A Broken Soldiers Promise

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Adam Hale is a sniper in the U.S Marines, 19 years old and is out there to kill.

Lily Greene is going to be a senior in high school, 17 years old and sweet as a button.

Adam isnt the same funny, crazy, wild person he used to be. After his last deployment he hasn’t been the same. He trusts one person and one person only. War can really make your or brake you, and in his case it was both.

Lily Greene is a small town girl, she lives on a farm outside Burow North Carolina, she is friends with everyone but only a few really know her dreams.

Tommy Greene is a U.S Marine, Fights for what he loves, and loves what he has. He is what ties two worlds together, when he brings his best friend home to spend the summer.

A/N This is my first novel so please comment, thank you. 8)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Broken Soldiers Promise

Submitted: August 02, 2010

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Submitted: August 02, 2010



Chapter one.
I looked out the glass window of the airport, Tommy’s plane landed but we didn’t no which one it was. After they got that thing attatched to the plane people started to flood out every diretion. I couldn’t tell who came out or who was going in, it was crazy.
“Momma I think that’s him.” I pointed to a guy. Nope not him.
“What about that one.” Mom pointed to another guy. Still nope.
“that one?” we both said at the same time. Woops that was a lady.
“After a year you think I look like a manlady?” We both turned around and Tommy was standing there with his bag over his shoulder.
“Oh Hush up.” I laughed and walked over and hugged him.
“Its good to see you Lils.” He laughed and gave me a bear hug.
“You too Toms.” Once we let go he walked over to mom.
“Hey Momma, I missed ya.” He hugged her and picked her up like he used to.
“I Missed you too baby.” She cooed at her baby boy.
While they were hugging I felt like there was someone behind me. I looked around and seen a tall guy with blonde hair and mesmerizing navy eyes was standing there. I sorta just turned around and thought me might move.
“Oh Momma, Lils this Adam.” Tommy pointed to the tall cute guy behind me. That’s why he wouldn’t leave.
“Hi I’m Lily.” I smiled and held out my hand. He took it gently like he would brake it and shook it.
“Adam.” He had a very nice voice.
“This is my mom Jessica.” Tommy introduced them and we all headed the trucks.
“Lily is going to the feed store so Tommy you either get to go with her or me.” Mom stood by her truck as I stood by my jeep.
“Ill go with you mom, I want to see dad. Adam you go with Lily and held her load the feed.” Tommy and mom got into the truck as me and Adam got into the jeep. There wasn’t any doors or top so I didn’t have to worry about unlocking it.
The ride to the feed store was quite expect for the radio and my bad singing. Adam sat quite and straight without looking at me once. I however looked at him though.
I backed the jeep into the parking lot so it be easy to throw in the feed from the loading block.
“Hey Lily, usual?” Billy either seen me or dad 2 times a month.
“You know it.” I laughed and got out of the jeep. Adam was right behind me.
Billy and Adam loaded it all and once I paidand left I decided it was time for ice cream.
“Do you want some ice cream?” I yelled over the wind to Adam.
“Sure.” He said back, I could barely hear him.
It was only 10 minutes to Dairy queen and it was late so there wasn’t really anyone in the drive threw lane.
“What do you want?” I asked as I looked over the menu. He studied it like i did and when I finaly decided what I wanted so did he.
“Can I have a medium twist cone. And a…” I looked at Adam.
“Vanilla shake.”
“And a vanilla shake, thank you.” I didn’t wait for the price because no matter what they would say it again. I pulled up to the window and got out my wallet from my purse. I felt a soft hand on mine, Adam had already had a ten out and ready.
“Ill get it.” Was all he said and leaned over me and handed the lady the ten. We got our ice cream and his change and left.
Once we got home Adam met dad and mom showed him his room, I ate a peanut butter sandwich and decided to go to bed.
“Night Mom, Night Tommy, Night Adam.” Dad wasn’t in the room so it would have been silly to say night to him.
“Night.” Tommy mumbled
“Night Baby.” Mom hugged me
“Good night Lily.” Adam said kinda quietly.

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