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a secret lesbian couple begin to want to bring someone eles into the relationship but who and what will they do? to

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Teaser........

Submitted: November 25, 2011

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Submitted: November 25, 2011




I gazed up as I was sitting at the feet of my blue eyed lover with dirty blond hair the fell to the middle of her back , I was dazed at the beauty of the women sitting in front of me a full smile stretching across her face,Her hand caressed my face and pushed my bangs away from my face. ''I have never seen such beautiful eyes nor such a beauitful soul in my entire life'' Her sweet sudden english accent sent a shiver down my spine, it exicted me.I loved her naked body,revealing herself to me as I realed myself to her as well, I touched her inner thigh with just the tip of my fingers I felt goose bumps form on the surface of her tender ,warm skin. I let down and kissed her leg. Glancing up to see her head leaning back, One arm against the bed holding her up the other running through my dark red hair. I stood up and strattled her forcing her to lay back. I kissed her lips her hands wrapped around me as she kissed back passionately,My hands gripped tightly around her back. She tossed me over to the other side of the bed as I tried to get up she pushed me back and pinned me down. She started to tease my body ,I was getting wet ''Oh Kendra'' I whimpered....

A knock at the door ''Kendra telephone! '' Her mom shouted throught the door ''Alright I got it'' She jumped up slipping her shirt back on back on as she headed for the phone.My jaw dropped feeling cheated and totally shocked.I sat up and started to pick up my clothes off the floor.''No its over '' I heard a voice yelling over the phone.''Zack no! its over just fuck off okay,Stop calling we are no longer friends get that through your head!'' I had already put on my bra,underwear and my favorite purple and black strip pajama pants by the time she hung up the phone,while I put mine in my pocket.''I think I should get going now''I slipped on my pink tank top and my black flip-flops ''No no sweetie please stay!'' ''Darling I love sneeking around and its a true turn on and just the thought of doing something naughty and almost getting caught but I just ....don't think its a good idea and were only proving people right that we can't have a ''real''relationship I mean I know your only almost 17 but they have that no dating rule in place for a reason and you are under there roof for another two years they do get some say in how you live until your 18 just think about talking to them? , We'll pick up where we left off tommorrow at my apartment okay? '' I grabbed her hands she dissappointly nodded along ''I'll cook you a nice pasta dinner and roll some nice j's and we'll have a wonderful friday night just us okay?'' She perked up ''Alright Erin althought I still wish I was 19 too'' I hugged her tightly after I slipped on my jacket and pulled out my shoulder length hair and kissed her forehead ''I'll miss you my beauitful Ken'' I didn't want to walk away from her but my body moved all on its own like I had no control.I crawled out the window and dissappeared a block away to where I parked my car. My cellphone started vibrating, I pulled my phone out as I stopped at my car. ''Missin you already :( Im sorry about my parents'' Kendra texted me. I sighed to myself wishing I could do something to help her but I wasn't even sure how I got into my key and started to warm up the car as I replied ''I miss you too Kendra,I wish I could help I don't like seeing you upset ''

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