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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: March 02, 2008

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Submitted: March 02, 2008



Chapter 2

Location: New York City, 1930
Date: November 29
Time: 7:26 PM

Immediately after Shameus had agreed to be Francois's hit man, he was handed a large bag of money. Francois had told him that there was two-hundred dollars in the bag. Two-hundred dollars!! That was an unfathomable amount of money!
Francois instructed Shameus to go to the Paradox Hotel, just around the corner from the house they were in. Francois wanted to see Shameus that night at 7:30 sharp.
And now it was 7:26. Shameus left the hotel and knocked on the door to the Fortune Booth. At first, nobody answered, but after a minute, the door opened, Francois appeared in the same suit as he had been in that morning.
"Ah, Shameus, you came at the right time," He said cheerfully, "Please, come in! I will get to you right away after I finish predicting this fortune."
Shameus walked into the house and was led up the stairs in the back of the house.
The stairs were almost too dark for Shameus; he fled as if the dark shadows would jump out at him and drag him down to some shadow land!
When they reached the top, they were in a hallway with a door at the end. Shameus stood by the wall while Francois went through the door.
Five minutes passed and a woman walked out of the door, looking quite shocked. It's her business, not mine, Shameus thought as she walked down the stairs. Shameus heard her open and close the door down the stairs and he knew it was safe to pass through the door.
Before he could get to the door, Francois opened the door and beckoned Shameus to come in. Shameus followed the command and walked right into the room.
The room was almost pitch black. In the center of the room were a table and two seats with a light dangling over it. If it were not for the light on top of the table, the room would be dark. Francois led Shameus to the table and they each took a seat.
"So, Francois, what is it that you need me to do?" Shameus asked, taking off his coat and putting it on the chair.
"We're trying to rid you of your past troubles, so tonight; you should be targeting someone of your past."
Shameus felt his gut twist and flip around inside him. "Who might we be targeting?"
Francois grinned. "How about we start with your ex-wife?"
Shameus almost threw up from the nervousness he felt. "Must it be her?"
"She left you for your best friend. You should get revenge on BOTH of them!"
Shameus sighed. He remembered this tragedy. It was the reason he was the train wreck that he was. "Alright, where is she?" he asked.
"She is at the theater twenty-seven blocks from here. I have tickets to her performance tonight," He reached into his pocket and pulled up a ticket and slid it across the table to Francois, "After the show, you wait by the back ally where the performers exit. She usually leaves last. Get here then and there."
"With what?"
Francois grinned wider. He bent down and picked up a wrapped sheath. "Use this machete."
Shameus blinked blankly. "A machete?! You want me to use that!?"
Francois nodded.
Shameus grumbled. He hastily took the machete and began to leave. He then stopped. "Francois, I won't be just killing those who betrayed me, will I?"
Francois chuckled. "If you only did that, the authorities would tie it all to you. So the answer is yes. You will be doing and killing as I say."

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