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\"Then sings my soul,my saviour God to thee,how great thou art,how great thou art\" everyone sang solemnly at the funeral service organised by the president to lay the dead nasa agents to a peaceful rest.latoya sat sandwiched between her mum and her grandfather,crying uncontrollably,\"one day we all would have to leave this earthand i close with this,its not who we are that defines us,but what we do,these agents,though gone now,their legacy lives on,their love to risk themselves for mankind is one we'd never forget,lay in eternal rest,james dallas,lilian mathews and john crawl\"the priest finalised as he stepped slowly down from the podium as the graveside choir began chanting another song.\"i surrender\",as the funeral rites began.latoya walked to her dads grave crying her eyes out as with the help of the others,she managed to throw a flower in,her dad couldnt be gone,it was so hard to believe,everyone passed by the gravesides to pay their last respects to james dallas,lilian mathews and john crawl \"i surrender all,i surrender all,all to thee my blessed saviour, i surrender all\"the crowd sang symphatetically as tears clutched over the entire st peters graveyard.The people began to move out,in twos,threes,groups and in no time the graveyard was void of anyone. Mrs dallas sped swiftly across the spectacular streets of chicago into her and latoya's multi million dollar home,as she came to a halt,latoya hurriedly came down from the lamborghinni 27,the 27th version of the car.\"wont you help me take some things in\"mrs dallas said to latoya \"please mum,i just got back from my dads funeral not a wedding\" \"so that means...\" \"mum!\"latoya exclaimed cutting her mother short,\"i know you never loved dad,i know you've always wanted him to die,but why mother,why,dad loved.......\" \"speak no more latoya\"mrs dallas said\"i warned your dad but he wouldnt listen,why would he,he's big james dallas,but look were that ended,six feet in the ground\" latoya ignored her mum and rather than go inside,she searched her purse for the keys to her car,as she found it,it was a small card,as small as a micro usd,\"where you going\"her mum asked \"anywere is better than here\" \"oh cut the crap latoya\" \"well since you really wanna know,im going for the press conference the president is holding at the municipal building,well im not suprised you didnt remember,i mean you never cared about that in the first instance,so\"latoya concluded as she slotted the micro usd into her car door,and said her password as the car opened,\"were to miss latoya\"the inbuilt driver asked,\"the municipal building\"latoya replied the robot as the car tilted and began moving in a slow pace,so as to ensure no time,they got to the municipal building,loads of people were there,especially the press,latoya could see cnn,al jazeera and a host of them outside with their mobile studios.\"latoya\"she heard someone call,looking behind her,it was lucas,lucas was handsome,he was in latoyas school and every girl wanted to date him,thats not suprising,i mean look at him,latoya thought to herself\"hey there\" she said to him,\"have you seen micheal,?\"he asked her as they walked up the stairs leading into the main hall were the press conference would be held.\"no\" she replied\"i heard the president comes out in thirty minutes time\"she informed him,he smiled at her,\"we need to find micheal\"he said.

\"my wonderful americans,the spectacular nation,i thank everyone of you for being here today,it means so much to me to finally see that many people are so interested in the very affairs of the country whom i love so much\" the president began \"well without beating for a long while around the bush,lets get to the matter at hand,lots of people have been sending in mails,what wrecked caravan 001?? Thats been the headline for weeks now,my country men and women,caravan 001 was wrecked due to a mechanical fault,the spaceship as we all know,was the first of its kind,it was built with the most advanced technology,one that ensured artificial gravity in space,but then what happened,caravan 001 as we all know was on a mission to stop the spread of a dangerous viral disease that was spreading through radiation,a virus called radioviro,was the cause,the mission was successful and we would have been jubilating now if the precautions were duly followed,the nasa space station that oversaw the operation gave us a report that head of the spaceship james dallas had ordered that the speed of the spaceship be doubled,this led to an increase in the over ride of the entire system and some parts of it short circuited,the spaceship plunged without control in space and finally crashed in the americas,all these would have been prevented if safety measures were taken,if james dallas was wiser\" latoya's expression dwindled,they were blaiming her papa for the wreck....

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I very much enjoyed this! A suggestion though, perhaps spacing the paragraphs to make it easier to read? It might just be me and my dyslexia though :)

Mon, April 15th, 2013 4:06pm


Thank you,da next chapter is on the way id notify you when i carry out the next chapter

Mon, April 15th, 2013 9:50am

N. C. Ferrao

Its good just as be4.... Da only thing I would say to do s da para spacing... :-)

Thu, April 18th, 2013 5:59am


Thnk u so mch,wah i explained earlier abt my system still stands i presume

Thu, April 18th, 2013 4:18am

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