The Fallen Oath

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Raliegh's falling for the Fallen...
Raliegh's life is grieving from her mothers death, when a mysterious brown eyes boy turns up in her life.
But what exactly is Raliegh falling for?
Fabian is a fallen angel, who depises of being fallen. Each day his a struggle. But a certain blonde Charlotte keeps pulling back to his past.
Will Raliegh and Fabian ever be together, or will Charlotte get her way.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Fallen Oath

Submitted: August 18, 2010

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Submitted: August 18, 2010




Ralieve, Louisana

April 1549

The masked ball was in full swing, and many couples swamped the centre of the venue to dance.

Faybian, an angel, stood leaning against the wall. The ball didn't particularly entertain him, but she was there.

Tonight, the humans could see him. He had shown himself to humanity, although his feathery blood red wings were invisable. Like always.

The hall rang with music, mindless chatter, and laughter. But none of this drew Faybian's attention away from the pretty blonde girl with glittery blue eyes. Charlotte. A girl he had been chasing for a while now.

He let himself wander her body. Her long blonde hair fell into soft curls and were left to hang by her back. Her skin was a pretty ivory colour, healthy and soft on the eyes although her cheeks would sometimes burn a light shade of pink. Her body curved in the right places and he wanted to badly to touch her, to feel her soft hand touch his cheek. He wanted her like mad and he was willing to do anything to get her. This would only lead to trouble, and he knew it.

He turned his head slowly, letting his feathery wings into his view. He knew that if he chose to have her he would be choosing humanity over the rest of the angels in heaven. This was not acceptable. In fact, this would strip him of his wings. This would make him an fallen angel. This would mean an eternity of this. Humanity. Well, watching humanity. Faybian knew he would never be human. He would always be immortal. But if he did fall for her, she would only grow old and die. Although Faybian would carry on for an enteriny. Forever. Just watching, never living. But Faybian was sick of watching her from a distance. He was sick of other men getting closer and closer to her. He if didn't make himself known to her now, what chance did he have. She could never fall for him if she never knew him.

He looked back to the crowds. They all seemed so happy. Huge smiles smothered each face he saw. He looked at each one until he fell on hers.

She was looking straight at him, her blue eyes full of wonder.

A smile tugged at the corners of his lips as he studied every aspect of her bright blue eyes.

She was everything he ever wanted and he knew that if ever wanted to be truely happy, he needed to have her. He needed to have her forever.

He slowly stood up and walked towards her.

As he walked, he could feel feathers fall from his wings, one by one. But this didn't faze him. He was going to have what he wanted.

He was going to have her.

Falling meant nothing to him now.

It never did.

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