im a girl..AND a boy!!!!

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kelset, also known as kels, or kelsey, is a super beutiful, awesome bubbly type girly girl, when the boys academy comes over to her all girls academy she sees the boy of her dreams! but, when she goes up to him he totally snubbs her!!! he says she's got no brain and just cares about her looks and wouldnt go through any length to get him if she thought she would break a nail! so now, to prove him wrong, and get her revenge she planns to dress up as a guy and attend the all boys academy while telling the girls academy she's on vacation! but, how is she supposed to hide her long lashes, c-cup boobs, curvy body, and long silky hair? when even hery overly fat brothers sweatshirt cant hide her curvs? (shes not fat shes movie star skinny) this will be tough! but will they end up falling for each other? will someone else snatch him? or will gay tommy carter steal her thinking sahes a boy? lots-o laughs and fun find out by reading this book!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - im a girl..AND a boy!!!!

Submitted: January 08, 2012

Reads: 128

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Submitted: January 08, 2012



i saw him, standing there, in the all-girls academy. Saint daywinds academy is a great school for only girls, but the principle is a pervert freak who, makes us wear a uniform of too-low cut white tops and way-too short plaid skirts. today, the boys academy is staying over becaus their academy is being painted. i was in the middle of eating breakfast when i saw the most outrageously handsome boy-ever! i knew i absolutley had to be with him. Oh! im sorry have i forgotten to introduce myself? sorry bout that my name is kelset waters, but, kelset is a absolutley positivley hideous name so all my friends call me kelsey, or kels, for short. i am extremley beutiful -wink wink nudge nudge u know ur jealous!- ok also i am not one of those types of girls that go well meh i dont think im  all that pretty and noooo! dont compliment on my ugliness u know im not pretty! then the guy is all like of courseyou are pretty my love! you're beutiful! witch is TOTALLY fake, in my opinion, i mean, come ON 1:the girl is fishing for compliments and 2: the dude only wants to get into youre pants. so thats absolutley fake. anyways, my bff is stephenie geinie she specilizes in makeup because her mother is a hollywood makeup artist. shes awesome. now, readers ill tell you, read very carefully what i said about my bff cuz that will come in VERY handy soon in this terrific awesome funny, and laugh-ur-buttox-off romantic comedy of a book!



A/N: supps! ok thats my first chapter where you get to know kelset;s type of personality please like, and make lots of coments and i know i havent edited this but im a lazy butt ill do it later :P this is a fun book so just enjoy!

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