Wanted by fate

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Sammie likes to be with nature, drifting off in class to look out of the window. One day transfer student Nate arrives and changes everything about her life. But being in the shadow of the most popular girl in school, things will get worse before they get better. or will they?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Wanted by fate

Submitted: May 29, 2012

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Chapter 1:

‘So, if you add 5x+3 to 8x-4 you get…’ the teacher drowned on. People were passing notes to each other. I sigh as I am asked to do a question. I hear snickers from people in the class. I say the answer then sit down. A ball of paper rolls onto my desk. When I open it, it says;

U loner! Don’t get cocky. Ur still an idiot.

Ha! Perfect! Then I realise whose hand writing it is. Gee! Love you too sis! I look up to my sister Alex, she has dark hair and grassy green eyes, but she doesn’t even know I’m there half the time.

When the final bell rang I gathered my books and started walking out the classroom. ‘Sammie’ I heard my name being called and spun around. My sister was staring at me and her bitchy followers were doing the same. ‘Where do you think you’re going?’ Her hand was stopping me leaving.

‘Home’ I replied simply.

‘Oh no you are not. You are staying here an-…..’ she was cut off by someone grabbing my shoulder.

‘You guys shouldn’t do this.’ A small voice said. She said softly. ‘It’s not nice’

My stunned sister said, ‘you’re right. Sorry. I will leave you and your friend to it.’ Still stunned she walked off.

‘Gee. Thanks Silvia.’ She was a girl in my class that everyone knew and loved. ‘sorry for causing you any troub-’ I was cut off by her glare. ‘I’m sorry? Did I do something wrong?’

‘Are you stupid? Of course you did! You were born!’ She had a smirk on her face and her arms were crossed around her petite body.

‘Uh…. Sorry?’ I was starting to get really confused. Did this girl who everyone loved really say something that horrible?

‘Ha! You make me sick! You sit in the corner every day and stare out the window. You are just pathetic.’ She scoffed and she turned out of the room. I knew everyone else would treat me like this but the class friend? Wow. People are really fooled.

Next day I woke up with a slight dizziness. Jeez. I’ll get over it. I rubbed my head and got ready for school. Once I had said bye to mum and dad, I left for school and sat quietly in the corner,  waiting patiently for school to start.

When the first bell rang, everyone flooded into the classroom, swiftly followed by the homeroom teacher. ‘Class, today we have a transfer student.’ He turned to face the door, ‘come in now Nate’ A boy with golden hair and blue eyes walked into the room. ‘Introduce yourself please.’

‘My name is Nate, I am 16 years old and I like sports.’ There were whispers from all the girls. There were grumbles from the boys. I was just silent. I stared out the window and had no interest in this class so I paid attention to the rabbits and birds. The sun was bright so I had to squint. Suddenly there was a fire bell but I was up before it went off. I knew where it was. I zoomed out of the class room and to the storage room. I knew who hung out here and needed to get them out. I bashed open the door a searched the room. I saw five girls and six boys trapped in a corner. I went over to pull the wood away from them and they shot out the room like cats and dogs. I fell to the floor and searched frantically around the room for any trace of anyone else. As I got up my hairband got caught on a piece of furniture and let my hair loose. It fell over my face as my glasses fell off and I felt my dizziness come back over me. Fight it Sammie, fight it! I thought could fight it off but it caught me by surprise and I let the darkness fall over me as I fell to the floor, letting the flames swallow me up.



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