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\"I dont understand,why would they blame my father\"latoya said frantic as they drove to nasa's space station chicago,lucas drove while micheal sat beside him,they were really close friends,and the death of their parents brought them closer,something had happened on that sapceship,something latoya so wanted to find out abou.lucas had managed to arrange a meeting with nasa's ground manager vincent chand,he said he had some information that could help them,and latoya wanted to find out,she had to. It was past ten when the trio parked in nasa's HQ's garage,not knowing what to expect,they walked on scared about what they were going to find out,moreso they really didnt know what they were getting into,did they. \"Hi\",latoya said to vincent as they walked into his control station were he had lots of equipments,he was a whizkid and at the tender age of twenty after graduating from harvard with a phd in astronomy,nasa knew his worth.\"so what do you have for us?\"lucas asked him sitting in front of a large screen that he guessed was for monitoring space operations.\"I think theres something fishy here\"vincent said,\"explain\"replied micheal \"The president said there was an over ride in the spaceship,yeah when an investigation was carried out on the spaceship the over ride was confirmed,but what i dont understand is,a few minutes before they claimed the so called over ride happened,i talked to your father,james dallas,he didnt say anything about it,but thats not the fishy part,the fishy part is a few minutes before the main over ride our screen blacked out,like someone tampered with it,while other people went somewhere else to figure out what happened to our system i was here,and i heard gunshots and people screaming and then we gained signal again and i didnt see any of the agents,before the over ride when we lost contact with the spaceship\" . \"so you were the only one who saw this?\"latoya asked\"and you didnt say anything about it\" \"Thats because i think it was induced\" \"you think someone had a reason to kill our parents\" \"yes and they really did cover their tracks cos immediately after the spaceship plunged way beyond when we could find them,every footage we earlier had for the past six months were lost,every record of the trip cos they didnt want someone snooping\"he finalised ***************************** \"what do you guys think\"micheal asked both lucas and latoya \"i'm thinking of how im gonna cope when i get back to school,seeing i'm far behind\"lucas replied \"Dont tell me you plan on doing nothing about this\"latoya asked getting paranoid \"You dont expect me to believe something one wacko guy said\" \"really dont call him wacko,he has a phd in astronomy and im not sure you'd ever get one\"micheal said with humour \"oops\" \"you both are just impossible,i mean you just meet a random guy and you two want to become harry potter and his sidekicks\" \"come on lucas,this is our only lead and we are going to take it\" \"yeah by we im nt included am i\"lucas said angry \"you just speak like this cos its not your father getting humilated on national tv\"latoya said sobbing as she came down from lucas's car\"screw you lucas!!!,i thought you were my friend\" ***************************** mrs dallas climbed the glass stairs of her multi million dollar house into latoya's room,her daughter had come back home crying and she just didnt like it,and now he was here to see her,she tapped lightly on her daughters door\"lucas is here to see yo\" \"let him in\"latoya said sighing,as lucas walked into her room,he leaned against her room door scared to even look her in the eye \"im sorry latoya\"he managed to say \"so why did you come,to make your point clear again,that you woldnt help,you were being such a jerk last night lucas\"she said almost crying again \"im sorry you are my friend and i should have been with you no matter what,i should have supported you\" She really didnt want to smile but she couldnt help it,lucas was her friend and she liked him. \"actually i came here to tell you vincent was found dead in his apartment this morning\" latoya couldnt say a word,now she was convinced,someone was following them,someone wouldnt let them be,someone had killed her dad,she was confused and moreso all she could do was cry,slowly she managed to grip her bed post as she sat on it shaking,it was clear now,they were all in danger,her micheal and lucas,they were in grave danger.........

Submitted: April 16, 2013

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Ooh, cliff hanger. The plot is good, and the characters are cool. The only improvement I would make is maybe using a grammar check before posting your chapters :)

Tue, April 16th, 2013 8:32pm


Thank you so much its just dah my system is sorta bad so im using my galaxy tab which isnt so..u knw buh i hope to get my system bck soon,den i'd hv better chapters .but i really didnt wnt a bad system 2 slow dwn my progress

Tue, April 16th, 2013 5:06pm

N. C. Ferrao

Once again great writing :-) do kmu

Thu, April 18th, 2013 6:01am


Thnks...sorry abt da paragraph stuff buh i dnt wnt it 2 hinder my

Thu, April 18th, 2013 4:31am

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