Empire of The Forgotten: The Last Warrior

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - Envying of Opposites: XVIII

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The Envying, Of Opposites: XVIII "The child finished the apple as he set the core down on the table, amazed by the paintings galore on the walls and ceiling, the old woman with needle and thread in hand, began to sew up his bite wound, regardless of how loud the child cried...."

Alex and Kaytra made their way to the elevators while Shiya was still being hauled on the gurney by the medics, before she stiffed her way up on one elbow to talk.

"Try not to move major, you may have broken a few ribs, and ruptured a few arteries, you could have internal blee..."

She waved the medics off, halting them to stop.

"Yeah I know, I've broken a few ribs in my lifetime."

The medics backed off, allowing her to painfuly work her way to a comfortable stance, before addressing whomever.

"Alex and Kaytra, now that this whole ordeal is finished. We'll need to retake the cities Xadolda and Vre'Droth from the Black Dragon and Goverment occupation forces, and that won't be easy .We'll need to get General Argenburg on a frequency to call for more forces, atleast more than half to retake both cities."

Kaytra looked at Shiya a little disconcerned at what she was prompted about.

"Heh, Major I am a lone wolf, needless to say, I don't do sieges, particularly anything that involves alot of shooting."

Shiya looked back at Kaytra.

"I know that, that is why you are going back to the Under Kingdom since your mission is complete, you will be paid what you are owed, and me and Alex will continue to take the cities."

Shocked, Kaytra looked upon Shiya, surprised that Alex would not accompany her back to Earth City.

"Oh, well that is good to hear, but what about Alex, I am sure he is more than anxious to hear more about why he is here."

Shiya replied back.

"Cos', you know why..."

She then hinted at what he was, not to alert or give anything off to the medics who were focused on the elevator rather then their conversation. Kaytra then knodded before sighing. The elevator then, landed on the ground floor, before Shiya, halted the medics.

"Stop here, we'll set this tower as a base of operations."

"Are you sure, ma'am, we have a mobile HQ outisde, we could..."

"You are dismissed Sergeant, make the preperations immediatley."


The two medics saluted before marching off.

"Now, Kaytra you can take my shuttle back to earth city, and collect your compensation at the royal armory. As I said, me and Alex stay for the assault."

Kaytra then began to walk out the tower entrance as more soldiers ran in with supplies and munitions setting up a base in the tower. Before she set foot out of the tower, she looked at Alex, before waving.

"Later Alex, maybe we'll see eachother another time."

Alex waved back hesitantly before following Shiya, as she called for him.

Kaytra ran off as an aircraft landed down. She jumped aboard the aircraft, before it immediatley lifted off.

Alex returned to Shiya's side, as he was called again. She was sitting up right on a table, as the medics were prepairing some procedure as she began talking to Alex. The medics interupted her as they retrieved digital x-ray scans of her chest, as they displayed it.

"Well, Major. You appear, to have no internal bleeding, but you did break 3 ribs, we'll have the MPSRB, get in there to repair them. We'll have to cut a 1 inch incision in your stomach to get it in."

"Fine do it before I change my decision."

They grabbed a scalpel, as they sat her down on the table, before removing her armor and lifting her shirt up just above her chest. The made the painful slice into her delicate skin, as she grunted with a heave of pain.

"Klayjhat! that hurt!"

The medic looked up at her.

"If I had a credit."

After he made a cut, he grabbed a small tube and opened the lid, as a small insect like creature squirmed around. The medic grabbed it with his tweezers.

"Big breath Major."

He neared the insect towards her open wound. The medic squeezed it in, Shiya heaved another painful sound, as the medic let go and removed the tweezers, seldom the small insect. They began sewing the wound up as Shiya exhaled a sigh of relief. Alex coudn't help but ask what it was and why.

"What was the bug you put in her?"

The medic began sewing as he replied.

"Oh it wasn't a bug, It was an MPSRB (micro prescision skeletal repair bot) it is just a small sentient robot about the size of a grain of rice that repairs damaged bones in the skeletal system."

Alex was a little surprised that it wasn't a bug, but even more curious as to how it happens.

"How does that happen?"

The medic finished sewing the wound as he cut the end stitch, and pulled Shiya's armor back down.

"It has a small DNA chip inside of it, that sends waves to the nerve cells and tells them to rapidly start reparing and growing new bone cells. Anyway it should take a few hours until it is finished, now if you don't mind I have to go help with the wounded outside."

Alex then wondered.

"How is it supposed to get out if you sewn up her wound."

The medic smiled as he took off his gloves.

"They are cheap and clean to make, so they disolve in her stomach acids, and whatever remains...well you know"

He gulped as he knew what he meant. He turned back towards Shiya who was sitting upright against the tent wall.

"Alex come here for a second."

Alex obeyed as he walked up to her. As he neared her, she grabbed the neck opening on his armor and drew him in close to her. She kissed him, it shocked Alex as he didn't want to offend her by withdrawing. As suddenly as it happened, Shiya released his lips.

"Consider my debt repayed.... thanks for...... saving me back there, Alex.... I..."

Alex then was going through his head, very rapidly. (what the fuck is going on, first, I get drawn into this damn war I know nothing about, now I am getting kiss by this alien women, what is happening to me.)

"I...would have died back there if it weren't for you Alex..thank you."

Alex just shrugged as he did not know what to say.

"The only thing I remember seeing, was you wielding the flames of Ash'Delar, as you hovered over me, I felt your flames but it did not burn, it felt warm and protective. Then I awoke in your arms as you carried me to safety. It was like being caried by Fire God himself!"

Alex stared at her while she told of her notions, that Alex did not remember. Except while in his fiery trance he only remembered seeing a banner in a fiery haze sporting broken crown, surrounded by spikes.

"The mark of Xaldron, he chose it as his symbol upon the Vashaen uprising."

Alex knew it was the voice again, but was in no situation to speak with the God as Shiya stared at him akwardly.

"Ash'Delar...he speaks to you, does he not?"

He wanted to lie, but could not.

"Yes...the voice has been talking to me for some time now, and it is a bit annoying at some times, but It is atleast telling me of what little is going on."

She nodded as Alex sat down next to her,

"I have a question or two if you don't mind." Alex asked Shiya.

Shiya then forgot herself, as he asked.

"Oh I am very sorry Alex, this whole time I have been pestering you, sure I can answer a few or so."

Alex then mustered what little courage he had to ask what he felt was kept from him.

"I don't mean to be intrusive, but I have all heard what has happened, was since the Earth wars and up until now. I keep hearing this name (Zabira) everywhere, Kaytra and her grandfather just dismiss it like it was nothing. But Now I feel like I am being kept from something, since I don't know who this goverment and Zabira is, so who is he?"

Shiya was hesitant at first, knowing who Alex had asked about was a dreaded figure none would rather talk about. She inhaled deeply before sighing.

"Well it was a matter of time before you found out. Well, where to begin, umm. During the fall of Gurnan, and the the rebuilding of the cities of Ke'Dan by the human remnants who hid in the undercities, the leader of them who's name was Algren Krahlen'ar Zabira, his middle name was an old Gurnan dialect called Quindoth, a forbidden language. His name meant, Dark Warrior. He gave that name to by himself after studying the dark arts of Krahl'Quin, the dark goddess of death, shadows and the icy chill.

After the last solar war, the expedition fleets of the Vashaen empire that returned from far off distant worlds in search of other life, came back to a destroyed world they called home, they settled and nestled into the various lands of Ke'Dan. There were ten cruisers that day, each went it's own seperate way, and settled on the idea of individual clan goverments, and culture. Zabira, blinded by the deceitful lies of Krahl'Quin, enslaved most of the clans, and the remaining human settlements, to to rebuild the lost cities, and erect monuments in the Dark Goddess' name. That is where Kaytra's Grandfather Elias came in. Chosen by his people of the free settlement of the New Dakotas, he led a crusade along with the also chosen Serich of the clan Anothashon. They traveled throughout the world gathering forces to free the slaves, and start a revolution against Zabira and his chaotic spiral into madness. By then these were 2470's when Elias was a younger man. When Elias and Serich had gathered enough support they marched on the dark city of Zervinsk, and sieged the city. When they reached the presidential district of the city, Zabira was on his knees in the streets, begging for mercy.

Elias, somehow in a spout of randomn merciful behaviour at the time, or either oblivious to events around him, spared his life, and gave him a warning, that he apparently did not heed. The slaves, and people did not care, they rejoiced that their lives and those of loved ones were safe, was enough for them, even Zabira was one man, without an army, so they let him wander the frozen wastes of Krahlen'gar. Over the years people have assumed he was dead, and that the goverment was ran by someone else. Since it is nearly 50 years since the revolution, Algren would be dead by now. But more and more reports show that Algren Zabira is spotted in various locations throughout the world. Maybe it is a look alike, possibly his descendants, or he is a 2nd incarnation of the Dark Goddess, and her dark powers are sustaining him. But that is all speculation, that is all I know."

Alex' head was spinning, but understood what he was told, and now knew why Kaytra kept it from him, it was simply something Elias wanted to leave alone, knowing that maybe all of this is his fault. But Alex did not really know.

"Well I figure I have a few good hours until these bots are done fixing me up, perhaps I can jest you with another story or two?"

Alex then happily replied,

"I would love one Shiya, since I do not have anything better to do."

Alex sat down waisting hours away to what the beautiful Jogroth woman had to tell him about whatever it was she told him, from stories of ancient Ashen'Ars, to hometown heroes from the Earth Kingdom, Alex listened word to word, being drawn in closer and closer to Shiya with each passing story and hour. Hours passed until the snow reflected moonlight instead of the sun, and it shone through the windows.

"Well, Alex, you should get some rest for tommorow's assault, I shall do fine, some rest will do me good."

Alex got up shaking her hand.

"Thank you major for the info and stories and all, it should atleast get me up to speed on what is going on."

Shiya then waved at him before stopping him, before he left the tent.

"oh and Alex...thanks again for saving me...I know you heard already, but thanks."

"No problem, Major. It is apparently what I do. Good night."

He left as Shiya spoke in her breathe while Alex stepped out.

"And good dreams to you from the Goddess Alexander."

She lied down, and wandered off to sleep. Alex left the medical tent and out the of the tower entrance before being met by a soldier.

"Hey it's me, from the tunnel! So you want to catch up where we last left off?"

Alex desperately wanted some more answers, but he was satiated well enough for the day.

"No, I already know enough, just point me to a barracks or something."

"Oh ok, well follow me to mobile HQ they have barracks set up there for spec ops troopers."

Alex followed the marine as they walked through the quickly erected military tent city, before making their way to the giant vehicle that was the huge mobile headquarters.

"Thanks troop, what is your name by the way?"

"It's Steve. Well, I'll see you tommorow at the brink of dawn."

He saluted him before he walked off into the tent city. Alex walked in before being met by a watchman.

"State your buisness here!"

"Name's Alex...Carter."

"Oh, the special K your bunk was arranged for you by the Major, at the end of the hall."

Alex followed his directions. He saw the bunk situated between, the multi-ethnic human and Jogroth soldiers, snoring as loud as weapon fire. He sat down, taking off his body armor and his black dragon gauntlet and putting it in the equipment locker. He laid down, wary of what he knew was about to happen. He then closed his eyes, ready to meet his dreaded memories...

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