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Latoya hurriedly packed a few clothes into her bag,she had to leave the house before her mum returned,she heard her phone buzz and she stared at it,the phone scanned her eye and told her she had one new message,it was from lucas,he told her where she was to meet with them,without any doubt in her,latoya picked up her smart pen and wrote her mum a goodbye letter,with a bit of emotional mojo,she alighted the glass stairs and walked into the super amazing living area that she was about to leave,no where was safe,she had to leave home,if someone could kill vincent then they could kill her. \"Where have you been?\"Lucas asked her as she walked towards him and micheal \"I had to write my mum a letter,where exactly is the safe house lucas?\" Lucas sighed and answered\"its my mums private work station,its under the sea so no one expects it\" Latoya's mouth was agape,maybe her dad had his own work station. \"From today we can't be seen until its safe enough,the safe house is in utah,so we are gonna have new I'd's\"micheal informed them. \"We get you\" \"Let's dispose our phones and anything that can lead anyone to us,there's someone out there,maybe even a group of people who want us dead and if we are to keep the people we love safe,nobody can know were we are\" \"School?\" \"What about school\"micheal asked latoya \"They are gonna notice we absent\" Lucas chuckled\"we've taken care of that already;we hacked into our schools database and sent files regarding our permission signed from the government\" \"Okay\"latoya answered as she walked to the back seat of micheals car. Lucas walked beside her and just before they got to the car door,he grabbed her by the arm\"will you be okay Lats?\" \"Yes I will as long as you both stay alive\"she answered him with tears in her eyes....she was leaving the chicago she had known for life...its called \"CHANGE\".....................

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