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Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Long Nights Work

Submitted: April 22, 2013

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Submitted: April 22, 2013




I sighed, the breeze running through my messy hair as I sat on the roof of a mausoleum, finally sitting down from a long night's work. I didn't exactly sign up for my, ah, occupation, and tonight had been a particularly busy one. I had to escort five different people to their final destinations and I still had a gig with my band.

But I was seriously tired, and there was a swimming and swirling feeling in my stomach that made me on guard, eyes roaming, searching for any unwanted visitors. What am I anxious for?  I wondered. I shook my head to clear my confused mind, replacing the unpleasant feeling with thoughts of taking a quick nap. That's when my pain in the ass of a Watcher showed up. I cast my tired eyes up at her and she crossed her arms and stared at me until I said something.

"What?" I asked with contempt.

"Get up. We have another job." She said, straight forward as always.

"What? I thought we were finished!" I groaned. I don't particularly hate my job, some days it can even be fun, but I, by no means, want to spend all my time ending people.

"Don't argue, just do it." she barked, but to guarantee I went, she sweetened the deal, and with a flip of her long silvery hair, said, "I swear if you hurry up, you'll be able to make it to your concert. Plus, it’s your favorite type: an assassination!"

I really did like assassinations. The thrill of watching the assassin plot his murder, then wait patiently for the moment to strike… the rush it gave was worth the time spent waiting to escort the victim to his/her judgment.

"… Fine. Just one couldn't hurt." I stood and, running a hand over my face and through my dark hair, stretched my inky wings, my feathers rustling in the wind after being stuck to my back for a while.

"Let's fly." I said, jumping off the roof and gliding silently up toward the stars and to my next job, blending easily into the dark sky. Yes, this night would be long and the feeling I had in my stomach only increased my unease. Something was about to happen and I didn't know what so I decided to brush it off...but I didn't know how much more problematic my life would become.

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