Not sixteen forever

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"Seaview High school" in seatle was the place you could find only the bad,the worse and the ugly,nothing else,they were such a helpless case and everyone had given up on them,until a new principal comes over,he was quite young and unmarried and he made them understand that they werent "sixteen forever".

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Not sixteen forever

Submitted: July 15, 2013

Reads: 247

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Submitted: July 15, 2013



Jacob lewis drove his car to a slight halt as he arrived the parking lot of seaview high,his porsche car attracted the attention of quite a number of students as they shifted their gaze from what they were doing to him,presumably they all noticed his spiky hair and handsome face that were complimented with a to-die for body. What was he doing here,the students couldnt help but wonder,but they did not wonder for too long,he had parked in the space reserved for the principal,that means he was the new principal the school board had bragged about.He flashed a smile that didnt appear to be returned by anyone as he slammed his car door shut and began walking into the school. He walked head high to the staff quarters and into his office,it was true,the guy they had seen in the parking lot was the new principal.In no time word got around the school on the recent development and pictures of jacob surfaced every school blog,many had seen nothing but pictures of him and were wholly looking forward to his opening speech. ********************************************************** Carson hurriedly stashed her books in her locker,she really did not mind being the only person in the hallway,the rest of the students were at the hall awaiting their new principal,but she had to stay extra in music class cos of her missed test.She flipped her blonde hair that was a mixture of gold and black thanks to her aunts spray,she stared at her self in the mirror and smiled with satisfaction,her eyes were an intended black colour around its edges and her nose had a piercing that had deep in it a glistening diamond earring of cheap quality. \"what might you be doing here\"carson heard someone call from behind,looking back she traced the face back to the picture she had seen on seaview haterz blog earlier,it was the principal. Carson did not reply him,he was quite older than her,maybe with ten years or less,like what did the ministry think when they brought him here,to soddom. \"I'm talking to you\". She still didnt answer,she just slammed her locker and began walking on as though Jacob was invisible.He sighed and walked on ignoring her. \"Good-day students\"Jacob said to the hosts of students that had gathered in the school hall,the students werent paying attention,they were talking amongst themselves in loud tones and some of them were making out,flirting or doing one sort of thing or the other that made the school look like a rehabilitation centre and not a school.Thoughts rushed past jacobs mind in a space of a nano second,he saw the girl from the hallway busy with her phone and taking pictures of him.He chuckled,they probably had no idea who he really was,he smiled for one second and began\"You know,I used to be like this,like i always wanted to annoy people,to make noise when I'm supposed to be silent,to do things that were rude and disobedient,but then at some point,i realised Jacob you arent gonna be sixteen forever,i decided to change,not for anyone but for myself,I'm not asking that you change,I'm only asking that you listen,i see great potential in all of you,even those that are rude to me,i start of this way because i think that even if you ignore me in the hallway,or make out while I'm in front of you,it dosent make you a bad person\".He stopped for a while and it was at that point he noticed the noise had subsided,they were actually listening\"Seaview high is going to change,and we are going to do it together\".He concluded as he stepped down the podium.He heard a clap,and when he turned it was the girl from the hallway,and soon everyone followed suit,it wasnt much,but it was hope. \"principal lewis,I'm rex\"a guy walked up to jacob \"and i just wanted to say that ummmmm you gotta fucking leave our school\"He barked out. Jacob chuckled\"well you gotta make me\" \"Aha!!..i knew it,well how about this\"Rex beckoned on a group of boys,one of them held a picture in his hand,and they handed it to Jacob,staring at the picture,Jacobs hands shook violently..this place was worse than soddom.......they had destroyed his porsche.....

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