A Day In The Mud

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This is the first part of the story I am writing . It is a tale of a brother and sister from Scotland and the strange day they experience . I will be submitting more every week .

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Day In The Mud

Submitted: May 04, 2008

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Submitted: May 04, 2008



A Day In The Mud
The trees glow red as the sun begins it's slow decent behind the distant mountains . The moor is filled with few sounds except for a stray red kite call and the laughter of two children . Playing among the amber glow of the evening in a giant mud puddle are little Anabel and her brother Gavin . Both are covered in mud and would appear to the cautious eye like the strange bogeys rumoured to frequent the area . "Yer going to git it " says Gavin as he gathers a handful of mud to toss at his younger sister . "I'd like to see that" replies Anabel as she stands in anticipation of his throw . He pauses briefly to gauge his pitch then fires the mud toward Anabel . She easily avoids the mud volley and returns fire , hitting Gavin in the eye . The shock causes poor Gavin to fall back into the puddle and start to cry . "Ouuuuuuuuu ! Tha' hurt Belly ..... I .... I ....wait till I tell Da ! " he exclaims . Anabel becoming worried slowly approaches Gavin to try and reconcile so as not to face the almost certain punishment by their father . "It was all in fun Gavin ," she tells him in a reassuring voice . As Anabel approaches Gavin starts to form a new mud projectile behind his back . " I'm sorry , please forgive me " she asks as she stops a few feet from her brother . Gavin contemplates her plea then responds " Okay" , he stands secretly hiding the mound of mud behind him . Anabel smiles and starts to speak " Thank you Gav ....." . Before she can finish Gavin tosses the mud directly at her head and it hits her true . She gags as the mud enters her open mouth and covers her eyes . She can hear Gavin laughing for a bit as she tries to wipe the mud clean . But the laughter stops as soon as it starts , all that can be heard is Anabel's grumbling . "Ewwwwww .... Gavin tha' was foul , you'll pay dearly . " she mutters as she wipes the mud from her eyes and turns to look at her brother . To her shock he is no longer there . Frantically she looks around the puddle at where her brother once stood then cries out " Gavin ....... Gavin !" , but no response comes back . Softly she asks "Gavin where are you ? " then she starts to walk over to where he was last standing . Suddenly , without warning , she starts to sink into the puddle . She flails her arms in hopes of saving herself but only sinks faster . She tries to shout but her mouth is once again filled with the now familiar taste of mud . The puddle churns and bubbles then slowly eases back to a calm red surface .

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A Day In The Mud

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