you so long?" Matt asked outside my room. " Well I had to pick out a outfit then fix my hair and put my makeup on." "Oooh Kira is in love with someone. The only question is who? You haven't acted like this since last year." Matt said. "Oh shut up I was ready over an hour ago." I lied. "Oh really?" Smirked Matt as I opened the door.  "KIRA IS IN LOVE!" Matt yelled as he bolted downstairs. I ran after him once I realized what he was going to say. " Once in the kitchen I got whistled at and "Daaaayuum girl you're on fire." I saved one outfit from before last years incident. "Who's the lucky man?" Paul asked. I just smile and proceeded to the fridge to get my apple. "Seriously Kira who is it?" They all chimed in. I just took a bite of my apple and enjoyed it. "Wait today is Friday and you have a date tonight remember boys.. We can stalk her." "Good luck." I said. I was wearing a one shoulder blue knee length dress and skin coloured tights. My hair was straight and my make up was neutral.  I had blue stud earrings and two inch high heels on. I had a small blue purse. My back pack was beside me on the floor and sweater on the counter. Then my phone vibrated. I looked at the screen and saw it was Billy. -Nico said he would pick you up from school today.
-Just curious what will you be doing after school. Because I heard you aren't gong to the Lorenzo company annual dinner and dance event.
-Yeah I got to babysit his little brother Miah. Him and I are going to hang around the city then watch a movie.
-Oh well I hope you have fun.
-Thanks you too.
Swipe. "Hey give it back!" I tried grabbing my phone back then gave up cause they would have to figure out my password and it is freaking long. "Shit she has a password on it." Kyle said giving it to Matt who is the code cracker.  I just chuckled and grabbed my sweater swing it on then swing my backpack on and walk out the door. A few minutes later the gang runs up behind me. "Here Kira, your phone back. I couldn't crack the code." Mango said handing me my phone back. "Thanks." I replied. "Kira we're being serious we are trying to protect you." "By stealing my phone wow what heroes." I said sarcastically. "Kira..."  I turned to look at them each and everyone of them had a worried face. "Look I'm sorry and I truly am grateful for your concern and the need to protect me but this man wouldn't hurt me his reputation is of the  upmost respected." I got another text. Only I ignored it for now, it can wait. "Come on let's get to school before we are late." "Yeah I want to see how all the boys will react to how Kira is dressed. Will their jaws drop to the ground and eyes pop out of their heads." I just rolled my eyes. "Kira is that really you?" A familiar voice said. It was Nico in his signature limo. The boys never liked Nico. They see him as a rich boy that is a cold hearted bastard because every time they come face to face they end up in a verbal fight that gets close to a physical fight. The gang always wonders how I can tolerate him. I tell them how I have something in common with  him. We are both orphans. I also know his backstory more than they do. They don't understand what his stepfather did to him. No sleep all work. They know the who just not the what and why's. Most of his employee coward whenever he comes near. To be completely truthful him and I used to be friend when we were younger. We'd hang out while he was in the orphanage.  I would sneak in and play with him and Miah, his little brother. Then once he was adopted that all ended. "Yea what's it to you rich boy?" Snarled Kyle.  "You look esquisite." Nico replies then drives away. Oh my god did he just say that. I thought. "Did he seriously just say that. Pinch me I must be dreaming." Matt said in shock. I just keep walking all my worries gone. "I think the world is coming to an end Nico just said something nice."Kyle said. "Oh come on is it really that hard to believe," I saying turning around. "Nico does have a nice side to him." I said angrily. "You like him don't you, that's why you keep defending him." "First off he is my boss and second  he was my childhood friend. " shit! "WHAT?" They all asked. I just turn around and run. "Kira wait!"   I may be in high heel, but that doesn't stop me I just need to get away from them. Just before I get to school I take a minute to mentally prepare myself for the day. I take a deep breathe and walk forward into a world of the unknown.
 "Damn who is that girl?" "Oh my god is that Kira?" I hear as I walk to my locker. Billy is at his locker pulling out his books for class. I walk up to my locker punch in my code and start taking my books out. I don't even dare look towards Billy. "Kira you look beautiful." That automatically made me blush. "Thanks I'm trying to prepare for tonight mentally. Getting compliments and wearing high heels again. " "Again?" "Yeah last year I used to wear girly clothe then something terrible happened." "Oh I'm sorry to hear that." "It's fine." "Kira what the hell!" I heard behind me. "Ugh" "Nico was your childhood friend?" "Billy mind escorting me to class please?" "I would love to escort a beautiful girl such as yourself." He said hold out his hand. I slipped my arm into his and walk away. "So you think I'm beautiful." "Beautiful is an understatement." That made me blush. Everyone was staring at us. "Just ignore them." He whispers to me. Being this close to him is intoxicating. "Here we are milady biology." He says letting me enter first. "Thanks you sir." I sit right at the back usually no one sits with me, but today that changes. Billy sits right beside me. "You don't have to sit with me." I said. "I want to." "Why?" I asked. "Because I can't keep pretending I don't like you when the truth is I like you very much." Silence. "I -" "Okay time for class to start." The teacher cut him off. I pulled out my phone under the huge black table and texted him. 
-Please continue with what you were going to say. 
-I've always liked you, from the moment we met.
-If you always liked me why did you never talk to me or acknowledge me.
-Because the school status. Clique, reputation whatever you want to call it. Being Nico's cousin kinda made me slightly popular. 
-Yeah I noticed.
-So will you go out with me? Please?
-Can we hang a bit more before you asked again and get to know each other more?
-Sure that can be arranged we shall start on Monday
I smiled at him then put my phone away and listened to what the teacher was saying. I could feel Billy still looking at me which gave me more butterflies in my stomach. Then Billy began to text someone. My phone vibrated in my pocket.
-Do I make you nervous?
-Nope I don't get nervous
-Don't lie to me I can tell I make you nervous. You act different around me.
-Okay fine you do make me nervous, you happy?
-Yes I am because I make a tough beautiful girl like you nervous :p
I just smiled and put my phone away and got to work. You all may wonder how I got his cell phone number but I got it from Nico he thought if ever I needed to contact him I can call Billy. Billy did agree to this. 
The rest of the day I hung out with Billy. I got to sit at the 'popular table' and was introduced to Dawson, Riley and, Dallas. Dawson and Riley were brothers. There was some of the cheerleaders at the table. Chealsea, Leah, and  Rachel. Chelsea was head cheerleader and obvious the most popular. "So Billy do you want to hang out after school." Chelsea asked once everyone was seated. "I would love to... Only I can't because I have prearranged something."Billy answered politely. Chelsea automatically looked at me with evil eyes. "Hey he's not hanging with me I'm going on a date with someone else." I said with my hand up like I was surrendering. "I bet it's with some under dog." She scoffed. "Umm Kira mind if I talk to you?" Billy asked. "Sure." We got up and walked away from the group only we weren't the only ones to leave Dawson, Riley and Dallas came with us. I hastily walked away. "Hey where you all going!" Chelsea yelled after us. "Hey don't listen to her." Billy said grabbing my shoulder and turning me to face him and the boys. "No she's right I can't be seen hanging out with your kind of people." I said my eyes starting to get tears. I turned my head so he wouldn't see. "What do you mean my kind of people." "Rich, snobby , Rub it in your face kind of people." "That not who I am, yes I am rich, but I am definitely not like Nico or any other rich asshole." "Kira?" Matts voice said behind me." Now I was in the middle of a circle. Dallas, Riley Billy and Dawson on one side and Matt, Kyle and Paul on the other. "Please can we talk." "Hey we were in the middle of talking to her before you showed up." Dawson said. "No we were before she came to school. Then you all snatched her away."  I push through the circle and left the cafeteria and went back to acting class and just waited for class to stay again. This time I wouldn't talk to Billy or look at him. "Kira what brings you in so early?" Mrs. Vincent asked as she entered the room. "Oh I finished eating early." "Hmm well I have the audition pieces ready for each character." Oh great." I replied. "Do you know who you are auditioning for yet?" "Yeah I have an idea in mind." "Excited?" "Yeah as I will ever be." Then I heard kids walking into the class room. Then I heard him. "Kira please can I talk to you?" "No I'm busy." I said looking in my duo tang. "Fine I'll talk to you in front of everyone." "You go right ahead." "Fine." He walk over to Mrs. Vincent and talked to her for a bit but they were whispering so I don't know what they said. Then he sat down right beside me. A few second later everyone else came into the room. "Okay class today you all get your audition pieces." Everyone except Billy and I gave a small cheer. "But first of all Billy and Kira have a little skit they would like to do for the class." "What?"  "Come on Kira don't be shy. We practiced this." I got up and stood in the middle of the circle. "Please I'm not your typical snobby rich man who always gets his way." "You mean like Nico?" "I'm nothing like him please get to know me better before you judge." "I...I..I can't." I looked away from him. He stepped towards me and lifted my chin so I was looking at his brown eyes. "What do you mean you can't, you got to know Nico well enough but you can't get to know me?" "My heart has been broken enough times." I won't take no as an answer." Then he kissed me. Not just any kiss, a kiss that says he means it. When we broke apart. I nearly fell. "He grabbed me and raised an eyebrow. "So are you going to give me a chance." I nodded, applause  broke out and everyone was standing. "That was amazing Billy and Kira absolutely amazing. "Is that from something?" "We completely made it up." Billy answered. Then we took our seats and Mrs. Vincent handed out the audition pieces. All the characters were on them. I looked then over and finally decided who I wanted to be, who I could pull off. The rest of class time we played games. Billy constantly either my partner or on my team. My last class was physical education. We play a few games of volley ball. Again Billy was on my team. About fifteen minutes before school was over Billy pulled me out of the gym and kissed me. "I won't see you after this cause I need to leave early to pick up Miah. So I shall see you on Monday I hope you and Nico have a great time tonight." Then he went to get changed back into his regular clothe. I ran back to finish the game. 


At my locker while I was getting my back pack and sweater on the boys came up to me. "Kira please can we talk Kyle asked. "Depends on what you want to talk about." "It's about Nico." "Then no." I said as I closed my locker. "Kira we are over that you were friends with Nico when you were younger. That was before you met us and we can't change who you were friends with." "Good now can I go on my date." "We are still going to follow you." "Ok come on stalkers." I said as I walked past them. The front door was opened for me by a man and right out front was a dark blue sparky limo. I paused for a moment to take it all in. "Well this is the end of the road for you guys. Unless you all have a car, license and insurance. You can't stalk me." I say as I walk toward the limo. The door was held open for me by a chauffeur while I climbed in. "Thanks." I said then he closed the door. "You ready." Nico said sitting beside me." "As I shall ever be." "Okay do you remember the plan." "Of course I made it up." "Right. "Next stop two way store." We rode in silence while we drove around in circles to get to the store, just in case we are being followed. When we came to a stop I waited for the door to be opened. I took a breathe and stepped out with my back pack. I walked to the store with a purpose. I walked through the twisting aisles and toward the back where only the employee are allowed to be. Some employees looked at me but didn't say anything. A few minutes later I found the back door. There was Nico's signature limo waited. Black with the white initials NL. Again a chauffeur held the door open for me. We left for our next destination pick up Nico. We drove in circles for a few minutes then came to a stop at the back of a store and waited. Fifteen minutes past when my phone went off. I looked at it and saw it was Nico calling. 
-Kira move to plan B
-Why what happened?
Then I heard a bunch of screaming girl in the background
-Fangirls caught up to me.
-Okay but how will you escape.
-Don't worry about me I always have a plan.  
I opened the glass window between me and the driver. "Move to plan B." He nodded then I closed the window and sat back. We began to move to plan b destination. Nico's Mansion. 

Nico's POV
Once Kira was out of the car I was able to breathe. All I wanted to do was kiss her and tell her everything. But I couldn't not yet.  We were driving to my stop. As usual we had to drive around in circle in case we were followed. When we stopped I step out of the limo, and a few seconds later after the limo drove away a swarm of fangirl surrounded me. "Great." I said and began to run. As I ran I pulled my phone out and dialed Kira's number.

-Kira move to plan B
-Why what happened?
-Fangirls caught up to me.
-Okay but how will you escape.
-Don't worry about me I always have a plan.

I smirked. Next call helicopter. I pushed a button on my hi tech watch. "We are on our way." The pilot said. I kept on running trying to avoid the dead ends. "Nico I love you!" "Nico will you marry me?" "Nico you are the best!" "Nico take me as your date for the dinner and dance tonight please?" I could hear them screaming. After awhile of running I finally heard the helicopter. Next a rope ladder was tossed down to me. I put all my energy into getting far away enough from the mob so they can't try to climb or catch the ladder also. I looked back and saw the mob quite aways back so I climbed the rope ladder and held on tight while I ascend in the air. Toward my mansion. 

Kira's POV
We arrived at huge iron gates with again NL on it. We slowly drove up the drive way in to the front of Nico's mansion. I grabbed my bag and waited for the door to be opened. Who opened it was Nico. He held his hand out to help me out. "Welcome to my Mansion." He said. I looked up and gasp. It was unbelievable. "How did you get here so fast?" I asked. "That's my secret." I smiled. "Here let me take your back pack." I gave him my back pack and we heading towards the mansion. We enter the mansion servants ready to take my sweater and back pack. "Okay so let's get started on your transformation." My transformation?" He never said anything about that. "Yeah I told you on the phone didn't I?" I shook my head. "I thought I did guess it slipped my mind. "We'll as you heard I got crazy fangirls and if they heard you were my date for tonight then life would be hard for you and I don't want that and I still need you at work." He said. I was following him to where ever he was taking me. "I have a few dress for you to pick out and I bought make up for you and something else for you to wear. Here we are the guest room." We enter a room upstairs. It was huge with a four poster bed and desk. There on the bed was quite a few dress. A blue, green, pink...  With matching high heels "Oh my gosh they are beautiful." I picked up the blue one and held it up to my body. "I think I want to try this one first. " "Ok well the bathroom is over there." he pointed towards another door. I walked through that door. This bathroom was huge . A shower stall including a bath tub. The counter was huge. There on the counter was all the make up laid out for me to use. "Just so you know I may take a while in here I yelled for Nico to hear. "That's fine by me." I heard him yell back. I changed into the dress and managed to zipper it up. I looked in the full length mirror opposite the sink counter. Man does Nico have a sense of fashion. Just the dress alone made me stunning. It was floor length with a sash and strapless. A few jewel at the top then the rest plain. It also fit every curve. I automatically knew this was the dress. I took a breathe and walked out to show Nico. He had his back turned to me busy with something. "Ahem." He turned to face me with a look of shock. "Kira .. Uh .. Every girl will be extremely jealous of you tonight if you wear that dress." "Thanks." I said and twirl so he could see it all. "This will be the dress I'll wear." "I'm going to put my make up on, I'll be back in about fifteen minutes." I said and walked back into the bathroom and closed the door. I picked the foundation that suited me and put lotion on my face before I put foundation on.  Then once my fountain was on I started to contour my face. Then put on my eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. Only one thing was missing, jewelry. I took a breathe and walked back out. "Extraordinarily beautiful. Only one thing missing. He held a small bag for me. "Oh my gosh you didn't." "One more thing you can keep everything you are wearing the make up dress and jewelry." "No I can't possibly. This is all too much." I said giving the bag back. "Oh yes you can and you will. What am I supposed to do with all this, I don't have a sister or girlfriend to give it to." He said shoving the bag back at me. I gave him a smile and opened the bag. I reached in and pulled out a necklace that had to be real diamonds. "Are they.." "Yes they are." Oh my god I began to feel faint. "I need to sit down." He automatically grabbed me and steered me toward the bed. My heart was pounding in my chest. "Here let me help you put them on. He took the necklace and earrings and placed them on me. His hand against my neck and ear was tingling. "Why are you doing all this?" I asked once he finished. Silence. "Can't I be nice?" I smiled. "Never said you weren't. Mind helping me put my high heels on?" "No problem."he said and knelt down. Not that there is any straps it's just I'm still feeling faint. My heart was pounding in my chest. ""Well when you are ready I can bring you downstairs while I go and get ready."Nico said getting up and holding his hand out. I took a shuddered breathe. "Yeah I'm ready." I took his hand. "One minute I want to look the mirror one last time." I said. Before I took a step he covered my eyes. "Let's make it a surprise." He led me into the bathroom. Then he lowered his hand. I slowly opened my eyes. The lady in the mirror was absolutely beautiful. Only I know exactly there she is flawed. Under her blue watch, that covered her scars. Otherwise perfect. "Actually I lied. There is one more thing to put on but I love the way you are now. I'll be right back." He said and walked back into the room. I looked back at my reflection and waited for him to get back. I heard rummaging in the room. "Ah here it is." I heard him say and he came back in the bathroom he had a bag in his hand. He opened it up and pulled out a blonde wig. "Blonde really?" "It's not that I don't like brunettes  it's the identity thing. No one can know who you are so as soon as that wig is on you are known as.. Kelly Maston" I grabbed the wig and put it in with a little difficulty. Having long hair mean pinning it up. After I'm done we walked back to the foyer, him escorting me like a perfect gentlemen. "Now wait here while I go and get my self ready should at least take fifteen minutes. Maybe longer. The living room is right through those doors." He said pointing to another door. Then he turned back up those stairs. I stood there for a minute.Then I walked towards the door that lead to the living room. The living room was huge with a huge tv. A black soft couch and  clear coffee table. I grabbed the remote and plopped onto the couch. I turned on a rerun episode of M*A*S*H. The laughs did me good. I wasn't even thinking about tonight.  Near the end of the show I heard Nico enter the room. I turn the tv off and he came and stood in front of me. He was wearing a black tux and his hair was still his perfect in his eyes look. "You look handsome as always." I complimented. "Thanks I got to look just as good as you. Now just so you know there will be a paparazzi there when we first get out of the limo so be prepared, just smile and keep walking." He said. "Okay." He held out his hand to help me up then escorted me back to the foyer. "Don't worry you're school bag and all that I will be at your house waiting when you get back." I nodded. He then handed me a blue silk shawl. I place it over my shoulders and we walked out the doors arm in arm. The limo was waiting for us at the bottoms of the stairs. Nico opened the door for me. "So my name is Kelly." "Yes. Your background you can  come up with but just some advice keep the parents deceased, because some would probably like to met your parents. So in other word keep it fairly close to the truth." Nico said. "Oh ok." I said then began to think of a backstory for Kelly. "Ok hang on who am I to you then?" I asked. "You are a very good friend..... Since the orphanage." I gasped. The fact that he would bring it up. He never likes talking about the orphanage it being the third worse time of his life. I gave a small smile. "I do remember you Kira. I could never forget about you. I tried searching for you after I was adopted but when HE found out... Well you know what he did. It wasn't until after he died and I took over the company that I put my heart and soul into looking for you. Only I didn't have to, you came to me. . ." "Looking for a job." I finished his sentance. "Oh Nico." I said and flew myself into him and gave him a hug. He automatically gave me a hug. Usually he only lets his brother hug him. I started to get tears in my eyes. We sat like that for a good few moments. When we broke apart he handed me a tissue, which I took with grace.
"I was wondering if you remembered me all this time." "Well that was one of the reasons I hired you right on the spot because I remembered you. I also couldn't lose you again." I gave him a smile. He took my hand. "Are you ready for tonight?" I shook my head and took a deep breathe." "Good cause we are nearly there." He said still holding my hand. I mentally reminded myself who I was, Kelly Maston, friend of Nico. 
Suddenly the limi stopped. I took another deep breathe to calm down a bit. I felt Nico squeeze my hand a little. "Here we go." He said as the door opened. There was flashing everywhere. "Nico! Nico!" It was  mix of reporters and fan girls not allowed inside. "Nico is it true that..." They threw questions at him like crazy. I put on a smile as he escorted me inside not answering a single question. Once inside he said. "That part is over but the worse part is yet to come." "Seeing how good my acting is?" "Remembering who you are supposed to be. Have you come up with a background story." "Yes and you will hear it soon enough." I said as we entered a big set of stair. "Here is Nico Lorenzo and his exquisite escort Kelly Maston!" The announcer said. Everyone look towards us. I saw a couple of ladies start to whisper. I also noticed that the ages varied. "Ignore those girls." I heard him say. The first couple to come up to us was a man in his late forties dark brown hair with a few grey hairs. The lady beside him had red hair in an updo. "Nico finally found a lady i see."  The man said. I blushed and moved a little close to Nico. "I'm sorry but this a friend I've known since the orphange" he said. "Oh dear well you know what they say about the word assume. I'm terribly sorry Kelly was it?" The mam asked. "Yes Kelly Maston. And who might you be." "Oh well I'm being  so rude today, my name is John Peterson. This is my wife Cheryl." John said holding out his hand which I shook. "A pleasure to met you both." I said politely.  "It's a pleasure to met you too." Then he turned his attention to Nico and started to talk business." After a few moment he started to look bored. The crazy part is I understand what they are talking about one of the perks of working for Nico, you lean not just a thing or two he taught me everything he knew. Well that what he did with me. "But the Jacksons..." The conversation went on and on. Soon we heard a bell ring signaling time for supper. Nico took my hand and led me to a different room. That was when I realized where we were the Hortz castle the second riches man around. First is Nico of coure. The room we were in was the ball room half ball the other half sitting room. Where people can sit and talk. We were standing that whole time. "Now wasn't that interesting." I said. "Not as interesting as when we shall dance." Nico replied. "Why would that be interesting I said. "Last I remember you had two left feet he snickered. My jaw dropped. "And last I checked you didn't know how to dance." "Exactly my point. That why it should be interesting to see if you still have two left feet and if I still can't dance." "That's if people don't steal you away to talk business." I said. "I wont let the whole night go to waste talking business." He said as we enter the dining hall. Which was huge. I gasped. "I got to swank you." "Swank!?" "Another way of saying flaunt." He said quickly. "Oh." We found the plates with our name on them. Nico held out the chair for me and then pushed me in. "Thanks you Nico. "That's what a gentlemen is for." Then he sat down beside me. 
There was still plenty of chatter at dinner. Nico mostly directed it at me. I would tell my fake background to others or just talk to him. After dinner everyone was still sitting around the table chatting. I started to get restless. Started taping my fingers on the table. Nico picked up on it right away. "May I have this dance?" He asked as he stopped me from tapping my fingers, looking me straight in the eyes. "You may." Was all I replied as he helped my out of my seat. "Excuse us but my date is getting restless so we are to go dance. I shall talk to all of you sometime in the near future." We walked back into the ball room and into the dancing crowd smack dab in the middle. "Impress me." Nico said. "No impress each other." I replied as he got into position. I took a deep breathe and we began to move as one. I was waiting to stumble just a little bit no he was absolutely flawless.  "You no longer have two left feet." He snickered. "Well at least I knew how to dance somewhat back then." I replied. I laid my head just below his shoulder. His smell was intoxicating. "Let's dance all night long." He whispered. "All night." Was all I said. We waltz for a few more minutes. Then the music changes into something faster. The salsa. I looked up at Nico and all he did was smirked. "Let's show our audience a thing or two." He whispered. Then we began to salsa. Hip rolling and shaking. Legs moving fast. Then as soon as that was done we began to tango. Just song after song we would dance and ignore everyone else. Surprise surprise no one even tried to cut in and ask to dance with me. "Excuse me?" I heard a woman's voice. Oops I spoke to soon or should I say thought.We were currently just swaying side to side taking a small break. I took my head off Nico's chest and turn to face the woman. "May I have a dance with Nico, we are old friends my name is Chelsea." I looked at her. She was wearing a small red dress and gloves. In my opinion the dress was two sizes too small. I looked at Nico real quick and he gave me a small nod. "Umm.. Sure" I said and let go of Nico. "Thanks." She said and walked toward us and bumped into me. She didn't even say sorry. I just sighed and walked away. Not even looking back. "Looks like you lost your date." I heard a voice say. "No I'm pretty sure he was stolen." I said. It was John Peterson talking to me. "By my daughter no less. "Chelsea is your daughter?" I asked surprised. "Yeah Nico and her had a thing a while back. "Oh really. I never knew." I said. "Yeah she broke it off because he was any good." He said. "Any good?" "In bed." He said expressionless. "Oh." "Well I got to go to the washroom if you would excuse me." "Of course of course." With that I took if in search of the washroom. It took  me a few moments. I was stopped by a random lady. "Don't listen to what he says he actually broke up with her, reasons she was just too slutty." I just nodded my heads and excused myself again. I finally found the washroom, I walked in and toward a mirror I was to make sure everything was ok still. Then I door open. "Well well well if it isn't Nico's date for the night." I heard a menacing voice say. "And all alone for that fact. I didn't like the sound of that, I stood up straight and tried to look confident. Three girls were standing at the door about the same age as me maybe even younger. "What do you want." I said. "For you to stay away from Nico he is Chelsea's man." The girl in the middle said. She was wearing way to much makeup she looked like a clown.  The other two girls just look slutty. "Haha last I heard she was too slutty for him and by the looks of it she is." I said. "I know what kind of woman Nico likes." I lied. "Which is who? You are underdog picked up from the streets." "We know who you are we seen you before." Oh no they are mistaking me for someone else possibly. "For you information I own my own house and have a highly paid job. I own a convertible, and finished college was I was 18." I lied. One of the girls whispered to the girl in the middle. Silence. Then they started towards me. I took my fighting stance. "Go ahead mess with a black belt." I kept lying. That's when they stopped for a second then kept advancing. I punch one of them in  the nose. "Aah" my nose." She wailed. The other two automatically backed off. I kept my fist up and walked past them. "She broke my nose." I heard the girl whimper." "Oh and tell Chelsea. Nico is a person not a dog." And walked out of the bathroom with my head held high. I looked over at Chelsea and Nico and saw Chelsea trying to force a kiss by the looks of it. Nico was not impressed. I walked over to him. She was still trying to kiss him. "Come on Nico I know you want me over that underdog you pulled off the streets. "For your information she is not an underdog she is a highly intelligently day who finished college has a highly paid job and only 18."I heard him reply as I came up to them. She looked at me with obvious disgust. "Why hello Kelly we were just talking about you and how incredibly successful you are." He said but I could tell she didn't like me. "What about may I ask. "Just how successful you are." Nico said grabbing my waist and bring me closer to him. "Oh about my graduating college and got a highly paid job." I said to piss her off more. "Yeah." Nico said. "Well I bet it was just dumb luck." She whispered to me then left." "Ha anything but." I said out loud." What did you have to do to get to where you are sleep with someone." "Ok Chelsea that is quite enough." "She worked just as hard as me. No parents, lived in an orphanage and she made something of herself. Now leave us alone or I shall get security to escort you out for harassment." "Ok ok I'm gone." With that she walked away. Nico grabbed me and took to the dance floor. "That b i t c h. She tried getting  me beat up just so I would stay away from you." I said. "What?!" Nico reply with worry. ""Yeah three girls tried to gang up on me in the bathroom. "By the looks of it you got to them first I see them coming out of the bathroom did you hit one of the girls in the face?" "Oh yeah." Long story short I have a black belt." I said and laid my head on his chest. "Yeah you also graduated college." He said, we told the same lie." I told the girls in the bathroom that too." "Great minds think alike." "Yes apparently." With that we just danced. Anything and everything forgetting all about the little scuffle I was in and Chelsea trying to force herself upon Nico. The last song we dance do was a slow song. We waltz and at the end he dipped me. Our faces were inches away from each other. Only our will was between us from kissing. Which is strong causes almost immediately Nico brought me back up. "Well it was nice dancing with you." "Yes and with someone who isn't left footed anymore." I replied. Then someone walked up to is. "You two looked amazing out there you both dance so well." The man said. He had blonde short hair. He was wearing a black tuxedo. "The name is James Kent." He said holding his hand out to Nico." "Nico Lorenzo and Kelly Maston." I held my hand out. He had a strong grip." "Have you two been trained?" "Yes I have." Nico said. "So have I." I included. "Marvelous." James said looked at me. "Well I should let the two of you go home." He said and walked off. "Hmm." Was all I said. "This was actually enjoyable. For once no business talk all night or girls pestering me. I just danced with my beautiful date." He said looking at my eyes. "I looked down shyly. "No please look at me. He said and lifted my chin. I looked at his beautiful blue eyes. "Why are you so shy with me suddenly?" "I.. I sort of have a boyfriend." I whispered. Silence. "Congratulations." "Thanks . . . We should go home it's pretty late." "It's Friday night live a little will you. Also you don't have to work this weekend." "I don't?" "Of course not after a night like this I would make you work the next day." He let me go and escorted me to the limo. 

To be continued

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