Trampled rose

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Rita carex is a happy 23 year old,she is a model,widely acclaimed,then she meets him,the one guy that seemed perfect,little did she know that he was her doom..

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Trampled rose

Submitted: February 28, 2013

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Submitted: February 28, 2013



Elizabeth carex rolled smoothly the wheels of her wheelchair along the glass floors as she inspected the carex mansion,from the living area,to the dining,then the ballroom and finally the rooms which were over twenty seven in number.each room had its own mini-living area,not like these were the only parts of the mansion,but this was probably the only part she would be needing for the family reunion that the carex family held annualy. At sixty,elizabeth had achieved a great feat in life,such a feat that at times people emphasized on the fact that she had probably embezzled money when she was governor of los angeles,but it was not so,elizabeth had struggled through life like everyone else,infact even worse,she went into politics at a time when everyone else considered it to be absurd and stupid for women,even her own husband thought so,and when she had lost him twenty years ago,she knew she had to go through life alone.But she had tried her best and it payed off,her only son micheal was an acclaimed lawyer in england,while her other daughter fransisca \"fran\" for short was a well known medical doctor in mexico,infact she had actually married a mexican,a marriage that elizabeth herself didnt agree to but when she met miguel.she herself wanted to have the company of someone so nice,so in the real sense,she obliged to the marriage.And her last daughter rita,was truly her pride,though she wasnt like centralized in a professional field,but she was a model and not just any model but one known in the nook and crannys of los angeles,well not really everyone but in a lot of places. Elizabeth was more than excited,the family reunion hadnt held in the last seven years because of the state of her health,but it was gonna hold this week,a time that the whole family thought was suitable to make up for the seven years lost. But rita carex,something happened at the reunion.something like \"fate\"..something that changed her life forever

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