I thought this was the real world

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Samantha Carlton Rochford is the daughter of the well-respected judge Harrison Rochford and over-protective Denise Carlton Rochford, a fashion designer from Manhatten.
Samantha has had a sheltered upbringing, only following her parents dreams for her, not her own.
But on the other side of the spectrum, lays Caleb Smith, a self-confessed rocker with big dreams of becoming a musician.
But when their paths collide, they both learn theres more in the world than may think.
But thats the problem, Harrison and Denise want their daughter to marry a rich, respectable man, but that is not what they see in Caleb. They see a menace that will break the hypnotic hold on their daughter.
Samantha must choose between the very people that brought into the word, or her one true love.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - I thought this was the real world

Submitted: August 19, 2010

Reads: 223

Comments: 2

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Submitted: August 19, 2010



Chapter one

The last class of the week seemed like it would never end for Samantha Carlton Rochford.

She longed to be out of this boring classroom and in the arms of parents, but they were faraway. Her father, Harrison Carlton Rochford, a highly respected judge, was at a high profile courtcase in Washington and her mother, Denise Carlton Rochford, a new york based fashion designer, was at London Fashion Week. She would returned to empty house like she did most times.

She sighed, exactly seventeen minutes until the end of class. So close, yet so far. She knew that if kept counting the seconds, it would feel even slower, so she decided that she should pay attention to the homework her tutor, Mrs Gordens, was explaining.

After she noted the homework in her diary, she looked back up at the clock.

Twelve minutes.

" Psst!" A voice interrupted Samantha whiledaydreaming.

She looked around, trying to find a face for the voice.

Her eyes laid on her best friend, Cara Harronds, smiling face. Samantha smiled back.

" Bored?" Cara mouthed.

Samantha nodded.

" Me too," Cara mouthed.

" Samantha and Cara! Can we please hold the socializing til after class. I do have a lesson to teach." Mrs Gordens warned.

Samantha looked back at Cara. They both wore matching smiles.

Everyone thought that Mrs Gordens was a ancient hag who no knowledge of the younger genaration, and thats exactly what she was. She was a small woman with long silver hairthat she normally pulled up into a high bun. She thin and usually wore bottle green eyeshadow and pale pink lipstick. She had no fashion. That was evident by the disgusting floral dresses and skirts. She had to be older than Samantha's gran, although her gran had a facelift, tummytuck, and liposuction. Most of the student body at Kingsdeen thought that she should ofretired by now, but the Mrs Gordens continued to fight through the age and make our lives a bit more of a living hell.

The bell rang.

Samantha wanted to run out of the classrom and jump for joy, but being the kind-hearted person she was she decided to wait for Cara.

" God, I've never seen you so happy to leave class before." Cara tilted her to the side, a mocking smile on her pink lips. " I thought you loved Mrs Gordens lessons."

" Oh yeah! There my favourite!" Samantha rolled my eyes.

" So do you want to know what I've planned for you on this wonderful Friday night, or should I keep it to myself until we turn up there?" Cara asked, a sly smile o her lips.

" Um, is it bad?" Samantha asked wryly.

Cara sighed. " Its just a party. I mean its not like your going to get in trouble. I mean one of parents isn't even in the country. Its the perfect time to act like a normal teenager. I mean, no disrespect to your parents of anything but all you do is study and try to please them. You need to have sometime to yourself." Cara sighed. " You need some time to be you."

Cara was right, and Samantha knew it. She had spent most of her life trying to please her parents. Everything she did in her life revolved around her parents and what they wanted. She did deserve to have a life too. To be a teenager. And what did most teenagers do on Friday nights.

Samantha smiled. " Okay. I'll go." She said.

Cara smiled. " Well, we can't just stand here all day. We have a party to go to!"

Caleb Smith sat at a booth in the local cafe, waiting for his friends to turn up.

The cafe was nearly empty, there was him, an old guy in the corner, and and woman with her baby in a pram.

It was quiet. Almost silent.

Well it was until a fit of hysterical giggles filled the cafe.

Caleb looked up to see one the most prettiest girls he had ever seen in his life.

She was medium height, with honey blonde hair that reached her shoulder blades. Her eyes were emerald green color and her skin was soft ivory color. Her body was thin but inviting. She wore a red halter-neck cocktail dress and black high-heels.

The girl next to her was pretty, but not as pretty. She hadlong curly blackhair with big brown eyes. Her skin was carmel color. She wore a black mini dress with pale pink heels.

Caleb's eyes swepted back to the blondes figure. She was going to sit at the stools, although her friend was going to the bathroom. This was his chance.

He stood up and walked towards her.

" Um, hi." His voice was quiet and didn't ring with his usual confidence. He cursed himself, he sounded like an idiot.

The girl turned around and smiled.

" Hi there," She said, her voice caused his heart to beat faster and faulter.

" Is anyone sitting there?" He nodded to the empty chair next to her.

She shook her head, causing her gold hoops to brush against her neck.

Caleb sat down slowly, shocked by the strange emotions that he was feeling. What was wrong with him? Why was he feeling like this?

" So, um, I tell you my name if you tell me yours." She wore a seductive tone on her voice, but it was overdone. Was she flirting? If she was, she was bad at it.

She looked down, embarresed. What the fuck was she doing? Flirting? Cara was rubbing off on her, and Samantha didn't like it.

" Its Caleb." He looked back up her, waiting.

" Samantha." She smiled and held out her hand, glad that she still had some sort of response from him.Caleb took it and gave her firm hand shake. Caleb smiled, he had never met a girl who gave him a hand shake before.

Samantha had never met a guy so beautiful in her life. He had pale skin with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He was tall and muscular. His eyes seemed so hypnotic, she couldn't look away.

" Um, Sammy, we need to go." A voice interupted.

" Oh, okay." Samantha got up from her chair and turned to Caleb.

She smiled and took out a red pen from her bag.

She reached for his hand and wrote something on his palm.

When she returned it he saw a seven number code. Her number.

He smiled and looked up, but she had already lefted.

He looked down on his hand and shook his head. What the hell was this girl doing to him?

" Hey Caleb!" A famillar voice called. Susan.

" Hey darling." He stood up and kissed her full on the lips.

When she turned her attention to the two others crashing through the doors, Caleb quickly licked his thumb and rubbed the number off his hand.

Susan couldn't know about Samantha, and Caleb couldn't keep flirting with other girls while he was with Susan. She was too important.

But Susan had never made him feel like that. Never. And she probably never would.

Caleb shoved Samantha out of his head, and let friday night take its course.

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