Dark fantasy series:The angel of death

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This is the first book in the series; We know of nephlims,cross breeds between angels and demons,well matt beckinsale is a teenager and he is or he thinks he is a nephlim,his destiny as ordained by God is to stop lucifer in the seven forms he made manifest,accompanied by his best friends and by his powers,matt battles against the forces of darkness to save humanity.......

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dark fantasy series:The angel of death

Submitted: April 12, 2013

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Submitted: April 12, 2013



The hot sand of beachwood that had almost began to get cold since today was the last day of summer holiday and classes were to resume tomorrow being monday,most teenagers were really happy about getting back to school,but there were some who werent,speaking of people like matt beckinsale. Matt beckinsale was a handsome sixteen year old,he had spiky hair,deep blue eyes,broad shoulders and a wonderful six pack body as a result of incessant training at the gym at nashville.but he had left nashville,his aunt laura had died of cancer and he had hurdled himself back to beachwood to stay with his grandfather lucas whom was the only family he had left.fifteen years ago when his parents died in a car crash he had to stay with his aunt since no one would let him stay with his grandfather who was a drunk but now he had no choice and as he walked down 77th street beachwood,he hadnt need go far,he could see it,it was a white duplex with a well kept lawn,he wsnt expecting this,he was acually expecting to see a shanky looking house,maybe his grandpa was a home maker after all.He readjusted the bags he carried,beachwood was the last place he wanted to be,he knew his parents grew up here and that was the more reason he didnt want to behere.He looked at the house facing him directly and saw a girl standing at the window,she hid behind the curtain the moment she noticed he was looking at her,she was pretty from what matt saw maybe beachwood was not that scary after all. \"grandpa lucas\"matt exclaimed when the figure of his grandfather appeared in his doorway,rather than answer,grandpa lucas wrapped his grandson in a warm hug holding him and squeezing him to himself,though it was comforting matt felt uncomfortable when he noticed the girl at the opposite house staring at him,He could see her in the window pane,her hair was a mix of brown and black,it was long and curly and her eyelashes tinted at each corner,she really was a work of art. \"grandpa whos house is that opposite us?\"matt asked his grandpa as he placed his bags beside the couch \"ooh thats the swifts residence,thomas swift and his beautiful daughter live there now\" \"what about her mother?\" \"she passed on a few years ago,megan swift,good woman\".matt stared at his grandpa,he didnt look like an alcoholic the way his aunt had described him.matt climbed to his room,it was comfortable,a white bed kept at one corner of the wall,a fireplace,a reading table and a large cabinet at the other end of the wall.there were a couple of artifacts hanging on the walls all over,it wasnt much but it was home.

\"You'd be late for school matt\"his granpa called to him from downstairs.matt was taking extra time to dress up this morning,he got to beachwood yesterday,and today he would be at school,over the years he had learnt that first impression is the most important.He waved his hair to leave it in its spiky nature as he etered his grandfathers car,he dropped him at school.when matt got to beachwood high,it was similar to nashville high but a little more retarded,he walked around not knowing what to do,then he saw her,the girl opposite his house.he rushed to her and said\"excuse me i need directions to chemistry class\",she nodded and said\"im headed there,olivia swift by the way\",\"matt beckinsale\",he replied and he suddenly noticed her express shock like he was a beast or something \"is there a problem\" \"not at all\"she replied as they walked into chemistry class. \"so students i welcome you all back from your summer holidays,i can see we have a new face here,what is your name?\"the chemistry teacher asked referring to matt as he stopped beside his table \"matt beckinsale sire\"he replied and the whole class stared at him and gave him the same look olivia gave him earlier,like he was a beast or something,even the teacher joined them,then the students began murmuring amongst each other and matt knew they were murmuring about him.\"silence!!\"the teacher exclaimed,\"i want absolute silence,some things are best not spoken about\",he concluded and matt looked on,scared about why everyone talked about him,he had never been to before,he didnt know anybody here yet they all seemed to know all about him,there was something his grandpa wasnt telling him,th major problem was that not only did people know him,but they were scared of him,like he had done something wrong in his past.after school matt began to walk home when a guy he had seen in his chemistry class approached him,the guy was terrified,scared,and shaking he managed to ask matt\"did you bring back the troubles????\".........

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