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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012



Chapter 3

 With Asher's footsteps falling in pace with mine, I feel confident. As we exit the building we find yet another surprise. The entire city is here. Its is almost an exact copy except the streets are empty of their usual hustle. Also we see more pairs or groups of recruits coming out of various buildings. One particularly large one is led by no other than the most arrogant, malicious boy on the face of the earth, Darius Cane. He parades around demanding that more people help him search. We all as a team are supposed to search for the objective together, but normally whoever finds it first gets a better rank. The only reason he stays away from our pair, is the fact that Asher can beat him to a bloody pulp. But that doesn't stop him from insulting from a far.

 "Oh everybody look, Asher got himself a little pet!" He sneers in a way that makes him look even more disgusting, "You know, you really shouldn't play with toys Asher." Asher tenses up and starts to reach for the gun in his side pocket.

 "Ash, don't do it." I start grabbing his arm."You'll get in huge trouble. Besides, once the Obstacles come out he doesn't stand a chance with all those recruits following him."

 No sooner than I say those words chaos descends. Shades appear from every corner running in for the attack. I hear people shriek and try to hide, but we were trained for this.Yet my mind is screaming to run to get away, but my heat is saying save them they need you now. We see a few people who were already attacked, they scream and convulse then lay still. When you are "killed" by a simulation, you experience extreme pain, but you are only paralyzed until someone finds the objective.

 "Time to move, now."Asher says, wanting no argument. I follow him away from the fights and towards the the demolished parts of the city. To find the one thing that may get us out of this world of fear. 


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