Destroying Hearts

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It was the Fourth of July and 17 year old Farrah and her little sister, Catrina's Family were having a get together, but when her devious cousin, Ammara has the great idea of watching the fireworks in the neighbors bean field, it all went down hill. The girl's Uncle David escaped from Prison to get his revenge on their Family for getting him thrown in Jail for the rest of his life after raping Farrah as a young girl. David is destined to get his hands on Farrah and this time, never let her go. David has been spying on Farrah for the longest time now and when he see's her in the field, he automatically see's his change to get her back, and when Farrah decides that the girls should take the road home, David has the perfect opportunity to snatch her up. Ammara and Catrina get away perfectly unharmed, but what happens to Farrah? Will she survive the twist and turns of her new life or will it be more then she can handle?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Deal

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Submitted: July 07, 2013



I remember how I would always watch horror movies with my family when I was young. I never really thought all of those things were real. The murdering and the kidnapping. Well, I guess I was wrong. Dead wrong.............

I didn't know if I should scream. Was it necessary? Would I get in trouble? I didn't exactly care at the moment, so I let it out because the water was really cold!

My older brother, Kale was squirting me with a water gun while my little sister, Catrina hit me with a water balloon.

I stopped and stood with my hands on my hips and glared at the both of them.

"You guys need to grow up sometime, you know that right? " I asked as they ran away laughing. I could tell they knew I was aggravated, but I could also tell they didn't care.

I stopped to notice my surroundings. I took a deep, enduring breath to take in the wonderful smell of summer. I inhaled the smell of hamburgers that my dad was cooking on the grill and the roses from my mom's garden sweeping up into the summer breeze and the smell of chlorine from our pool in the backyard. Summer was my favorite time of year. All the kids swimming, vacations, and most importantly, no school.

I turned around from thinking and there was my cousin, Ammara. I haven't seen her in while, so I gave her an overly dramatic hug and it seemed to last forever.

"Farrah! How have you been?  I haven't seen you in like, a life time!" Ammara asked anxiously, flipping her short red hair.

"Well, I'm doing fine. How are you?" I asked not as anxiously because she was a bit more outgoing then I was.

"I've been so busy this summer! With gymnastics and cheer, I fairly have time for myself! I mean come on now! How am I suppose to do all this? I'm just one girl! Oh, do you know what would be amazing? It what be awesome if there were three of me, I mean one for gymnastics and one for cheer and then one so I could relax all day without a care in the world!" she explained jubilantly while I fairly listened, as usual, because she goes on and on about things that are way of topic.

"Foods ready kids!" I heard my dad yell from the garage where we were going to eat. I was relieved for two very obvious reasons. One was because I was hungry and two was because Ammara would finally shut up! I love her, but she can get on the annoying side.

After eating, all the kids jumped in the pool, but it was quite deviant because Ammara dragged me out right when I jumped in.

"Come on. I need to talk to you," she said as she pulled me up the spiraled stairs which lead to my bedroom. The stairs always use to remind me of a snake coiled in the sun when I was younger.

She shoved me in my bedroom and closed the door.

"Why did you drag me clear up here?" I demanded. I was so confused.

"Since it's the Fourth of July, I think we should watch the fireworks,"  she said with a fair grin on her face.

"We are remember? In the pool with the whole family." I said back slowly so she could understand me.

"No. You and I should watch the fireworks in the bean field," she explained with fire in her eyes.

"You mean by Old Man Frank's house?" I asked, trying to comprehend her sentence.

"Yep, that's the one."

"Why would you want to do that? We'll get in trouble." I stated icily.

"Because, it's an open field and I heard the view was great, and plus, we won't get into trouble! Have we ever got in trouble together?" Ammara asked rolling her green eyes.

"Yes. A lot."

"Oh come on, Please? They won't even know were gone!" she pleaded, now down on her knees.

"I don't think it's a good idea, I mean what if something happens?" I asked, crossing my legs.

"Nothing will happen. We'll go after dark, watch a few and slip back before anyone knows were gone. Come on, pretty please, for me?" she pleaded some more.

"Alright! Just so you'll shut up, but I'm warning you, nothing stupid." I tried to make myself sound clear.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! You won't regret it! I promise!" she celebrated, jumping up and down.

When the deal was made, we walked back down the stairs and back to the party.

"I love you so much!" Ammara said hugging me, overjoyed.

"Yeah, well you know there's a thing called peer pressure and your pretty good at doing it!" I said, smiling.

We both laughed a little. I tried to make my laugh sound real because I really wasn't happy with what we were doing.

 "Hey, remember how creepy Uncle Dave was before he got thrown in jail? Thank God he isn't here tonight!" Ammara stated as we sat on our swing set.

"How could I forget?" I said trying to hide the discouragement in my tone of voice.

Our Uncle Dave was my father's brother and he was a creep for many reasons. There are too many reasons to explain, but one reason, the worst reason of all was this: when I was little, my mother asked him to give me a bath when he was staying with us after his wife kicked him out of the house. I'm sure Mom trusted him at the time and so did I. That was a big mistake. You could only imagine the awful things he did. All I remembered was that my dad was absolutely enraged. I always used to ask myself: why was I the only one he tried it with? Ammara and I are the same age....... I just---- didn't understand. At all. I remembered how badly my father wanted to kill him. He was so angry for so many years, but now, I think everyone has forgotten since it has been almost thirteen years ago. Now I'm seventeen and nothing really seems to matter.

"Hey guys, what are you doing?" my thirteen year old sister, Catrina asked coming around the corner. Catrina is a good kid, but I think she's starting to act like Ammara more and more each day and trust me, you don't want that.

"Hey girl, do you want to go watch the fireworks in Frank's bean field tonight, with me?" Ammara asked smiling.

"Would I? Sure thing!" she stated back, excitedly.

Great. I thought, rolling my eyes.

"Are you going, too? Catrina asked looking at me, hopefullly.

I let out a sigh and said, "I guess so."

"Alright! It's settled then!" Ammara shouted while she jumped up and did a back-hand spring.

"This is going to be great!"

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