Haunted Memories

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Some memories can haunt you for the rest of your life.
Celia Remomy is your average 13 year old living a normal life until one day she started getting dreams about a poor orphan girl

***actually i was planning this to be a manga but drawing a manga is too hard for this story. maybe i'll still attempt to make a manga. Maybe...

by the way, i really had a substitue name mrs bowzer (but spelled differently) TWICE. once in kindergarten and once in 4th grade. she was the most evil teacher ever.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Haunted Memories

Submitted: April 04, 2008

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Submitted: April 04, 2008



~Chapter 1~

Yells and cries came from the old crooked house. A girl about four years old stood watching the terrible place. It was her new home, an orphanage. “Go on, move!” grunted a voice behind her. She was pushed so violently she tripped and fell. “Get up you little shrimp!” She slowly brought herself up and limped to the door. The door was opened by a little girl who stared at her and said, “You’re ugly!” The little girl ran off and she stood there quite offended. “I said move you stupid little freak!!!”thevoice yelled behind her.

“Ms. Remomy,” croaked a voice. “Ms. Remomy! MS. REMOMY!” it finally yelled. Celia woke up. Her full name was Celia Remomy. Celia was her original name given to her by her real parents (before they both died). Celia’s mother gave birth to Celia on October 13, 1994. And thirteen days after Celia was born, she strangely died. Her father was so filled with grief and became mental. He was so miserable that he drowned thirteen hours later in a nearby lake. None of Celia’s relatives would take her in, afraid of what might happen to them. Celia was sent to and orphanage thirteen minutes after her father’s death. 13 weeks after, she was adopted by two adults who ignored all warnings of her bad luck. Basically, she was a bad luck charm. Now Celia was 13 years old, and in middle school. “Ms. Remomy please answer my question,” the teacher sternly uttered. “Uhhhhmm…”
“Ms. Remomy, answer now.”
“ Waaaait, I think I know….”
There were stifled giggles throughout the class and Celia’s best friend Alison was laughing so loudly that Mrs. Bowzer started to frown. “Ms. Putck would you like to answer then?” the teacher said in her serious voice.
“Urrrrrrrmm… I have no clue Mrs. Bowzer” Alison mimicked sarcastically.

“Then you can join me in my office too,” Mrs. Bowzer said annoyed. Alison wasn’t even slightly angry at all. She just giggled along with her classmates and looked at Celia. Celia was just staring out the window. Her long dark hair clashed with her unusual violet eyes. She was always quiet and very shy around people who weren’t her friends. Alison though, was the complete opposite. She was a talkative social person who had curly blond hair that looked perfect with her angel blue eyes. They were both popular in the school and very pretty, in different ways. But most people preferred being with Alison rather than Celia. Briiiing! The bell rang and the doors were flooding with people rushing out to freedom from school. “Ms. Putck I think you should know better than to laugh at people for not knowing the answer to a question,” Mrs. Bowzer said.
“Yes Mrs. Bowzer,” droned Alison.
“ Now leave,"
“ WHAT?” Alison sputtered.
“ I told you to leave, and Celia, would you please come here?”
“Oh, o-ok Mrs. Bowzer…” Celia stuttered.
Alison left the room and Celia stared at the linoleum of the floor. She waited cautiously until Mrs. Bowzer finally asked, “Celia, do you have any problems? Like problems at home?”
“N-no Mrs. Bowzer.”
“Are you positive? Because if you do, I could always tell the counselor.”
“N-no Mrs. Bowzer, I’m fine…”
Mrs. Bowzer looked at Celia intensely and finally sighed. “If you ever have any problems, you can always come to us, we’ll be here for you.” Celia silently nodded her head and left the room. Alison came up behind her and asked, “Hey, did Mrs. Bowzer like poison you or something?”
“No, I’m fine…” Celia muttered.
“Hey Alison!” a voice interrupted.

The voice came from Alison’s boyfriend, Derek. He was tall, handsome, and obviously popular. He swept her away and they started talking and went off leaving Celia alone.

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