My Supernatural Life

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Chapter 10 (v.1)

Submitted: April 05, 2013

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Submitted: April 05, 2013



Chapter Ten

"Hey," I began to text Cameron, "sorry you ended up at home, at least I hope you ended up at home. New ability, don't know how to control it yet." I hit send, he responded almost immediately.

"No worries, and yes I ended up at home."

"I'm going to stop by your house on my way home, we need to clear things up," I texted back.

"Okay, see you soon," there was no need to reply to that.

I put my phone down as Alex was brought back into the room. Doctor Woods looked at me and signaled for me to meet her in the hall. I nodded then looked to Alex.

"I'll be right back," I walked out to meet Doctor Woods.

"So her tumors' swelling has decreased in size. I believe that's why she was put in the coma in the first place, the tumors' swelling was tremendous, and now it's a lot smaller. As to how the swelling decreased so rapidly, I'm not sure how that happened. Usually, it can take weeks, months, for a tumor to decrease in size. I've never had a patient's tumor decrease in size with in a two day time period. She's very lucky."

"She has memory loss though," I hesitated," she doesn't remember who I am." I tried so hard not to tear up, but I did.

"Oh, darling, I'm sorry," she hugged me in a comforting way, it didn't help much though.

"How can that happen?" The one question I didn't have an answer to, and neither did a doctor who specializes in this type of stuff. I read her mind before she could shrug her shoulders and get all doctory on me. Before she could get her words out I cut in, "I mean I know some can have short term memory loss, but to forget something that's been a big part of your life. To forget a major part of your childhood, how is that possible?"

"The brain is a mystery still, even with all the research we've done, some thing's have yet to be discovered, we learn something new about the brain every day."

I nodded, "I better get back in there, I have to leave soon and I want to talk to her for a bit."

"Okay, will I see you tomorrow?" Doctor Woods asked rather than assuming.

""Yup, see you tomorrow." I turned and walked into room 224.

"Hey Alex."

"Bayli, right?"

I cringed a little, "That's right," I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

"So where did Cameron disappear too?"

"He had to go home."

"Oh," she sounded disappointed.

"Can you do me a favor, please?"

"Sure," she said, sounding a little too unsure.

"I have to leave as well, I am sorry we both couldn't have stayed. But when I am gone, will you please look at everything in your phone? Pictures, texts, everything. Will you do that please?"

"Umm, okay," she said sounding confused.

"Thank you." I turned to leave.

I arrived at Cameron's doorstep fifteen minutes later, not ready to face him, but putting that feeling away for now, I knocked.

"You know you can just walk in, you don't have to knock," he answered.

I nodded walked past him and put my thoughts to words. "I don't know where to start, I'm sorry I did what I did to you this morning. I'm sorry for everything, but I want you to train me. In whatever way you can, hand to hand combat, self-defense, anyway you can. And please help me control these abilities."

"Okay," he sounded so patient, "anything else?"

"No, that's all for now."

"Okay, but you have to promise me that you will do what I tell you, even if you don't want to or think it's stupid. It will all be necessary."

"Okay, I promise." And at that he motioned for me to follow him.

"Will you grab us some water, while I go change I'll meet you in the secret lair," he laughed.

I rolled me eyes and walked toward the kitchen. After I grabbed the water out of the fridge I turned and followed Cameron, who hadn't changed, to his garage.

"You ready?"

"No, not really," I said, "but it's better to get it done with now rather than later." He opened the garage door and we walked in. "Woow," I said sarcastically, "nice lair." It was just his plain old boring garage, an empty garage.

"Not everything is what it seems to be, you can never judge a book by its cover." He sounded like my grandmother.

"Yeah I've learned not to do that a lot recently," I eyed him suspiciously. Out of nowhere I fell to my butt, I looked around and Cameron was nowhere in sight. "Hey! That's not very nice, how did you do that anyway?" I couldn't see him, but I could sense his presence. I turned around still on my butt, "What was that for?"

"Hey, I didn't say it would be easy. You always have to expect the unexpected, that is lesson number one. Maybe I should get the mats out."

"You think?!" I got up and rubbed my bruised butt, then with a snap of Cameron's fingers the garage began to change. The hard concrete floor was now covered with soft squishy mats, as well as the walls. And this cupboard appeared, well I guess it was one of those you-put-it-together closets from Ikea. And after that, these weapons appeared on the wall, one after the other. They ranged from different eras. Swords, crossbows, that spiky ball that's on a chain and weapons I've never seen before.

"This is amazingly cool!"

"You think?" Now Cameron was being sarcastic.

"Okay, so are you sure hand to hand combat is the only thing you want to learn how to do?"

"Not anymore! I want to learn how to use every one of these weapons! Why do you have all of these?"

"They were my ancestors, and it's been upgraded and past down for generations. Okay, time to teach you the basics of hand to hand, then we will be going upstairs and I will help you control your abilities."


I looked up at the clock, it was already noon, it seemed so much later.

Cameron taught me the basics about how to defend yourself when someone grabs you from behind and how to get the upper hand if someone has grabbed both of your arms and cornered you. Now we were headed upstairs to practice how to better control my abilities. I'm a little afraid, I have a feeling I am going to lose control, but Cameron has total faith in me, which should give me more confidence, but it doesn't. We walked up the stairs and into his room, he opened up his closet and pushed his close to the side, low and behold there was a door.

"What's that lead to?"

"This is my secret lair where I plan my evil doings," he couldn't keep a straight face, he started cracking up. "No, this is the room I go to when I feel I need more control over myself, or just to practice controlling my abilities."

I nodded, he opened the door, and I walked in after him. As soon as I walked in I felt this wave of serenity, I was instantly calmed, like earlier in the hospital when Cameron grabbed my hand. He sat in the middle of the floor and motioned for me to sit with him. As I walked to him I looked around at the white walls and white everything, it looked like a panic room. I sat in the crisscross-applesauce form, our knees only centimeters apart.

"Okay, now close your eyes and concentrate on one ability you would like to work on," Cameron started. The room began to shake, I was panicking, there were too many abilities, and I wasn't sure which one to focus on first. I felt Cameron put his hand on my knee, "Calm down, there's no rush, do you want to talk about it first, decide which one is more important to control?"


"Kay, let's go make a list."

"Oh god," I thought, "that's going to take a while."

Cameron began to laugh, signaling he had heard my thoughts. "Maybe we should work on that ability first," I laughed.

"What do you want to work on? I thought you had that one under control."

"I thought I did too, but you can hear my thoughts, so obviously I don't."

"All you have to do is use your wall."

"I've been doing that, so why can you read my thoughts?"

"I think it's something that comes with being your protector or I just have to be close enough to hear them. I'm not really sure, it's a new thing for me. Or maybe it's just because you guard is down around me, and you don't feel threatened and unnerved."

"But at the hospital you could do it and I was unnerved."

"Maybe because I was holding your hand and calming you down, and that gave me access to your thoughts."

"So I'm not the only one getting new abilities," I said maybe a little too enthusiastic, "I am no longer a freak, you're right there with me," I said with a giggle.


Spring break was going by rather quickly, and Alex was still in the hospital. She still had no idea who I was but she knows who I am, we became instant friends, again. She did look through her phone a few times a day to see if she could get an idea of what we did or where we went throughout seventeen years of life, but nothing yet. She feels horrible about forgetting me, but that's in the past, we can't do anything about it except hope for the best. In the meantime I tell her stories of everything we've done hoping it will spark something. I'm sitting by her bed and we're having so much fun, just talking to each other. My phone vibrates, it's a text from Cameron; "what time will you be here?" I read. "Soon," I reply, "Wrapping things up with Alex."

"Is that Cameron," she asks.

"Yeah, we're going to see a movie tonight," I lied, I hate lying to her.

"That's cool, what movie?"

"Not sure yet."

"Oh, well have fun." She looked down, looking a little disappointed, I wanted nothing to do but to help her, make her better, then the golden light I had missed from my dream started to spread all around her. "What's happening? What's up with the light?" Then she was out asleep, I started freaking out. Where is that gold light coming from? It was blinding, the whole room was now incased in the gold light, I heard the door open, and I focused on Cameron's house and appeared there in no time, in his kitchen right behind him.



"You're glowing and it hurts my eyes."

"I am the one that that light is coming from?"

"Guess so, let's go to the lair," he smirked," we can figure out what's up with you in there."

"No, I want to fight first, I need to get my mind of this before I focus my whole body mind and soul on it."

"Okay, whatever you say." He led the way to the garage, "I have a surprise for you anyway."

"You know I don't like surprises."

"This one you will love," he said with a knowing smile, "Close your eyes, hold your hands out and get ready."

I did as I was told, not a second later I felt something cold and heavy being placed into my hands. "Open," he said.

I opened my eyes to a beautiful sword, the blade was tinted blue (my favorite color) and my name was encarved on it. The handle was encrusted with diamonds and a giant blue stone, that I've never seen before was in the center. "Oh my gosh! It's amazing, but I can't accept this."

"You can and you will, it's built specially for you, your training starts today," he said with a smile on his face.

I started jumping up and down like a child on Christmas morning that just got everything they wanted, I jumped on Cameron. "Thank you thank you thank you!"

"No problem," he smiled.

"Let's get started!"

Cameron taught me the basics, how to hold the sword, the proper footing so you don't lose your balance, but our lesson was cut short. The doorbell rang.

"Are you expecting anyone?"


We barely walked out of the garage before Cameron turned around and tried to push me back into the garage. "Shit!" He looked worried

"What is it?"

"The Council."

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