A Nicki Minaj Story

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - Chapter 19:The Fight

Submitted: April 01, 2013

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Submitted: April 01, 2013



CHAPTER 19:THE FIGHT Nicki,Drake and Starry Went to ihop for Breakfast.\"Oh My God, You're Drake and Nicki Minaj!\" The Waitress Said.\"Can I Have Your Autograph and a Picture?\" She Said Handing Them a Pink Book And a Camera.They Both Stood Next to her and a Cook took the Picture for them.And they Both Signed The Book.Then Drake Got a text that Bree gone into Labor and the baby’s Coming.Drake tried to tell her But left Drake Without a Ride and Nic took Starry with her.So Drake had to Take a Taxi Cab to the Hospital.When Nicki Got Home,SB Was on her Sofa with a Bouquet of flowers and A Teddy Bear and a Doll Starry told him She Wanted on the Phone.Nicki was Shocked Then Went Upstairs to Put Starry in her Crib and then Drake Came Home.

SB-You Don't Deserve her Drake,She told Me Everything About You Cheating and all.You Don’t Deserve her Drake,You Don't Deserve her. D-GET THE HELL OUTTA MY HOUSE AND GET OFF MY PROPERTY!

Safaree and Drake Started Fighting and Nicki didn't Notice Until She Heard Glasses and Plates Breaking.She told Starry to Stay Upstairs and Nicki Ran Downstairs.She Saw that Drake had a Knife at Safaree’s Throat And Drake Was Threatening to Kill Safaree With The Knife if he didn't take Back What he Said. \"Aaaaaaahhhh!WTF( What the Fuck) is Happening!?!\"Nicki Yelled She took the Knife From Drake and Helped Safaree From The Floor. the Then She Saw Starry Was Halfway Down the Stairs So She Took Starry Back Upstairs.While that Happened,Safaree Ran to His Car and Got his Gun.Then Nicki Heard a Loud Boom.Nicki Called the Police.Then a Police Officer Said \"Come On Aubrey Lets Go!\" He Talked to Nicki First.\"Nic,Please Give Me another Chance.\" Drake Said. \"ANOTHER CHANCE!?DRAKE I FUCKING GAVE YOU MULTIPLE CHANCES NO MORE BITCH AND HOE!!!!Nicki Packs All and I mean All Every Single one of her and Starry’s Things and Put them in the Car.She Came back Inside.Nicki Called a Real Estate Agent and her Personal Friend (Not Bree)to Sell the House.They Put her Furniture in a Truck and Nicki’s 5 Cars on 3 Separate Trucks and Someone Drove to her New house And Unloaded the Cars and Parked it. And Someone Else Drove the Truck with the Furniture. BEFORE THAT..... \"WTF are you doing?!\"Drake asked.Nicki Got in the Car. Before she Could Drive Away he asked that.\"I'm Going Somewhere But I Cannot Tell You.Maybe I'm Going....\"Nicki Said.She Drove off and Yelled \"Don't Forget to Pay For Child Support Nigga and Bye Bitch!\" The House Was Empty.

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