An Allstar Weekend Fan Fic Love Triangle

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Childhood friends...I was invited to go on tour with them Zach told me he loved me so he told me so we started going out. Cameron was acting weird around me i sort of got the feeling that he liked me. But in the end who do i end up with i mean i love them both but i had to choose Zach or Cameron?

1. Get a Boyfriend

2. Find out that my best friend from when i moved, Cameron Quiseng loves me.

3. Fall in love with Cameron WHILE still dating Zach

4. Having to choose between the two.
How it began

My name is Sarah Min and my best friends are in a band called Allstar Weekend. Zachary and Cameron are closer to me than Nathan and Michael. We met when i moved in the house next to Cameron I was 12 and he was 13. We hung out all of the time underneath the willow tree. We goofed around and i was with them when they had their first single album ever. I was with them when they were signed with Hollywood Records. Now I'm 18 and he's 19. I'm so excited that they asked me to go on tour with them.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - How It Began

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Submitted: May 24, 2011



Sarah's POV

"Well can i go on tour with them pleasseeee?" Trying to convince my parents to let me go on tour with them is really hard to do. "What about your grades?" my mother asked. She was always concerned with my grades.

A+ across the board

"You can go as long as you continue your school work and good grades when you get back." she said.

"YA" Cameron and I high-fived each other and the band high-fived each other too.

I started to pack my things and then we went on our way. When we got in the car i sat in the back in between Cameron and Zach.

"So now it time to head to the hotel." Cameron said.

They helped me with my bags and brought them up to the room. Cameron, Michael, and Nathan went to get some food. Zach came over and sat down next to me.

"Hey, I have a question for you" he asked sort of nervous.

"Sure, Zach, What's on your mind?"

Zach's POV

I've been friends with Sarah ever since she moved next to Cameron's house when she was 12. I have had a crush on her ever since i first saw her. I have been good at hiding my feelings but i think that she is starting to get suspicious. How do I tell her I mean i know Cameron likes her but i really do to! I will ask her if she has any feelings for him.

"I was wondering i..if you had any feelings um... for Cameron.?"

Sarah's POV

Crap why was he asking me this question? I mean yes i love Zach i sort of had a small crush on him ever since i moved into the neighborhood. I could tell he was sort of hesitant when he asked me this question. I never really got the feeling that he liked me. I like Cameron but i liked Zach just a little bit more.

"Well, i don't really think that i do because i love someone else."

"Oh," he said. I could see the disappointed in his face. "But.. do you want to know who the other person is?"

Zach said, " i guess so" still disappointed.

Why the heck did he look so upset.

"Well the other person is.."

Then the guys came back into the room and started jumping on the beds like 5 year olds.

"We can continue the conversation later ok?" I said to him as Nathan fell off of the bed.

"Hey," Cameron said as he was walking toward me. " Can i ask you something?"

"Sure? i guess so"

'Ok good i will just tell them were going to go get some dessert."

The we got into the van and started on our way about half way there he decided to turn off the music that was playing from the radio.

"Soooo," he said and looked really nervous. I think that i could tell what he was going to ask me next…

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