My Supernatural Life

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Chapter 9 (v.1)

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Chapter Nine

"Oh my gosh," I jumped up," she's awake!"

"Whe- where am I?"

"Alex," I said, "you're in the hospital you collapsed at my house and you've been out of it for a few days," I looked to Cameron for help.

"Do you remember what happened?" He asked.

"No, well kind of, I was at your house I guess, but I don't remember anything more," she started to cry. Never in my life have I seen Alex cry, and I've known her my whole life.

"What's wrong," I asked.

"Something feels weird; I don't know what it is, and my head! It's killing me!"

I looked at Cameron, "I'll go get a nurse," he said.

As soon as he was out of the room I looked to Alex with sympathy, "Alex, you don't need to worry about anything right now, okay? Just focus on getting better."

"How do you know me? Are you that girl Cameron has been talking about? Oh what did he say her name was?"

"What do you mean? It's Bayli-"

"Yeah, that's the name! I'm sorry we had to meet under these circumstances, it's a little embarrassing really, but what can you do."


"You are awake," the nurse came in sounding like she didn't really believe whatever Cameron had said until now.

"Yes she's awake," I bit out. Cameron walked over to me and grabbed my hand, making me calm down almost instantly. Again, I could feel my suspicion rising, there was something off. I looked at him with curiosity, "What are you hiding from me," I thought.

He responded to me via his thoughts, "It can wait."

"Holy hell, I know I didn't do that."

"No you didn't, I did. I will explain everything later once we are alone."

"I knew you were keeping something from me," I thought feeling hurt and overwhelmed.

"I'm sorry, I can explain everything, but it's not the right time or place."

"Fine," I agreed.

"So we will have to run more tests Miss Ramirez, is that okay?" Asked the nurse.

"Call me Alex, and yes, that's fine."

The nurse turned to me, "We have to make sure her tumor hasn't done something more and maybe-"

"My what," Alex said sounding scared.

"Tumor," the nurse said with impatience.

"Can we have a different nurse please, I don't like your attitude, and I know this is not how OHSU nurses should act. I will be reporting you." The nurse looked at me seemingly offended, but nodded, knowing very well that I would be reporting her. With that she left the room and did not say another word.

"I have a tumor?" Alex asked sounding a bit more calm than from a few minutes ago.

I plopped down in the chair next to her bed, "Yeah, you do. I'm so sorry."

Before anything else was said Doctor Woods walked in, "Hello, Alex I'm Doctor Woods," she introduced herself. "How are you feeling? You gave us all quite a great shock." I could already tell Alex was entrapped with what Doctor Woods was saying only because of her accent, Alex loves British accents, and lucky her, her doctor had one. "We are glad you have woken up," Doctor Woods continued. Alex smiled and nodded. "We do have to take you to get an MRI, is that alright with you?"

Alex nodded, "Yes, it's alright."

"Okay, well we already have things set, so we will be taking you right now if it's okay."

"I'm ready," Alex said sounding rather nervous.

Doctor Woods began to push Alex out of the room, "We will be here waiting for you to get back." I looked to Cameron telling him with my gaze that we would be finishing up our conversation here and now. Once the door was closed I looked to Cameron with a determined look on my face.

"Okay, tell me everything and don't leave anything out," I pretty much demanded him. Pushing the thought of Alex not knowing who I am away from the front of my mind, to worry about later. I couldn't control my mouth, before he could answer, the questions started spilling out. "Why couldn't I use my abilities on you, but now I can? How can we have a conversation via thoughts, without me trying to do so? What other abilities do you have that you're not telling me about?" I stopped myself, more questions still bouncing around my brain.

"Okay," he said, "slow down," he took a deep breath. "There are more like us, all over the world, some evil, and some good. In fact there's a council of supers, as we call them-"

"Who's we," I interrupted.

"People like us, that's who "we" are," he looked away as if trying to think of what else to tell me.

"Just tell me everything, don't filter through what should and shouldn't be said."

He looked at me his expression on his muscular yet soft face was changing rapidly, from love, doubt, determination and a hint of sorrow, he closed his cobalt blue eyes ran his large muscular hand through his dirty blonde hair and sighed. "When you were born there was a ripple through the supernatural world. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but it scared the council enough to go out looking for what caused it. They found out about three children that were born that day and time, a norm, as us supers call them, and two supers. One good and one could possibly be evil. The council set out to destroy you and the other child, but your grandma put a protection spell on you that halts the council from finding you. But when they do find you, they won't hesitate to kill you, and if you can't be killed, which they are afraid they won't be able to, they will make you self-destruct by hurting those closest to you. I believe your dreams are telling you something in that they are nearby or something along those lines, I'm not exactly sure. I only recently learned all of this from your grandma and my parents and I'm still trying to comprehend all of it.

"My parents work for the council. They are against the councils beliefs, but they are out-of-town because they want to help keep you safe. You're famous in our world, there's a war between our people based off of whether you should be left alone to live your life or be hunted down, my parents are also out-of-town a lot because it's against the law to know your whereabouts and not report you. They told me the council believes because of your strength you could one day over rule them and that's mainly why they are after you. They are scared of what could happen, that's why they set out to destroy you when you were younger, before you could defend yourself.

"What about the other supernatural that was born? What happened to her or him?"

"Well she hasn't really been found either, there's a rumor that's gone around saying you guys are somehow connected and if one is found, then well, it makes it easier to find the other. That's why it's so important to keep you both safe, especially you."

"We were both born at the same time, that's how we are connected," I'm not sure how I knew that, but I knew it, and I knew I was right.

"That would make sense. We don't know much about her except that her mom is good and her dad is evil, which could make her good or bad, no one is one hundred percent sure as to whether she is good or bad, she could be both at the moment.

"What do you think would happen if we met?"

"I don't think that would be a very good idea, I don't really know what would happen, but... I don't really know," he seemed to be pondering the idea, like he'd never thought about it.

"Okay, tell me more," I looked at him and changed my mind. "Wait, before you tell me anymore about 'our world' and what I don't know but need to know, tell me about you. You are not who I obviously thought you were, so what else can you do? How can you do what you do? How come I wasn't aware?" I stopped myself, again too many questions still to be left unanswered, but only for the time being.

"Well, I am not sure as to why you couldn't use your abilities on me before this morning, yes I know what you did and I'm fine with it, you had your reasons, just please don't do it again. Just like you I was born with these abilities, I can do some of the same stuff you can, like talk to you through your own thoughts. I am a little psychic as well, I told you that last night, not like you though, I can only sense that someone I love is in danger. I can't see images, I rarely know who actually is in trouble and I don't see things, like I know you can.

"How do you know so much about me," my suspicion rising yet again.

"Like I said, I found out most of what I know recently through your grandma mainly, and some information from my parents, but I was also told stories about you when I was a child. There are legends about you that were written long ago. They tell of your life and how you are supposed to grow up and that one day there will be a great battle between two opposing sides of the same world, but you won't be alone, you'll have everyone that supports you behind you ready to help you and you will have a protector-"

"What's a protector?"

"Someone that was born to protect you, and if they have to, they will die for you."

"Do we know who that person is? I can't let that person find me, not if this war is my fault, I can't let someone else die for me."

"Well, the legend may not really even be one hundred percent accurate, because it says you would be raised by two supernatural parents that teach you everything you need to know, and that you would be some major weapon by the age of ten, which never happened. But I knew when I met you that you were the person in these legends-"

"Wait, you knew from the moment you met me that I was some supernatural freak being hunted by other people like me along with a supernatural council, and you didn't think to tell me any of this because?"

"I'm sorry, I wanted to, but I was told not to and that you had to find out on your own terms. At least I'm telling you now! Which I could get in trouble for because I am breaking the law here!" He was getting defensive, apparently so was I.

"How are you breaking a law?! I'm in danger and you put off telling me this for so long because of a stupid law, and a bunch of crap other people told you! I thought you were different, not some toy that everyone could tell what to do. I didn't think you would let other people heed you from doing what's right."

"There's a reward out for whoever tell the council of your whereabouts, and a penalty for who helps hide you away. That's mainly why my parents are always gone, to make sure they don't get caught with you and because they are trying to get others to believe you are not a threat. They've been recruiting people for the war that's to come; they believe it's going to arrive much sooner than they thought." I was a little shocked he responded at all, especially with what he said.

"So, this is all my fault?"

"No, that's not what I'm trying to say," he had calmed down now.

"I'm sorry; I somehow turned this around and came at you in an attacking manner." I closed my eyes and sighed, "Let's talk about this later; I'm really sorry I did all this. I knew I ruined people's lives, I just didn't realize how much it really affected them."

"You haven't ruined anyone's life, you've made it better. Look at how many doors you've opened for Alex," I cringed. "What?"

"She doesn't even remember who I am," I said looking to my feet.

"What are you talking about?"

"When you left to get the nurse, Alex asked me how I knew her. I didn't have time to answer because the nurse walked in, maybe I deserve it though. My best friend not remembering me could be my punishment for being what I am and being capable of all the things I am capable of."

"You don't deserve that," he was becoming defensive again, almost protective. There was something else he wasn't telling me, "What else are you not telling me?"

"How can you tell?"

"I just can, you've been acting strange lately and I get this weird protective vibe and- holy-, you're my protector aren't you? That's how you know so much about me."

"Yes, I am. I was afraid to tell you because of the reaction you had earlier, I didn't want you to push me away. My abilities that come with me being a protector only come out when I need to protect someone though, mainly you because I'm YOUR protector." He looked at me with sad eyes, waiting for the final devastating blow.

"You're really my protector, huh?"

"Yes, I really am," he sighed.

I didn't know what to do or what to say for the time being. So, I looked down and just stared at the floor wishing I could be alone, wishing he could leave so I could be alone to think things through. And on that note, as I looked up he disappeared, I really need to learn how to control my abilities before they get too out of hand. I guess for now I have to let Cameron help me, I don't want to, but he's the only one that can help me, but as soon as I can better control these stupid abilities, he may just have to be my protector from a distance.

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