Noboraska Island: chapter 4-5

Book by: CanadiansKid24


After the incident of the Wild Life. Resource Department. The Npwas system is about to make the first risk taker on two chosen scientist by the CEO.

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After the incident of the Wild Life. Resource Department. The Npwas system is about to make the first risk taker on two chosen scientist by the CEO.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter 4



The law never made another change to this day on June 28, 1984. It prevented 84% of scientist to do further research. No affects to Paleontologist Dr. Leroy Handerbond, a 45 year old works out of Green bay, Wisconsin. Leroy was with five other paleontologists, they have spent two and half day digging through in a narrow area that used may have used to be a stream but has dried up. Signing the agreement he was so determined nearly he threatened to go against the allegations of the US law.

Their camp base is set up there with a camping trailer with computer technology inside with control bottoms, radio communicator, computer screen, and a desk with many different tools. Three tents lined up with each other, two logs are lined side by side with a camp fire in between.

 Leroy usually wears white shorts with a belt, grey steeled toed boats and a plain black shirt tucked in with his shorts and his beige white paleontologist hat when at work. Leroy has hazel green eyes, and wavy blond hair, and lightly tanned skin. His body has a slender weight size nearing six ft. despite his smoking habits.

“Dr. Handerbond”, called Roy, one of his group members walking up to Leroy as they were packing away the tools after a long day’s work. The group had dug up a large hole which is almost looking like a mini trench.

“We have been searching in this area for quite some time now and have found nothing but dirt and stones, any other plans?” he asked.

Leroy responded “Will comb this area for another day. If not we will move on. My advice to you is do not think about giving up. If you think about giving up it will just make all hopes lost. We came here for one reason. Take the opportunity of the government law to come home successful or die we trying, is that clear Roy?” Roy nodded “Yes Mr. Handerbond.”

Leroy shouts to the rest of his men. “Gentlemen, get into the trucks let’s take a little drive before sunset, your hard work earned it.” As the men got into the two dark red pickup trucks parked by the trailer and drove off down a trail leading into the forest. As they drove deeper into the forest Leroy sitting in the passenger seat in the truck leading in front of the one behind spots something in the middle of the muddy trail.

“Stop the truck!” He ordered the driver.

The driver pushed down into the brake pedal.

The jeep behind slammed on the brakes with the sudden stop with no warning. Leroy got out from the jeep and ran up the trail to a giant footprint.

“What’s the matter Leroy?” asked one of his men as they followed him. “There’s something big around here at it does not look like it’s too far away,” answered Leroy studying the footprint.

Then he heard a thud out in the distance, it was the sound of loud footsteps increasing. They all stood there with fear when a Carnotaur appears out from the trees and slowly walks up to them. Without out any hesitation the Carnotaur charges towards them.  

The Carnotaur growls a man behind Leroy could not stand to see the sight and ran for the truck. The men slam the doors the Carnotaur looks up to the sky and roars.

“Get to the trucks!” Leroy shouts his orders

 Leroy and the rest of his men run back for the trucks. Both trucks make a sharp turn away from the as it chases Carnotaur's. But then up in front of them appeared another fierce predator. The tyrannosaurus-Rex steps in front of the lead truck. The trucks tries making another sharp turn to its left but the Tyrannosaurus swung its tail like a baseball bat to knock over the truck to its right. 

The truck does four flips before falling left side up.

Leroy in the second truck watch with disgust as the Tyrannosaurus pulls out a man from the flipped over truck.

“Look out!” shouts one of his man from the back seat, but with no time to react the truck goes full speed into an Oak tree front of them, crushing the hood to of the truck shattering the windshield covering the whole front side of the truck, the glass of the front mirror shatters into their faces, and breaks the headlights.

 “Is everyone alright?” Leroy asked as he felt his face he had some cut on his chin, and two on his forehead from the shatter glass trying to .

“I think I dislocated my leg,” moans one in the back seat.

But not too long later both the Carnotaur walk up to their busted truck. All of them sat in there seat still in there staring out there both sides of their blind sides mirrors as they surrounded the vehicle.

 The Carnotaur's leaned his down to pick up the truck from the back end with its aggressive jaws causes the end of the truck to crumble while it lifts the truck off the ground with Leroy and his men still inside.

All of them hung on for their lives from falling off the truck as the Carnotaur is walking through the forest away from the Tyrannosaurus still hanging onto the truck. “This may be crazy but the best thing to do is jump!” Leroy told his men. “I’d rather break a bone then being somebodies entrée!”

But before then get the opportunity the Tyrannosaurus returned and knocked the truck out of the Carnotaur mouth sent the truck falling to the ground.

The truck was flipped back right side up.

Both the Tyrannosaur and the Carnotaur were wrestling with each other. “Now is our chance to escape move!” Leroy says getting out from the passenger seat. Fighting the rush of pain in his legs, Leroy evacuates out the door as it falls off from its hinges The Carnotaur and the Tyrannosaurus continued to fight the each other. “Come on, hurry!” he encouraged the rest of his men to get out of the truck.

But just as soon as they were exiting the truck the Tyrannosaurus backed up and steps on the truck and crushed it. Leroy looked at the truck it was crushed.

Leroy turned his attention away from the truck for a split second watching the Carnotaur and the Tyrannosaurus fading away disappearing into the distance of the forest. Leroy goes over to the other truck that was knocked over. The men inside showed no signs of life like statues, eyes are blood shot and covered with blood stains.

“Oh, God,” He said to himself in terror.


Chapter 5


Dr. Shaun Connerson, 28 year old graduate out of Harvard University, has only been two years since he has started his career as a paleontologist at the N.P.W.A.S. The system is a large round built science centre located near the city of Boston. The top floor is all glass on the outsides which view into the science labs. The narrow hallways have doors built on the left leading into second floor held a telephone operating system contacting science travellers a part of npwas. The third held a scanning room to examine fossils evidence. The dug up ground shaped around the center middle of the Charles River measuring to only half the length beside one of Boston’s oldest bridge, Long fellow bridge.

Npwas serves its purpose to scientist combing areas all over deserted parts of the countries worldwide for fossilized bones. The fossils after once recovered are sent back for further examination before being sent off to museums or archeologist who need missing parts to a skeleton body already in progress.

The telephone lab system is for the boss of npwas to keep in contact of his travelling employees.

Shaun lives in the third floor of room thirty seven in The tower at Long Fellow apartment in downtown Boston its only thirty five minute drive a crossed Long fellow to Memorial drive to get to the entrance parking way to npwas. When Shaun travels he usually wears his beige brown leather jacket, white lightly blue pants, and also wears brown hiking boots standing five and four feet with a scrawny appearance. Ever since he has been going on the constant business trips to dig up fossils, the word you hate to tell a friend on a Friday possible get together, “Sorry not tonight, I’m busy.” The word you hate to say which will prevent you from attending a special event. Shaun has been full of the excuse, “I’m busy.” Not attending to a family get together, holiday events. It has hurt Shaun by every moment when he needed to bail.

It was 7:20 am on a Friday morning, Shaun was on phone with his cousin Kevin’s Mom, asking him when he is going to be off work, “I should be done around five Miss Mevallo,” Shaun said in the phone.

“If I’m not home then just drop him off at my office at the science center…Oh yes I am looking forward to seeing Kevin, his growing up so fast isn’t he, Ok I will see you tonight, take care.” Shaun hung up the phone. He is going to look after his eleven year old cousin Kevin Mevallo this weekend while his parents are out on a weekend trip to New York for their anniversary; he had his twelfth birthday coming up soon.

Kevin has the same interest with Shaun in the prehistoric history.

Shaun always described the relationship with his cousin as a brotherly love friendship.

Kevin the only child in the family, and neither does his parents. Shaun was also the only child in his family and no one having the same interest, until the day Kevin he saw reading a book on Dinosaurs he knew he had someone special. Kevin has a favourite clothes combination; a dark red shit with blue jean shorts. He has short but a bit long, blonde red hair, and he has blue eyes. Shaun walks into the main entrance adjusting buttoning up his white lab coat. His coat read two words on both sides of his breast area. The left read the centers acronym in bold black lettering, “N.P.W.A.S. and on the right reads his name in the same bold sewed letters “Shaun.”

“Morning Miranda,” Shaun said to the secretary behind the front desk 

“Good Morning Dr. Connerson.” She replied with a smile. Shaun pressed the button on the elevator installed to the right the secretary’s desk. From there he walks down a hallway until he approached the door having two office names tags black with gold outlining reading “Dr. Shaun Connerson” and the bottom name tag reading “Dr. Cheryl Harden.”

Then enters the science laboratory with a rectangular design room all painted white from celling to the teal floor expect for the marble counter in the center of the lab. A white blanket sheet covered a half of the 20 width counter where Dr. Cheryl Harden was standing by. Shaun has known Cheryl since the begging of high school. Shaun story of how they met Cheryl when she was sitting under a maple tree minding her business studying the law of physics where Shaun fell off the tree while he was climbing beside her.

“Only a small bump on my head,” Shaun says to Kevin for the first time when he asked him about the fall. Kevin was only six then. Turning twelve in three days, boy does the days of childhood fly by fast.

Cheryl was staring at three fossilized bones on the counter. They all looked to have weighted over twenty pounds. Not by much.

“Good morning, Cheryl.” Shaun says to Cheryl joining her. Cheryl like Shaun graduated out of Harvard University as a paleontologist and started her career as one two years ago she has long Burnet hair down Normally, she would have it tied in a ponytail but today it was touching shoulders and hazel green eyes.

When out travelling she wears a beige t-shirt with beige green pants. She said looking like she is entering into her thirties standing at a healthy weight and a height of six foot.

“Good Morning Shaun.” She replied. “I’m beginning to have second thoughts on the bones they have been sent to us from North Dakota.”

“What second thoughts?” Shaun said.

“I’m looking at the size of the Humerus, tibia, fibula they seem to have mistaken it from an Anklyosaurus.” Shaun takes a look at the bones picking it up the fossilized fibula.

“Did you do any further examinations?”

“I measure the Humerus. It measured around 7.1 meters in length.” Cheryl told him. “The width was only less than 0.3.”

“What are your predictions on the conclusion of this species?” Shaun asked her.

“Judging by its size of bones it has to be a Minmi.” Cheryl predicts. “Much similar to an Anklyosaurus only discovered in 1980.”

“I remember when it was discovered, it was before we were babies. They’ve stated it was one of the first armoured dinosaurs found.”

“Right, I don’t know for fact if it is. It came from North Dakota. It was first found in the woodlands of Australia.”

“What’s the bones due date?”

“On the fifth of July,” Cheryl says. “They just came in this morning. Hillenburg says, they first claim it’s from an Anklyosaurus.”

A knock came from the laboratory door. “Come in,” Cheryl said. The door opened and a man pokes his head through the door. He is wearing a white lab coat with glasses over his brown eyes and hardly had any hair showing on his bald head. Dr. Thomas Hillenburg, the head executive of the N.P.W.A.S.

“Dr. Connerson, Dr. Harden, do you have a minute?” he asked. “Of course Dr. Hillenburg, we were just examining this fossilized bones which we think in the matter is from a Minmi,” Shaun answered. Thomas walked into the room and approached Shaun and Cheryl. “Sorry to interrupt your examination, but first I would like to inform you about a horrible tragedy that occurred last night on Noboraska.” Hillenburg said in a deep tone of voice. “We got a call at our telephone operating room. A group of six paleontologists from Green Bay, Wisconsin, were attacked by both a Tyrannosaurus-Rex and a Carnotaur last night.” Both Shaun’s and Cheryl’s mouths drop in shock but still expecting to hear such an occurrence.

“There was only one survivor from the attack, and that survivor is the one that got a hold of our base, he stated his name as Dr. Leroy Handerbond.”

Hillenburg went on. “But that’s not all I come to inform, so now I’m going cut to the chase, Leroy needs some replacements.”  

“Wait Mr. Hillenburg, you are telling me and Cheryl that you want us to go as a replacement out to Noboraska to help a man named Leroy Handerbum.” 

“Handerbond,” Cheryl corrected him. “Sorry Handerbond, who is the only survivor of Tyrannosaurus and Carnotaur attack.”

“That is my request.” Thomas requested

Shaun said can’t understand why he would send people like him and Cheryl who have not been under the system for five years. “Look, Thomas, I just don’t think we are ready for that type of situation yet, plus remember the day when we were first hired. You told us you refused to let any of us set a foot on the clean soils of that island.” Cheryl added. “But on the other hand it will be sinful to leave someone in need.”  

Hillenburg walked to the world map behind him near the door. “I did indeed make a promise to my father before he past when I took over the responsibility of his business thirty years ago ,. But as Cheryl said my father taught leaving someone in need of assistance when I was very young. He asked me, Thomas, would you ever ignore a person you saw drowning in a lake? I answered, no. Then he told me, that’s good because, assisting is a major responsibility of showing others that you are a human being who’s personality has a gift of a good deed. At the time I only smiled, but his sentence never left my memory.”

Shaun and Cheryl turned their heads to each other for a moment then Shaun answered turning his head back to Thomas.

“When do we depart for the airport?”


Thomas replies, “You will be taking the early tomorrow morning flight from here to Fort Lauderdale where there you will be meeting with my friend Jose Marvin at Port Lauderdale docks not fare from Port Everglades. Remember to stop by at the police station to sign the agreement. Only spending at least two days so remember to keep in mind you will have a sixty dollar charge for your return to pay.  

He will be assisting to your travels. If you wondering why tomorrow Leroy said he’s needs to take today to do some organizing before your arrival.” Thomas told them they only need to bring bags, with pairs of clothing, toiletry, and other accessories.”

He turned back to Shaun and Cheryl.

“Dr. Hillenburg, why us” Shaun asked looking disappointed. Hillenburg lingers to Shaun and Cheryl before he answered.

“Two reasons, many of my other employees have bloated schedules. The other is for the two years you have worked for me I have been impressed by the astonishing effort, great knowledge and the energy you two bring to this centre, so to make myself clear on this statement I am not sending you both out as replacements, I am sending you both out because I believe in the confidence you have shown me that you can bring to the Island.” Shaun and Cheryl looked at each other, and looked back at Hillenburg.

As ordered by Thomas, Shaun and Cheryl went to the Boston Police department to sign the agreement filling out their personal information, workplace, address information reason for leaving, the leader or supervisor, and the amount of days spending on the island. 


As Shaun and Cheryl walked out of the police station in Boston Cheryl asked Shaun.

“Shaun, are you sure you want to do this, what are you going to do about Kevin?” Cheryl questioned with concern. Shaun stopped in his place. His mind was focused on Noboraska that he had nearly forgotten about Kevin.

“I am going to get that covered tonight,” He replies still unsure on how he was going to tell him.

“Well hope things work out, I will see you at the airport in the morning. Cheryl said walking towards her car. “Same to you, have a good night.” Shaun responded.

As Shaun returns to his apartment he looked at the clock on his kitchen wall, it was fifteen minutes past five. Shaun went to go check his answering machine, no messages from Kevin’s parents saying they would be here soon.

Shaun though it was not too late to call their house and tell them that Kevin would have to spend the weekend with his mom, Aunt Debbie even though Kevin did not appreciate Aunt Debbie, always complaining about her. Before he could dial the number someone knocked on his door.

“Shaun!” A boy looking about around eleven cries with excitement as he answered the door.

He was wearing a black back pack around his shoulders carrying his supplies he needed while staying over with Shaun and white Nike running shoes and grey socks covering his ankles.

“Kevin!” Shaun said with smile on his face as he bent down to hug Kevin. “Wow, just look at you, I’m guessing you really make use of vegetables, because I don’t have bend down as low to give you a hug as used to, it’s like you’re getting bigger while I’m shrieking!” Shaun then turns to his parents  

“Hello Aunt Katlyn, Uncle Vance,” Shaun stood back up to greet his parents. “Shaun I just want to say thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to look after Kevin, it means a lot to us, especially for Kevin,” his mom said.

“He has been talking about this day to us all week, he could even get to sleep last night that’s how excited he was,” Mr. Mevallo added.

“I understand, I felt the same way,” Shaun laughs.  But then Shaun’s smile fades when he looked down at Kevin. “What the matter?” Kevin asked starting to get worried.

Shaun did not know how he was going to tell Kevin he that he can’t look after him this weekend, but he knew what had to be done had to be done. “So, Dr. Hillenburg chose you Cheryl to leave for Noboraska tomorrow morning?!” Miss Mevallo said stunned when she heard the news as they sat down at the round kitchen table. “Hillenburg wanted to send a paleontologist that he can count on to have the right confidence, knowledge, and abilities to handle the conditions of the lost species that have been walking the island for about over one hundred years now.”

Shaun explained walked over to the kitchen table carrying a tray with three cups of tea and a glass of chocolate milk. He passed two tea cups out to Mr. and Miss Mevallo, and the glass chocolate milk to Kevin.  

Shaun to a sip out of his tea went on “Another group scientist, suffered a severe Tyrannosaurus and Carnotaur attack last night, and only one survived and that survivor wants a replacement to help him search for the wish maker that most people believed famous Italian explore Jacqunia Sjwono, who used the wish maker the name of the red crystal.

 All people know is that he went to the island and came back saying he notice the island was had no wild life, that’s when people believed he took advantage of the wish maker, he never told anyone that he was going back to the island, in fact Jacqunia never returned from possibly his second trip to Noboraska. so I sorry to say that Kevin would have to spend the weekend with my mom, while I go risk my life to go help the lone survivor find the conclusion to this legend.”

Kevin’s heart sinks inside after Shaun finished.

“But Shaun, you said we can spend time with each other this weekend, you even promised.” Kevin said with his head down but his eyes still making contact with Shaun.

“I know and I’m terribly apologies, but this trip I’m going on is urgent, and I don’t have much choice,” Shaun said, feeling guilty.

“Don’t worry about it, we can just go home and call Aunt Debbie to come and look after him,” Miss Mevallo suggested.

“But I don’t want Aunt Debbie to look after me, she always talks to me about her personal life in the past, and keeps updating me about the news,” Kevin complained starting to get angry. “Kevin, Aunt Debbie loves you, she will take you the park, go to the movies, you guys will have a great time together,” Mr. Mevallo said.


“No Dad I remember last year when we had her look after me we spent two hours in clothing stores downtown of Boston while she keeps trying and bikinis, and the worst part is she would always would come out the change room asking me how they do they look on her, no offence but she just so tedious,” Kevin said fuming.

“Kevin, you know that’s not true but good creativity in the vocab,” His dad replied. Shaun was starting to have second plans, this was not the first time he has let Kevin down on scenarios like this, until an idea rang into his head. “You know Kevin does not have to back home,” Shaun said. Kevin looked up at Shaun. “What,” he said confused. “What I mean is, I am willing to take Kevin along with me to Noboraska,” he said but thinking that Kevin or his parents didn't believe a word he said.

Miss Mavello gasp, “Shaun, uh have you lost your mind, like there would be no way my husband and I can live with ourselves knowing our son is out that island-,” she said. Kevin said to her mom.

“I agree this is not up for a debate” Mr. Mevallo.

“Please allow me explain,” Shaun told them. “I’m not making an offer, I’m making a choice. I realized I have become a promise breaker, think about how many times I have promised that I would come down for a visit, and did I show up any of those days, no, I am tired of not keeping promises, considering Kevin’s birthday is coming up and sense he is a dinosaur lover I think this would be an experience of a life time for him,” Shaun says looking at Kevin with a light grin.

Kevin once again filled with excitement. “Mom, Dad, please he’s got a point, and this will mean a lot to me if I go, I will be fine, trust me.” He pleaded.


As Kevin’s parents were leaving out the door his mom bent down on one knee Kevin and put a hand on his shoulder. “Kevin, will you promise me will be careful, and stay with Shaun and don’t wonder off to fare, do you understand?” she said as her voice trembled. Kevin nodded; “Yes mom I understand,” Kevin replied trying to make her mom feel comfortable that he will is going to be safe. His mother gave him a hug and kiss on his right cheek, and get back up and stood beside his Mr. Mavello.

He also went down on one knee and says, “Son, I want to say is a have full trust in you that you will be safe, you are a capable and responsible young boy Kevin good luck,” he said as he patted him on the back. “Thanks dad,” says Kevin as he gives him a hug.

As his parents left down the hall but they stopped when Kevin shouted “Mom, Dad, I love you.” His parents just smiled, waved goodbye, and headed for the elevator.

Shaun gives him instructions on where to sleep for the night, he has provided Kevin a folded blanket, and a pillow on top of the blanket sitting on a couch in the living room.

“Shaun can I ask you a question?” Kevin asked as Shaun headed to his bedroom door.

“Ask away.” Shaun said.

“Do you believe in Miracles?” Kevin asks his question.

“Indeed, but miracles can be up to your own beliefs to decide.” Shaun answered.

“Do you really think the wish maker is the reason for the Dinosaurs?” Kevin asks again.

“Let me tell you something I learned about miracles when I was a child.” Shaun lingered over to the living room to Kevin where Kevin is lying on the couch.

Shaun got down on one knee by the couch. “My Mom once told me, Miracles are like wishes, you make a wish, and the miracle part comes in to play, when the wish comes true. Do I think the wish maker is the cause for the Dinosaurs? There is a possibility it is not, but, that does not mean you can still think their existence is a miracle.” Shaun said.

“Well I think it is the Wish maker is the reason. To support my reasoning think about it, take the theory of the dinosaur extinction, how will it be possible for a meteorite to affect all the continents but only miss one lonely Island or do you think it is possible for the Island even lonely with no movement of wild life?” Kevin asked curious. “I think it temperature wise. Since dinosaurs were more fierce, tougher than animals today. It has to be carnation Shaun.” Shaun nodded. “I do agree with your term Kevin, maybe a meteorite did whip out the prehistoric. Maybe the climate at one point in the decades got too hot for nature today to develop. Until probably Jacqunia came along.”

Shaun wishes Kevin goodnight and headed for his bedroom door.

He walks over to the living room lays his back pack beside the couch and opens it and pulls out his journal. His journal had a hard cover and it was light blue. In the front of the journal was a sticker reading Kevin’s journal. Kevin always likes to remember moments by writing it out in detail, not only he keeps photos in his journal too. He opened his journal to a blank page and wrote


Today is a day that will be unforgotten, I have been invited by my cousin Shaun to go with him on his biggest trip yet, we are going to Island Noboraska, we have not even started the journey but I’m already know that this is going to be a trip that I will remember until my last breath.”

Kevin places his journal and pencil away, turns off the lamp and dozes off to sleep.



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Noboraska Island: chapter 4-5 Noboraska Island: chapter 4-5

Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction



After the incident of the Wild Life. Resource Department. The Npwas system is about to make the first risk taker on two chosen scientist by the CEO.

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