It all began....

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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Submitted: February 28, 2013



I and james had been dating for over a month and then one day he told me that we were going to see his was at this point that i realised that the word girlfriend had a deeper meaning to james than the normal term.james introduced me to his friends,they were sort of not the regular kind of people u come across daily,they were shanky looking and that fact was a bit obvious..i wondered what cool looking guy james would have to do with such people but then when i saw james bring out marijuana i understood.\"try some\" james had said to me after he noticed my discomfort \"no\"..i had replied turning down the offer.i was from a christain home,i couldnt possibly take marijuana \"come on\"james said again smiling,i looked into his eyes,he was still the james i knew but dis time he held something dangerous,i looked at his friends it was obvious they didnt like me,they wondered why james would go for me,the innocent type when there were others.noticing my reluctance,james placed da marijuana between my lips and i inhaled it wit pleasure..........

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