Noboraska island: 2

Book by: CanadiansKid24


Jaqunia sails home to notify about the towns people about his incredible discovery. Immediately notified to government. Early research was done, only not find out years later of an un expected upheaval change.

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Chapter1 (v.1) - Noboraska island: 2

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Jaqunia sails home to notify about the towns people about his incredible discovery. Immediately notified to government. Early research was done, only not find out years later of an un expected upheaval change.

By the way apologies for the blink spaces, supposed to be images but the website would not past it.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 31, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 31, 2014



Chapter 2


Jacqunia had arrived back in Cherbourg he told his tale to the town folk. Soon the news of his strange tale spread to the government of the French republic in Paris. Jacqunia was asked to come to speak at a press conference held in the Champe De Mars Park located by the Eiffel Tower. Agreeing to go Jacqunia purchased an express train ticket to Paris. He was announced by the Prime minister of France to step up on stage to the microphone podium. A massive crowd all look on as Jacqunia delivers his story. Jacqunia was wearing his best wool beige jacket suit, a pressed white long sleeve dress shirt and a black tie. Jacqunia spoke into the many microphones and told his story of the storm and how he found the strange island. Once he was done his tale he asked, “Are there any questions?” A female journalist standing in the front row raised her hand. Jacqunia pointed to her for approval. “Do you have any identification to the islands location?” she asked. “I marked the compass coordinates on my world map.” Jacqunia answered. Jacqunia points to a man three rows behind raising his hand.

“What was the culture on the island and do you know how it got its name?” 

“I did not come across any mark that identified the island’s heritage; just plants, water and the single finger printing of the name, nothing else.” The third question was.

“No animal life?”

“No Sir, didn’t even hear a sound of a bird call.”

A woman raised her hand to ask. “Would you recommend any settlers or travellers go to the island, and would you allow it to be a part of France?” Jacqunia couldn’t answer the question immediately. He paused to think of the question. “Neither.” The people gasped gossiping to each other. The president hushed the crowd to allow Jacqunia to continue. “I believe the island should be claimed by France however they should ban all access to the island”. “For an island with so much amity, deserves to stay in amity, but I do demand answers for the hand writing” he stated.

Jacqunia thanked while the crowd applauded him. Following much debate in the French parliament a French government law was passed. French Prime Minister, Jean Bellevue sent French archeologist over to study the writing, “Noboraska.” Despite the law many an adventurer had headed out into the Atlantic hoping to find the island. Over thirty five percent of citizens were arrested for trespassing by the end of 1922.




For the discovery newly unidentified island Noboraska. We advise all Citizens of all around the world are forbidden from any visitation to Noboraska. A heavy fine of $ 2000 and jail time await any trespasser.


In an Interview stated in national radio he had a predicted definition of the word “Noboraska.”


 “The term Noboraska is a word told in stories throughout the decades of ancient Egypt. The term was described as another meaning for peace without harm. There is some evidence that the word came in to describe by arch angle Elizabeth.  The only evidence which lead us to this case was a storyline discovered in a pyramid telling the story of the Pharaoh, Elridos Gunera.”  


Multiple searches from police authorities scanned the Island Still, same results, no human, no animals, no insects, just grass, plants, trees and water. Jacqunia was asked again about citizens settling on the island. “No the Island must stay in peace.”

Jacqunia was awarded over $350, 000, 000 for his discovery. Despite his award, Jacqunia did not take an advantage of that money to retire. He continued to do the work he enjoyed. 

 He would work until the day came where Jacqunia find himself falling ill forcing him to retire from the fishing industry. Knowing he was nearing his end. But Jacqunia is visited by his brother Nefaranio who is just coming home from a two week visit in Egypt. Nefaranio was looking exhausted from his three day boat travel home. Nefaranio was an archeologist who studied the artifacts from the heroic history of Ancient Egypt’s past. Jacqunia warmly welcomed his brother home however it was with a touch of sadness.

“My dearest brother Nefaranio” said Jacqunia, “It gladdens my heart to see you but I do have some sad news.” “I’ve just recently been informed of my recent test results, I am diagnosed with tuberculosis.” He said to his brother Nefaranio. Nefaranio has come over to visit Jacqunia as they sat together in the living room in his apartment. His apartment was like a rich mansion. The couch violet fabric stood behind the grand window looking out at distance view of the small town of Cherbourg. Jacqunia is in snuggled in his white and dark blue stripe pajamas.

“I’m sorry, is there anything the doctor can do.” Nefaranio ask in deep concern. “The doctor says there’s no cure, I only have little time left before I open the gates to heaven.” Jacqunia said.

“Is there anything I can do?” Nefaranio asks. Jacqunia paused.

“Oh the friendly generous things a brother can do. Confront, tell stories of our past. Please tell me about your trip to Egypt and what do you have in the box?” Nefaranio reached below his knees for small wooden treasure chest box.” “My brother, I give you the wish maker.” He said taking out a rock sized red crystal from the chest.

“The storyline claimed it was Elridos Gunera the same very night of his wife’s death.” Nefaranio explains. Jacqunia observes the crystal. “Brother, you wouldn’t mind if I can have it for keeps?” Jacqunia wonders.

“I don’t see why not. It a shame other people won’t buy which be the real artifact.” Nefaranio said. Jacqunia wished his brother farewell who exits out the door. He told him he would come by to visit tomorrow. Jacqunia sat in his chair while he stared at the crystal while he pondered.  

It was not long until the next day Jacqunia went missing. Nothing was found explaining his disappearance, leaving no trace to where he could possibly be. All Nefaranio said was he seen Jacqunia yesterday when he visited. His boat was nowhere in sight from the fishing docks. First the folks though he was out on his regular dawn fishing shift. It was when the thoughts became suspicious. Rescue searchers scanned the possible area Jacqunia would venture. When Nefaranio said he had tuberculosis people thought he travelled to take the clear night in his boat and perhaps capsized and drowned.


It’s now s cool June third of 1924, a crowded Arosa Line cruise ship. The entire crowd gathered around on the deck, laughing, drinking Champaign, helping themselves to the delights offered by the ship crew, but a boy standing alone at the ledge of the cruise ship. The boy is holding a craved Brachiosaurus tapping it on the ledge of the bar. The boy is wearing grey wool shorts, a white dress shirt and a black tie, over was a beige wool sweater, black polished leather shoes, and his dark red socks reached just below his knee calves. His long blond hair swayed with the breeze, his bright green, his body is slender. Eyes are lighter than a maple leave reflected under the sunlight.

“Thomas, how many times have I told you step away from the railing!” the boy’s mother called. The mother had on a fox fur coat and a belt around her waist. Her hair is brown short, curly, eyes are dark gray, and her skin is fair white.

She is standing with a man who he had on a grey leather fabric suit and pants. His short black hair is combed to the right, hazel eyes, and same skin tone is the women. They were the parents of the boy by the ledge.  

The boy ignored her and stares out at the water reflection from the full moon.

“Please honey, let Thomas have his fun.” The man said.

The mother of Thomas walks over to him.

“Thomas did you hear what I said, come away from the railing.” She tugged on his sleeve.

“Mom stop I’m fine.” Thomas said fighting her.

“Yes honey you need to loosen up a bit, were on vacation.” The father added joining them. “There is no need for you to be those people take worrying as something to do, which leads to nowhere.”

“But, hon, all I’m doing is protecting Thomas.” Thomas’s mom said.

“Mom, Dad, I know what somebody I’m going to be.” Thomas said.

“What is that particular somebody you want to be?” his father asked.

“A somebody like you Dad, one day become a leader for npwas.” Thomas exclaimed showing him his toy brachiosaurus.

“Is that so.” His father said.

“I can picture myself in the future, carrying the successful business, like giving a flaming torch to a helping hand when you can’t travel any further.” Thomas explained.

His mother and father chuckles, “Thomas, your mom and I can picture you being a great leader one day, you have the right personalities for one.” His father told him. Thomas just grinned.

Up in the bridge the helmsman is disturbed by a buzzing flashing red light on the control board.

“Captain, we seem to be having technical difficulties with the engine. The captain walked over the flashing light turning it off.

“Are we near any land location?” the captain enquired. “Nothing showing up on the….no wait I’m retrieving something in the radar sir,” The sailor pointing to a green figure in the radar screen. The figure is showing up on the left of the screen.

“Decrease the speed by ten; keep down south until we reach the figure. I’ll go down to announce the update to our passengers.” The captain said. The captain walks onto the deck notifying the passengers they need to make an emergency stop.

“An emergency stop,” Thomas said.

“It’s going to be okay.” His mother wrapped her arm around him. Thomas rested his head by her side.

The ship maintains control as two sailors got into a safety boat. One uses the paddles heading towards the island after receiving orders by the captain to go find any help on the island. The two reach the beach shore. A sailor lead the way with a flash light pointing it into the trees while other leading behind pulling the safety boat on shore. “Never been anywhere so quiet before.” One comments on the forest scenery. Another sailor calls out for anyone present on the island. Deeper into the forest the one is distracted by an object lying in front of their pathway. It was an oval shaped egg lying unattended.

“I put the egg down if I were you.” A sailor warned. The other sailor places the egg on the ground. “Never know where the mother is nor what breed it’s from.”

“But does this possibly not look like any breeding egg we see today?” The other sailor asks. “I mean we need to report this. Also this island bring me to more caution of we don’t belong here.” The sailors scanned their surroundings. No call from an animal, no moving figure in their rage, only the sound wind blowing in the night. “Show it to the captain.” One suggested. Thomas could not unglue his eyes off the island image. His stood with his mom and Dad frozen in his muscles hugging his brachiosaurus toy. A little boy who seemed to be around his age approaches him. His brown wool pants are tucked in white socks. Black shiny shoe slippers and a raspberry red color jacket. His short brown hair was combed and gelled completely flat. His skin was semi dark. He had little freckles on both cheeks. 

“You like dinosaurs?” he asked Thomas. Thomas nods.

“Your favourite is the brachiosaurus?”

 Thomas nods again.


“So do I, what’s your name?”


“My name is Jose. I moved to Boston, Massachusetts from Havana Cuba, my father is the captain of this ship is Cuban. Where are you from?” Thomas was able to show a slight smile when he said.

“I’m from Boston too.”

Thomas and Jose’s conversation is interrupted when the sailors returned to with the one carrying the egg in their hands. The sailor carrying the egg sets it on the dock while people are shocked speechless when the first saw the egg. “No one go near it.” He warns to the passengers. The captain showed up on the scene with all the passengers all clustered in a group circle around the egg. The captain made his way through the crowd examining the egg. “I know what it is poppa.” Jose called out to him. “You do?” he checks. “It’s an egg from a prehistoric dinosaur!” He answered. The passengers gasp. “He is right, look at the oval shape.” Thomas agreed. “Where on the island did you find it?”

“It was sitting alone in our pathway.” A sailor answered him. “So what do we do know captain?” the captain looked at the egg until he was approached by Thomas’s dad. “First off I highly advise if I were you I’d leave it on the island.” he suggested.

“Hold it sir I am the captain, I am the one who give the orders.” The captain interrupted pointing a finger at Thomas’s father.

“Pardon me captain, Mr. Peter M. Hillenburg, head executive of the National Prehistoric Association System industry I highly advise it is the right thing to do and have authorities reported about the scenario.” Thomas’s father states.






The captain said gave up his argument and agreed. In matter three weeks flow by the calendar the new Law was stated after US and the French presidents agreed to sign the “Noboraska Act” on June 19, 1924 is confirmed to have full rights to own federal laws of the island.




After the unidentified case of the reported prehistoric egg Noboraska is now prohibited to allow people only under a science employment ID. They need to sign an agreement term to state their research and number people who will be a part of the research and their max stay. If you are caught touring the island will receive a maximum fine of $2,000 unless there are with someone who is under a science research study.


After ten years the population had increased. Scientist have identified the egg was accurate leading into a Triassic period population. In 1932 a report was realised the dinosaurs names and all which was said to have millions of years in the Triassic. And animal doctor Neil bird from San Francisco who studied the animals behavioural actions by comparing to species today.


1932 Population Report have been

Platosaurus…………………………………………………… Late Triassic 25

Desmatosuchus……………………………………………. Late Triassic 24

Lystrosaurus…………………………………………………  Middle Triassic 22

Lagosuchus…………………………………………………..  Middle Triassic 25

Cynogthaus………………………………………………….  Early Triassic 23



Total Triassic population – 119


Biologist Neil Bird studied the behaviour of the Triassic animals and wrote a blog which was published by the San Francisco Times years in the Mesozoic to the Noboraska appearance.


“During my time I got to witness a breed of which appeared to be a nest full of Platosaurus’s. They were already hatched I stayed near the eggs in a safe distance to observe them. The infants cried but I was immediately alarmed when I saw the caregiver return to its young. Believe it or not it was not a mother with an appearance of the same species! It was a Lystrosaurus feeding the young’s.


It’s impossible for Lystrosaurus to be able to produce a whole different species of it mated with another species of its own kind. Nor have I ever seen for say a Baltimore oriole feeding an earth warm to a nest of baby Red Robins. Did the Lystrosaurus now that Platosaurus’s had no parents of the same kind, you would at expect animals to be intelligent to know how to raise their own young’s which was produced and having the same DNA.

But my studies don’t end there. I, with restraint watch noticed another nest has hatched. The babies’ hatchlings appeared to be around three weeks old.  They appeared to one day grow into perilous group of Cynogthaus. I again kept a close eye to see the same result no one showed. Night came and still no caregiver showed. I kept an eye on that nest for another two weeks to notice the babies have learned to walk on their feet. But the problem is, they were never feed anyone food or water and the still were growing with no issues?

I had only three more days out of my three days on my four an half weeks on my agreement. In those span of three those little infants were walking out and staying close to each other near the nest. How did they survive with no any feeding time? Why?”



Science studies were shut down in 1939 for six years due to world war two. Once the 1950’s rolled around a new change in the period happened when the law was once again active. The news made global headlines.






Early Jurassic change period of dinosaurs reported have been seen


Scelidosaurus………………………………… Early Jurassic- 20

Ceratosaurus…………………………………… Late Jurassic 19  

Archaeopteryx…………………………………  Late Jurassic- 23

Camarasaurus……………………………………. Late Jurassic- 18

Ornitholestes………………………………. Late Jurassic- 19

Compsognathus…………………………….  Late Jurassic- 17  

Megalosaurus…………………………. Middle Jurassic- 14

Stegosaurus………………………………….. Late Jurassic- 16

Brachiosaurus………………………………. Late Jurassic- 15  

Dilophosaurus……………………………… Early Jurassic – 10





Total Jurassic Population-  170








By biologist Mary Bond from London, Ohio on June 18, 1958 on the result, “No abnormal affect in the eukaryotic organisms in each found tree cells. Only difference is for the growth development is only 1.04 percent of the trees were not dug up at fossils calming as Mesozoic era trees. As the wish maker to be described as wish making could have had a risk on effecting the growth of trees and the cell growth, but the ecosystems development. Did we predict Jacqunia to be a hundred percent if this is what he has granted?”








“The low precipitation level is due to the in the begging of the Mesozoic era. Not only was the Triassic the first existence of mammals and dinosaurs it was the direst period early developed dinosaurs were able to adapt to these hot conditions. Now we are asking ourselves. Is the crystal the cause?”


_ John St. Clair, Louisville Kentucky






 “Temperature is warm to a degree like other tropical islands. It decreases in the winter, stays average in the spring and Increases to hot in the summer. If a crystal can direct the islands humanity, then what are the beliefs that a crystal can’t do?”


  • Georges Domine, meteorologists, Marseille, France.








The E. H. S. (Environmental, Health, System.) located in Bemidji, Minnesota recorded the perception in presents of rain each month. Each individual from the company returned only to find the results are a similar percentage to the result of the Jurassic.


“If the prediction is the crystal, is there a piece like a center core that can reprocess the birth of these admired species.” – EHS CEO Scott Hobart.



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Noboraska island: 2 Noboraska island: 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction



Jaqunia sails home to notify about the towns people about his incredible discovery. Immediately notified to government. Early research was done, only not find out years later of an un expected upheaval change.

By the way apologies for the blink spaces, supposed to be images but the website would not past it.

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