Noboraska Island: chapter 5-7

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The National. Prehistoric. Wildlife. Association. System. has sent out their first scientist, Shaun Connerson, and Cheryl Harden out to Noboraska.
Only after leader of the Wildlife. Resource. Department, Leroy Handerbond losing his workers after an attack. the request for the wish maker continues with little time under the Congress agreement.

The story continues through chapter 5 to 7 as studies continue to progress in solving the island's mystery.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Noboraska Island: chapter 5-7

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The National. Prehistoric. Wildlife. Association. System. has sent out their first scientist, Shaun Connerson, and Cheryl Harden out to Noboraska.
Only after leader of the Wildlife. Resource. Department, Leroy Handerbond losing his workers after an attack. the request for the wish maker continues with little time under the Congress agreement.

The story continues through chapter 5 to 7 as studies continue to progress in solving the island's mystery.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Early the next morning around 7:30 am, Shaun first made their way to the police station with Shaun’s agreement paper to report that Kevin is under his signed agreement with Cheryl. Then it is on their way for the nine am flight down to Fort Lauderdale from the Boston Logan airport.
 From there on they would take a boat going west a four hour boat ride from the current location to Noboraska.
Shaun wore his clothes he wears on business trip. Brown beige leather jacket, dark blue pants, and his steel toed boots. Kevin had a striped blue, yellow and green pattern shirt tucked in his ocean blue jean shirts and, new fresh pair of white socks, and his plain white Nike shoes.
As they arrived Cheryl Harden, and Thomas Hillenburg waiting for them at the front of the security check. Cheryl had on her travel clothing, but this time has her blonde hair tied in a ponytail. Thomas wearing with a grey and white checkered plaid shirt tucked in white pants with a black belt.
“Dr. Connerson,” Thomas said as Shaun and Kevin approached them.
“I was just wanted to inform you both that you will be a boarding the 12:30 ferry with the names of Dennis Rainmore, Gregory Simon, and Fredrick Campbell all three of them are under the leadership of Dr. Handerbond.” Then Thomas notices Kevin.
“Well how are you doing Kevin?” he asks. Thomas knew Kevin he first met him when Kevin would come to visit Shaun at the center once and awhile after school. “I am doing very well thank you” replied Kevin.

“Where are your parents?” asked Thomas. Looking back over the shoulders at Shaun Kevin

“They are not here sir. My cousin said I can come along with him on his journey.” Kevin answered proudly.
Thomas is speechless for a moment he scratched his head then he said. “Look um, why don’t you go with Cheryl to get your bags checked at the security, Shaun before you go I need to have a word with you.”
Cheryl and Kevin headed for the security. Thomas felt like he wanted to lose his cool, but stayed calm took a deep breath and says. “Mr.Connerson, don’t get me wrong I do like Kevin and all, but can you explain to me why he is going along with you?” Shaun briefly explains to Thomas. 
“I was supposed to spend the weekend with him until you came and you know came and around is to why I am here in the Logan airport and plus, it’s his birthday coming soon and since the agreement is under a week this would be a good present for him.”
Thomas was able to understand his reason but still feeling outraged inside. “I understand that you want to do him a favour but you do realise this is a very critical request. Not a take your child to work day. It’s an island invested with giant specie and I hope he is aware of that” he added to his thought.
“He is aware of what’s going on, and he’s quite thrilled.”
“Well you better be hundred percent sure on this Connerson,” Thomas said. “As long as he stays with us, everything will stay under control,” Shaun said with a smile and headed for the security check.
Hillenburg exits out of the entrance to the Logan airport. He stands near the curb in front of a lineup of taxi cabs. He tilted his head looking to the sky and says. “I’m sorry Poppa.”

After a three hour flight the plan lands in Fort Lauderdale seventeen minutes past eleven. They catch a cab and heading for the boat docks were there waiting at the dock was the other three men Cheryl and Shaun were mentioned about already starting to get sweaty under the hot sun.
Each of them had night black steeled toed shoes, Fredrick one of the three men, had thick blonde curly hair nearly covering his neck down, red and black checkered long sleeve shirt with light blue pants, and sunglasses covering, and a baseball cap representing the Green Bay Packers. Gregory another one of the three had on a plain white shirt, tucked in with light grey shirts, and a brown hair mullet. And last Dennis blonde wavy hair, with a dark green shirt, white shorts, and a no sleeved brown jacket. “You must be the two from Boston we were told about?” Gregory asked as Shaun, Kevin, and Cheryl approached them on the dock.
Shaun said. “I am, Dr. Shaun Connerson and standing with me is my partner and good friend Dr. Cheryl Harden, and beside Cheryl is my cousin Kevin.” Shaun said shaking their hands.
“In case if you’re wondering why I’m here, Shaun says I can come along to help, also because I am a huge fan of dinosaurs.” Kevin told them. “Well then young man, I think you will definitely enjoy this journey then,” Gregory said laughing.
“I’m Dr. Gregory Simon to my right is Dennis Rainmore, and to my left is Fredrick Campbell, we were called in to help our boss. 
The attention focused on the ferry parked with its back facing at the dock boat entrance.

The ferry was carrying two 1984 Toyota trucks side by side rented by Hillenburg. Both had a mild yellow gold painting on the outside of the jeeps. The two groups boarded the ship and left the docks. A captain of the boat enters the boat dock to them. Just finishing his cigar, dressed in black Velcro sandals, a tank top and his jean shorts stretched shorter inch above his knee caps.
The captain is dark skinned and three inches below six feet and his face began to show some wrinkles nearing old age in his smile. Shaking their hands, “Folks I’m Captain Jose Marvin, please follow me to the ferry and watch your step.” He spoke in a Cuban accent. “So which one of you is from Boston?” he asked while they all stepped onto the steel ramp of the ferry. Shaun told Marvin. “I Dr. Shaun Connerson, my friend and partner Cheryl Harden also I have my cousin Kevin joining us on our journey.” Jose nodded. “Very well and you three are from Green bay, right?” Gregory answered for Jose correct approval on his question.
Shaun walks to the front of the boat checking out the Toyota trucks.

“Thomas did say he rented the trucks to cover your transportation?” Jose asked while joining Shaun to view the trucks with the rest of the group. “He never mentioned a thing about to us.” Shaun answered.

“Well like I told Thomas, these Toyotas have the best gas mileage, leg room, storage, and fuel capacity out of our other rentals.” Jose allows Shaun to observe the inside of the truck on the right when he opened the hood.
“From what Hillenburg told us Mr. Handerbond seems like a determined man.” Cheryl told Gregory while the stood looking out at the blue Atlantic sea from the back of the ferry.

“He is a man who sticks to his instincts but usually not this much” Gregory responded to Cheryl’s comment. “Never has he relied on it this much.”
Cheryl asks baffled. “What do you mean?”
“He called my house admitting to me he threatened to go against the laws of the agreement for a few extra weeks, they let him off with a warning but next time he will face a one hundred and fifty thousand dollar fine” said Gregory.
Gregory then added, “Thing is, he has always refused to send any of us out to the island of the lost, even knowing it was announced under the federal law for to allow scientific research shared for the French and the Americans under the Act. For some reason he did not stick to his own rule,” Gregory went into his pocket to grab a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. He takes two out of the small package and holds one out to Cheryl and places the other between his lips.

“Cigarette?” he asked Cheryl. Cheryl replied “No thanks.” Gregory placed the extra cigarette back in his pack and returns the pack to his pocket.

“Why do think Leroy is all of the sudden determined to come here then?” Cheryl asked while Gregory lit and took an inhale from his cigarette.
“Not sure, I started to see a change in him only two years ago. I even remember it was around the month of August.” Gregory says. Kevin Shaun, Dennis, and Fredrick came to join looking out into the ocean as the hours passed. He sun was half way across the sky and was making the water surface sparkle when Jose of the boat spotted the island up ahead.

Once they reached the island Jose released the boat ramp on the sand bank and he drove the trucks out. The rest of the group walked off the boat.
Jose handed Shaun and Gregory the keys to the trucks. “Scientists, I dearly give all my blessings out to all of you on your travels.” Jose said before leaving on the ferry.

Chapter 6

The trucks were parked on the sandy beach with the front headlights facing the tropical forest. The trees of the island blew against the warm wind. But they were frozen when they saw something appear from the forest approaching towards them.  Taking an inhale from his cigarette he asked. “Are you the requested ones who have been sent out as my replacements?” he asked looking impatient. Shaun clears his throat before saying

“Yes, sir, Dr. Shaun Connerson alongside is my partner Dr. Cheryl Harden and were both from npwas in Boston.” Shaun was about to shake his hand.
“Please don’t need to shake my hand. All you needed to do was tell who you are.” He said with a stern look. Shaun just accepted what he has been told still wanting to question why. The man looked at Gregory, Dennis and Fredrick. “I already know who you three are.”
He says as he glared at them. Then he turned to Shaun and Cheryl, “Harden, Connerson, I’m Dr. Leroy Handerbond, paleontologist and head leader.” Leader points to his top right side of his shirt in black sewed lettering.
“I'm Leroy Handerbond, head leader and entreprenuer of the Wildlife Resource Department in Wisconsin. Here is my main important rule. You all know the rule we’ve been taught for class field trips stay as a group at all times. Normally for say you are lost and your teacher eventually finds you and your disciplined to the principal’s office. Here when you are lost, possibilities of you suffering the consequences the hard way is at high percent. Hopefully you are prepared for your major task in front of you yet because I don’t accept cowards that I don’t even know how to spell the word Coward!” Leroy spoke in a loud rough tone voice trying to speak over the waves taking another inhale from his cigarette.

Then he notices Kevin. Kevin had a smile trying not to giggle on his face when he stood in front of him taking another inhale from his cigarette. “Hello.” Kevin says cheerfully.
 “What’s your name kid and why are you snickering?” he barked. Kevin smile quickly faded he swallowed hard. “My name is Kevin, Kevin Mevallo sir, and were you raised by a drill sergeant?” Kevin said to Leroy. Shaun, Cheryl, Gregory, Fredrick and Dennis all giggled at Kevin’s comment.
“Leroy leaned over to Kevin’s height face to face. Close enough that Kevin smelt Leroy’s cigarette breath when he said. “I happened to serve as a private in the Vietnam and don’t tolerate stupid comments like what you have just spoken.”
“Step away I hate cigarette breath.” Kevin complained. Leroy grumbled returned staring down at Kevin from his height.
“Who are you with?” Leroy asked in a sigh. Kevin pointed to Shaun who was standing beside his left.
“Mr. Handerbond I know it’s a mix up but allow me to explain.”
“Later, Connerson.” Leroy told him walked towards the forest gritting his teeth muttered in an angry tone to himself.
“A kid just perfect!” Then he turned to around and said “Get in your trucks and follow me.”
He barks his order. “Are you sure you don’t want a lift Mr. Handerbond?” Cheryl asked. “I prefer to walk,” Leroy responded quickly.

“Drive slowly and follow my lead.” They followed Leroy to his camp site were the mini sized trench was still and four tents were still standing and the trailer left over from his last crew. “Please pick a tent to leave your belongings in, I spent all day yesterday cleaning out the sleeping bags in a nearby river so, I’m not highly sure if they are fully dry.” Leroy said as they got out of the jeeps.
“But first let me go over some more information before you do so.” They all gathered in a line while Leroy talked stood in front of the tents. “For three days, we have dug up a small part of the dried up stream, and found nothing but, dirt, stones, and all kinds of useless junk you can think of,” Leroy grumbles as he glanced at the empty trench. “My belief is my statement. A true scientist sticks to his research like a passion. Hopefully you all have the same dedication to end all denial of the crystals history.”
Gregory with his camera on a stand moving it around he pulled out of the back of the jeep filming the trench as Leroy spoke. Leroy looked over at Dennis “Gregory, this is not the good time for filming while I’m explaining the circumstances we are in right now,” Leroy called Gregory out to shut the video camera off. 
“I was only filming the camp site.” replied Gregory.
“Put it away now!” Leroy roars.
Gregory immediately shuts the camera off placing back in his bag. Leroy strolls over to until he was face to face with Gregory.
“Let me tell you something, Gregory. When I give out instructions I only give them out once and if you don’t want to listen to my words even as we stand on one of the dangerous islands. Chances are.” Leroy leans over to Gregory’s left shoulder until his mouth was close to Gregory’s ear and whispers.
“You are going to learn the lesson the hard way boy.”
Gregory only responded with a slight nod having an uncomfortable feeling as if his stomach just turned.
Leroy walks away from Gregory and continued his say.
“As I was saying, I ask all of you here to continue searching the perimeter for the lost crystal known as the wish maker, which was believed to have been created by Elridos Genera. I did not sign an agreement for nothing, so where going to do whatever it takes.”  First the two groups put of their bags inside the tents Shaun, Kevin, and Cheryl shared one tent, and Dennis, Fredrick, and Gregory shared the other tent. Leroy ordered them to follow his lead.
But just before they were about to leave Leroy walks up to Kevin who was following the group and stops him.
Then he asks, “So tell me then, why on earth are you here?” He gave Kevin a stern look making Kevin feel uncomfortable to answer.Leroy then said to him. “Come on Kevin just tell me why you’re here, this is not a rocket science question.” Kevin clears his throat then explained “Shaun invited me to come along and help you guys try find the crystal for a birthday gift since it is in three days, also he told me I would enjoy this island because there dinosaurs and since I admire dinosaurs sir.” He grins trying to look to stay positive about his bad feeling towards him.
Leroy just looked at Kevin with no word then he called Shaun over who was waiting with the rest of the group. “Shaun, are you two brothers?” he asked Shaun about Kevin.

“No he is my cousin, sir.” Shaun replied. “Your cousin was telling me that who have invited him along because of three reason, one is because his birthday is coming up in three days, two is he has come along to help us, and three he enjoys dinosaurs.” Leroy glared at Shaun for a second then headed for the entrance trail to the forest.
The group followed Leroy out of the camp sit to the right into the forest on the muddy trail. The sky showed grey clouds begging to cover the sky.

“Shaun, did you see the look Leroy gave us.” Kevin said but trying to keep his voice down from Leroy hearing him as he walked with Shaun by his left and Cheryl on his right. “What look?” Shaun wondered to Kevin. “The look of hatred, I think he’s pointing it at me.” Kevin told him. “I doubt it Kevin, the reason being is for it is maybe for loss of his previous employed scientist.” Shaun told Kevin
 “Believe me, Leroy is not always like this, he is a pleasant gentlemen. Just once in while he has moments like this.” Gregory said.
“Especially when he does not get his morning coffee,” Fredrick added. “Or latte,” Dennis also added. “Coffee, Latte it’s the same thing.” Fredrick said to Dennis. “No it’s not; a lot of lattes I’ve seen have whip cream.” Dennis disagreed.
“What how does that even make a difference, they are both hot and have caffeine so technically they are still the same” Fredrick argued back.

“No your wrong there different” Dennis snapped back. “No there the same,” Fredrick says getting annoyed. “No their different, I swear” “Will you two shut up!”
Leroy sharply turned around and yelled at them.

“God sake with that noise, a carnivore will come around and swallow you both whole before you get one second to react! Arguing about coffee and Lattes like little siblings bickering at each other! Where is your maturity?!” The group come across a truck. where Gregory held the video camera in his hand pointing it at Leroy as he spoke standing in front of the truck pointing to the roof.

“The teeth holes on top of the roof on your right are from the massive jaws of the Carnotaur's and is the one I was in when the dinosaur lifted us up. It felt like being in a moving building. It was a terrifying sight. I’m never going to forget seeing the petrified looks on everyone’s faces.” Leroy also shows the group the foot print of a Carnotaur. Kevin decides to pull out his Polaroid camera from his back pack. He points the camera at the foot print and takes a picture. A little white paper frame slides out from the front of the camera. Kevin watched as the black image on the frame quickly develops into an image of the Carnotaur’s footprint.
“Sweet!” Kevin whispers cheerfully placing the photo into his pocket.
“Kevin!” called Shaun. Kevin placed the camera back into his back pack. He ran up to Shaun.
“Do you want to see my picture?” Kevin asked sprinting up to the rest of the group. Shaun looked at Kevin’s picture. “Nice photo, definitely a keeper, but like I said don’t wonder off too far.” Shaun reminded Kevin. 
“I know Shaun.” Kevin says. Kevin showed the photo to the rest of the group before he asked. “Leroy, do you want to see my picture?” Leroy just took a glance at Kevin’s photo without commenting. Leroy turned and continued to lead the group following the muddy trail. The sky has become cloudy, and was beginning to rain so light like it was raining feathers. Leroy led them to another crushed truck completely flattened. You couldn’t help notice the blood stained ground around the truck while they passed by. Leroy explains. “I advise any of you not to look inside this one, it be too gory.” Cheryl stares at the truck in deep shame feeling sympathy for the innocent men.  “Mr. Handerbond you said it was a Tyrannosaurus and a Carnotaur that attacked right?” She asks Leroy.
“Yes Mrs. Harden, what about it?” Leroy frowns questioning Cheryl. “Do you remember if they both attacked at the same time?” Cheryl quizzes Leroy.
“Yes, what kind of a question is that?” Leroy snaps. Cheryl thought of a better explanation to rephrase her sentence. “I mean is, do you know for sure if they both appeared at the same time?” Leroy rolls his eyes.
“Mrs. Harden I don’t know what information you want to receive from me?”
“First tell me if you remember what happened that night. Do you know if the Carnotaur and the Tyrannosaurus were together when they first approached you?” Cheryl forces Leroy to give her an answer.
“All I remember is first we saw the Carnotaur, but soon as we turned the trucks around we saw the Tyrannosaurus.” Leroy finally tells her. Cheryl nods. “It’s what I thought. When animals hunt in packs, together in herds or even a school of fish the animal’s breeds are usually the same.”

Shaun looked around the forest realizing someone is missing.
“Where did Kevin go?” he asked. Everyone else looked around to help Shaun search.
“Isn’t that him over there?” Dennis directed their attention to the other truck not far in the distance behind them on the opposite side of the pathway. Kevin was standing by another damaged truck about to take a picture until he was startled by a white pale man in the passenger seat. His nose was pressing against the almost shattered glass on the right side. His dead eyes stared directly at Kevin.  Kevin gasps turning away from the body.
Leroy shook his head at Shaun. “Kevin!” Shaun called out as they ran up to him. “Kevin I just talked to about this, why did you leave again?” Shaun asked once again scolding him. Kevin shrugged his shoulders ashamed. Fredrick glances at his wrist watch.

“It’s nearing six, what do you suggest now?” he asks looking at Leroy.

“First I would like to show you something else.” Leroy said he continued to walk down the narrow path and leads them to an open area out of the forest. The began to hear the sound of flowing water getting louder when they found themselves at the right end near a flowing river.
Gregory takes out his video camera again to make a quick video of the flowing water forest.
All were amazed but Leroy who was looking at the clear blue water lost in thought.
“I know what this is called. This part of the Atlantic ocean leads to the Arosa falls.” Kevin exclaimed. Shaun turned to Kevin. “That’s right do you know why?” Shaun asked.
“It was named after the Arosa cruise boat. It was the boat of the people that found the eggs in 1924.” Kevin explained to Shaun. “Like the Bonit’e Lake is named after Jacqunia’s fishing boat, the Sjwono swamp and the Jacqunia Lake.”
“Was named after Jacqunia all in 1924,” Shaun finished Kevin’s sentence.

Kevin nodded with a grin to Shaun.
Leroy looks up at the sky to see it began to clear at bit and show the beginning color of a sunset. “Let’s head to back to the campsite we’ll have dinner at a camp fire tonight and Shaun, you and I need to have a word.”
“Wait, Mr. Handerbond can you show us where the Arosa falls is?” Kevin asked him kindly. “Still another five or six mile walk down the way it’s getting late we will see it tomorrow.” Leroy answered quickly and kept walking. “I’ll stay with Kevin and will meet with you back at the camp site.” Cheryl offered. Shaun and the rest of the group stopped. “Are you sure?” Shaun asked. “I’m sure I would like to see it myself to.” Cheryl said. “Alright then, and Kevin stay close to Cheryl.” Shaun finally said after thinking for a moment.
The rest of the group left the opposite way down the trail following Leroy.

Kevin and Cheryl walked together along the side bank of the flowing river. “What grade are you entering in next year?” Cheryl asks starting a conversation with Kevin. “I’m going into Grade seven. I go to Kennedy elementary school in Concord.” Kevin said. “How long have known Shaun?” Kevin asked Cheryl.
“I’ve known and been friends with Shaun since grade nine. He tells me a lot about you, Kevin how much you guys would see each other a lot all the way until his career job. Tells me how your relationship is like a brotherly bond.” Kevin was flattered.
“Those were the days, I remember he came over to Concord a lot on the weekends with Aunt Debbie and why would play with toy dinosaurs. We would make up our own plot and dialog for a story ever since I was a toddler. We would talk about Noboraska sometimes when we would hear it on the news. I did not start learning about Noboraska until I was seven.
 “I did not get to know much about Noboraska until I met Shaun. My parents both believed science for Noboraska is a waste to your brain cells.”
“What do they mean by that?”
“It was the only part of science All the predictions, like the meaning behind the name of Noboraska which says to be a meaning for peace, the reason for the Jacqunia disappearance saying he caused the island to be prehistoric. My parents described it as false education to a child’s brain“ hat’s what making it interesting. Who knows when we will ever find the true history? It’s a suspenseful procedure.” Kevin argued “It is true. But instead my Dad wanted me to sing and have it as a leaving to hoping one day I am in a professional choir like my mother. I can sing and all to be honest I don’t have the voice is to how much I used to.”
“I’d like to hear you sing?”
Cheryl laughs a bit and says. “I’m fine thanks, I haven’t sung since the ending of high-school.”

“Oh come on I won’t judge.”

Chapter 7

Cheryl said again. “I know you wouldn’t Kevin. But I’m fine.” Kevin did not bother to ask again, but was curious to hear her voice.
Conversation ended when they heard the sound a calm flowing waterfall. They stopped nearing the edge beside the waterfall. They both did not exchange a word when they look beyond to the sunset almost nearing halfway finished to the thirty foot waterfall from the top to the stunning view of forest.
Kevin stared below the waterfall watching the water crash at the bottom and turn into flowing waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
“Quite a picture,” Cheryl commented on the view of the forest from the water fall. 
“An artist would be proud to illustrate an image like this on a painting.” Kevin placed his back pack on the ground to take out his camera to take a picture of the view. He takes the picture and waits for the picture to slip through the front of the camera. He waits until the blank black pictures show a smudge and turn into a picture showing the top of the trees from the forest and the sky of the sunset. Kevin satisfied with the picture places the picture in his pocket and the camera back in his bag.
“Kevin!” Cheryl cried in excitement directed his head to her right, looking just below the falls.

Not far away from the ocean water was a family of Iguanodons. Two full grown Iguanodons stood over a nest of five eggs on the ground. Kevin is overjoyed.
“Iguanodons!” he shouted pointed at the family. One has hatched where the two Iguanodons stood over. Cheryl excitement immediately fads when she realized this picture appeared to be unpleasant. He tried getting a good view of the hatched egg. One Iguanodon used its snout to lightly tap the egg making it tip over. The new born Iguanodon fell with the egg not showing, unfortunately, no sign of life.
“My God,” Cheryl whispered in sadness under hear breath. Kevin felt his heart sink. 

“I know what it could be.” Cheryl says.
Kevin attempts to hold his emotions preventing to cry.
“What could it be?”
 “The decrease in the population in the five year span,” Cheryl states. “Remember hearing about that?”
“Not really I was only seven five years ago. Could it be a disease?”
“I don’t know.” Cheryl said taking the time for a moment to answer the question. She looks over to the east to see the sun getting closer to hide behind the trees in the distance.
“Come on Kevin,” Cheryl directed him away from the waterfall. Kevin took a quick glance to see one of the Iguanodon moans when the other looking like it was hoping to see life from the baby Iguanodon. 


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Noboraska Island: chapter 5-7 Noboraska Island: chapter 5-7

Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction



The National. Prehistoric. Wildlife. Association. System. has sent out their first scientist, Shaun Connerson, and Cheryl Harden out to Noboraska.
Only after leader of the Wildlife. Resource. Department, Leroy Handerbond losing his workers after an attack. the request for the wish maker continues with little time under the Congress agreement.

The story continues through chapter 5 to 7 as studies continue to progress in solving the island's mystery.

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