The magic and the lad triology,moons of the spark

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Alstair avery was born in ancient england,he was born in an era were magicians were widely accepted,until a sorcerer killed the kings only son,alastair had to leave drinian,the only home he had known since he was a boy,his best friend robin accompanying him,then again the king gets ill of a strange illness,that as prescribed by his physician,only magic could heal,alastair hears of it and decides to help,can he find the moons of the spark,can he help the king,can he return hope for magicians,find out in this amazing triology,book 1..."moons of the spark"

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The magic and the lad triology,moons of the spark

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Submitted: April 12, 2013



The sun shone brightly against the castle walls giving it its only source of light,alastair avery walked side by side with his best friend robin and abelena,daughter of the king. \"my brother returns today\"abelena informed them as they approached the west gates,her silky hair turning a pale brown.\"people of drinian\"robin said getting in front of both alastair and abelena,who had thrown their heads back in laughter,they knew what he was doing,he was mimicking abelenas father,the king.\"That was good\"alstair said cheering his friend,as they both walked on in silence.\"so what have you done lately in your dwindling department of sorcery\"abelena inquired from alastair,he was a magician and half the town knew it,infact no one hid it,unlike in camelot were magic was forbidden,here in drinian it was acceptable,and they had the sorcerylympics,alastair had always dreamt of winning it when he was older,his dad had won it too and his mum came second place,that was how both they actually met. \"it just needs some more work\"alastair said,defending himself,he knew both abelena and robin would laugh at him,if he said he wasnt getting hold of it,if true terms were to be spoken of,alastair was the weakest magician in the whole of drinian,he couldnt do common levitation and last week when he tried,he ended up setting the store house ablaze,but he had a good heart,an at the tender age of sixteen,he knew what he wanted,and how to get it,though it seemed like it was a far away dream,he knew he would win the sorcerylympics someday,he knew he would become a strong magician,he remembered vividly,the day he had tried to go in for the sorcerylympics,jynior category,and he had smashed the castle bell on his fathers head in front of the whole town,they laughed at him for days,months and maybe years,but his dream of becoming a sorcerylympic champion,stood still even amidst ridicule,in some ways alastair was jealous of robin,his dad was the kings advisor while robin himself was the greatest teenage swordsman in drinian,they had both become friends through alastairs mum who was a palace servant,abelena on the other hand became their friend cause they were the only ones her age you could find in the castle which she was restricted to,but she soon grew to like them,more than she could comprehend.The chimming of the palace bells awoke alastair from his thoughts as he shook startled,it was a three chime,that meant danger and that everyone should assemble at the castle square,\"what could have happened\"alastair asked no one in particular as all three of them hastened their steps to get to the castle square.\"abelena,your dather wants you\"a voice said from behind them,it was robins dad,he stood between two guards,\"but im going to the square already\"she replied\"he wants you now!!\"robins dad replied,guards take her,escort her to her father,dont let her leave your sight or you would have yourselves to blame.\"yes sir\" the guards chorused in unision,as mr peterson stood between his son and alastair whom he had taken as his second son,\"dad what happened?\"robin asked a bit scared,his father didnt answer,until they had gotten to the entrance to the castle square,\"the prince has just been a sorcerer\".........

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