The Awakening Interviews Arthur Meyer

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Arthur Meyer was a command sergeant major for over thirty years. When he got his hands on the classified file 'The Assessment', his life was completely changed.

We found Arthur's testimony inspiring, shocking and exciting.


Ryan Hicks and Linda Bloomer.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Awakening Interviews Arthur Meyer

Submitted: September 05, 2010

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Submitted: September 05, 2010



Arthur Mayer left twelve messages, justifying my belief that old people and answering machines was not a good combination. But, Arthur only looked like an innocent old man. He had stories to tell, and the little pieces of information he’d disclosed to me proved that he wasn’t your typical listen to grandfather by the fire type. He sounded old when we conversed over the phone, but it wasn’t until we met face to face that I realised just how old he was. Then there was the reason he called; in five years of producing whistleblower testimonies, he was the first to contact us to arrange a meeting.
‘...yes, this is Ryan Hicks.’
‘It’s Arthur. We should meet up. I don’t think I have much time left.’
‘They’re onto you?’
‘I’m afraid it’s much worse than that.’
Three cameras were set up in the living room, pointing at the sofa from different angles. The curtains were drawn, the doors were locked and our phones were switched off. My co-worker Linda tried to help Arthur into the room, but he insisted that he was fine. He sat down and we brought him coffee and cookies. He adopted that old man pose, resting two hands on his walking stick and leaning back. His white hair and beard were full for his age. He looked in command. And then his benevolent voice sounded out:
‘Are we ready to roll?’
‘We’re making some final adjustments. Sorry to keep you waiting.’
‘That’s alright. With the information I have, this meeting could take all day and night.’
Once we were ready, Linda rolled the film on all three cameras. We left a couple of minutes for testing.
‘Don’t ask me to help,’ Arthur said. ‘I’m useless with modern technology. I couldn’t even work that thing on the T.V with the menu and contrast and colour stuff. It drives me mad.’
Happy with the tests on the cameras, we began the interview.
‘This is Ryan Hicks and Linda Bloomer from The Awakening. I’m delighted to introduce to you one of the greatest human beings I have ever met. He is a living legend and a tribute to the endeavours of mankind. He is Mr. Arthur Mayer. I’m going to hand over to you now, Arthur.’
Linda and I sat back, perked our ears up and listened to the old man blow us away with his incredible testimony.
‘Thank you for that very kind, generous introduction, Ryan.’
He took a deep breath, sighed, and spoke very slowly.
‘In my opinion, this is without doubt the most important story in human history. It involves who we are...where we came from...where we’re going. I used to be a no-nonsense military boy, lived a normal life with a house, a wife and three children. But after I learned some information and saw stuff with my very own eyes, my old paradigm was completely swept away...’

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