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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012



Chapter 2

 What the hell is not descriptive enough. Covering the look of shock on my face was impossible as i stepped into my cities main hall. Okaaaaaay? so mabey they hid the objective in the city. No problem .I thought.I looked around the walls observing what might be nessicary. But mainly my eyes just trailled along ,with my Dad being head of milllitary, this isnt any thing I havent seen before. But my eyes stopped on something compleatly diffrent.

 Another figure walked in from the other room. As soon as I saw the light glinting off his pale blonde hair, I reacted wildly. No no no no no no! It cant be him, please dont make my Obstacle him! Most peoples Obstacles are Shades. The enemys elite group of assasins. But sometimes they add even more twists to it. creating them into someone you love. To see how far you would go to survive. He must have seen the reaction on my face.

 "Wait Leah, Wait! Its Asher, its me Leah!" His large brown eyes looked at me pleadingly. Im sure thire gonna deduct me for this, but as soon as I looked into his melting eyes, I ran straight to his arms. "Well, hello." He said laghing,"I had a feeling they were gonna make us partners."For what reasons though, he does not say. I cannot not respond and only burie face deeper into his chest. My mind is completly ignoring the voice inside my head screaming not to trust the love of my life. But Im sure telling it to go to hell is descriptive enough.


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