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July 22nd 2060 The sirens blared across the smooth streets of chicago,latoya dallas was wheeled into the ambulance of the towns hospital,she had collapsed on hearing that her fathers spaceship caravan 001 had been wrecked,its been six months since they were on that trip,doing what she did not know,but then,what wrecked the spaceship,they hadnt been was too hard to believe,too had to comprehend,that her only papa was gone.her mother on the other hand did nothing but scream,she had warned james,warned him not to go on that trip but he didnt listen,and now were was he,probably with celestial bodies at the unripe age of 40.The government had to say something,the president himself,president wilcox,he supported this entire operation,infact the whole of america supported it,but then were was he now,were was her husband. \"somebody tell me what happened to my husband!\".mrs dallas screamed crying uncontrollably,she thought of micheal,he was nasa's agent lilian's son,she had been on caravan 001 as well when it was wrecked,micheal was a young teenager and lilian had been the single mum raising him alone,now he was as good as an orphan and then talk about lucas,his dad was on the ship as well,and now he was gone.nobody knew how or when,all they knew was that their loved ones were gone,with all this rushing through her mind,mrs dallas fell into a deep sleep,and when she awoke,latoya was there in the hospital hallway with her. \"we need to go home now\"..mrs dallas said with her eyes swollen from the crying of the previous night \"why did he have to die mum\"latoya asked her mother trying hard not to cry \"for that latoya,i have no answer,but what i know is that God knows best\" \"but he was my papa\"the teenager said and began crying\"other girls still have their papa,why must mine be the one who has to go,why mum\" \"its okay latoya\"her mother replied fighting the tears\"your dad is safe now,hes at peace,and you have to deal with that somehow\",\"now lets go home,id make you a smoothie\"her mother concluded as they walked hand in hand out of the hospital hallway,with only one thing on their minds..\"what wrecked caravan 001?????\"........

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N. C. Ferrao

Nice start :-) n it would look better if u could write it in paras.... Overall its a great start :-)

Thu, April 18th, 2013 5:57am


Thnk u,the paragraph stuff is cos of my system so once im done repairing it,id edit da previous n we'd hv better looking chapters

Thu, April 18th, 2013 4:16am

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