Champion - The Dylan Scott Story

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Dylan Scott is a 16 years old boy whose love to play sport just for fun, but his father think otherwise. Dylan had been playing for his father since he entered high school, but what he see in his father is not the same inside of himself. He love playing for fun, while on the other hand Dylan father want to play for win, even if it mean injuring their own players. Now, Dylan, after an accident that broke out into an argument Dylan flee from his parents, and younger sister to live with his grandma to escape form his father. Dylan now must face the challenge of the new kid, but unknown to him, the new school he transfer to is in desperate need for a quarterback. Dylan knew his kind of skill is what the school need, but how long does it take for a skills like Dylan to spread around school?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Champion - The Dylan Scott Story

Submitted: February 18, 2013

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Submitted: February 18, 2013



Author Notes: I want to start this off with some note. First, i apologize for all the grammer and spelling errors this story may include. Truth is, i never plan this story at all. This was all written form the mind as i sit in front of my computer which also explain my moment that would not make sense. I never read this story after it was complete so therefore it was never edit or fix, but please keep an open mind. Another thing, this story contain some very mature lanuages but no sexual theme. their barely no violence, but the mature lanuage is the only mature theme in this story, so please be warn. Last, i also want to thank everyone for taking their time out to give this story a chance. I don't considered myself to be a good writher, but as you guys notice i enjoy writhing. If you guys like this story, i am already working on Part 2 and if you guys want i will try to upload it as sson as possible, but i can't promise anything. So please try to read pass the bad grammer and spelling errors, i promised i will try to make it more better in the near future. So i hoped you guys enjoy this novel.




The way I see it… This is the high light of my season. The weather could not get any more worst. From freezing temperature and frozen rain I could say it the worst day to have a game, especially the last game of the season.
It was home game against the Brooklyn High, also the championship. I am the star quarter back of the team, I could play almost any other position but quarterback is what I do best. My dad is the head coach for our team, and I could see him with a stern expression on the side line. Every time I see him I ask my self what it would take to make him happy, apparently nothing.
I could also see Sarah Thompson, my girlfriend over on the other side in front of the bleacher cheering with the other cheer leaders. She always the pretty type especially in her cheerleader uniform. It usually my reward after each game, I would run toward her and kiss her, but right now my focus were on the game.
I caught the punt with ease and started to rush forward. I don’t mean to brag but I am a fast runner, one of the fastest in the school but still… That wasn’t good enough.
The first guy went for a dive at me, I easily side step out of the way but almost slip before I caught myself, sadly that mistake cause me to be tackle hard to the ground.
“What are you doing Dylan!?” I heard my dad yelled from the side line. “Get your head in the game!”
A friend of my and also my team mate came over to help me up. “You did good man.” He encouraged me. “For me I wouldn’t even make that catch.” He patted me on the back and rush to the huddle.
I join in with the huddle. We were always quick choosing plays. I always tried to get the line going before they are even ready.
“Right pro pass on two.” I announced.
“Break.” The huddle broke up to our position.
I got behind the center, few feet behind him actually. The rain is pouring hard on my helmet that I could hear it loud and clear. Weather never bother me much except for the rain make the ball much harder to throw and get a grip on. I stare at the score board, its tied game right now, 4th quarter half finish. I don’t care if we win or lose but I do care about the punishment I will get if I cause the losing, and trust me… Not an amazing sight.
“Blue 42!” I shouted loudly. “Blue… 42! Down set… Hike!” No one move. “Hike” I yelled after waiting. Instantly the line crash, but I saw my target. I caught the ball, drop back a few feet and kept my eyes on my target.
Cody, our tight end push pass one of their line man and made clear inside. I see two safety saw what’s going on, so it was now or never.
I threw the ball and it perfectly spiral toward where the tight end going.
He caught it right before he was tackle hard.
I give myself a small appreciation and ran forward.

So you have a good idea of my throwing ability, that all it matter. I can throw good but one of my biggest position I like to play is Half back, sadly you won’t be able to see me play any this game.
Throughout the quarter it was a blur. We kept pushing back and fourth, not being able to reach the end zone or enough to do a field goal, until the last play of the game.
Just 3 second left, they just punted to us so we have it way, way back field.
It like a least 70 yards gain to reach the end zone, I really doubt we can get this, but my dad didn’t want us to take a knee. He want us to spill blood to go after something that is very difficult.
“I just don’t get it… We should be taking a knee, its over.” Someone whined in the huddle.
“I know.” I agreed. “But if we do… he just going to bite us next season.”
“He’s right.” Cody said. “Look, if we win this some how… he might even take it lightly next year on us.”
“Hell, let just try it.”
“Alright, what the play Dylan?”
“Hail Mary.” I said with a smile. “On 1”
“Hail Mary it is!” Everyone else said with excitement. “Break!”
The other team knew what we were doing. They sent most of their line backer a bit further so our chance of winning this just got a bit more impossible.
I line myself behind our center. “Red 37! Red… 37! Down… Set Hike!”
The line crashed again as I draw back with the ball. I could see all our receiver sprinting full speed down. Soon they would be out of my range, so I threw it to the guy most open, which is number 34 on the far right.
He saw it coming as he look up, and out of shock he caught it as it was the most perfect throw.
I shouted in amazement as we might even win. I see him sprinting as fast as he can down the field but then out of no where he got tackle hard by someone else and flew out of bound.
“Holy shit!” I swear, I felt that hit 50 yards away.
The whistle were blown signalling the game is over with a tie, but I didn’t do what I normally do with Sarah, I rush down the field toward number 34. He was still on the ground.
I kneel at his side, taking my helmet off.
“Holy shit man!” I muttered.
The other team gather around me to see what’s going on.
“I- I can’t- Breathe.” He choked.
I just then realized its Joey, the only kid on our team with asthma.
“Help!” I yelled out loud. “He need help!”
I pull Joey helmet off to see him close to passing out. He kept choking out something but I can’t make out what he saying.
Finally a nurse arrive. “Stay back everyone!” She cleared the way and we all let her do what need to be done, but I was still worried.

Dinner time was not pleasant at all. We all sat quietly around the table, my 14 years old sister sat across from me, eyeing me and my dad as he had a stern expression straight at me.
My mom seem worried but she didn’t ask what happened as she already know.
I just sat there, my hand supporting my head up as I just stare down at my mash potatoes. I knew my dad going to scold me, I was prepare for it as always.
“Dylan… Please eat your food.” My mom pleaded.
“Yeah, you should be thankful you get foods tonight.” My dad said with anger.
“Dear… Go easy on him… His friend is in the hospital.” My mom recoiled.
“Go easy on him? I didn’t work hard on the team to lose to Brooklyn High!”
“Lose!?” I snapped, having enough of him. “We didn’t lose! We tied the game!”
“That still count as losing!”
“Had you look at yourself in the mirror dad!?” I was angry now. I got up from my chair t get in his face. “A normal dad would be proud we make it this far! A normal dad would not push his son to this point!”
“Dylan… Richard… Please.” My mom begged.
“So you blame me for this loss?” My dad got up form his seat also.
“No! I don’t blame you for something that ever happen! I blame you for being a terrible father! My friend… Your player, my team mate just got hurt because you believe we should risk our life to win some stupid championship! You don’t care about us! You just care about the win!”
“That it, Go up to your room right now! I will deal with you later!”
“Great! I made my point to you anyway!” I grab my plate and walk out of the kitchen without even looking at my family reactions.

My room… I guessed you can call it normal. A queen size bed in the far right corner, a computer under the window, my own bath room and closet and television with a video console hook up to it.
I place my dinner on my desk next to my computer and just lay down on my bed. I can’t survive another season with my dad coaching, and he going to force me to join the team. I needed to get out of here.
My cell phone begin to ring. I flip over on my back to answer it. “Hello.” I answered.
“Hey, Dylan… Great game.” Sarah said on the other line.
“Thank… Wish it was great in my perspective.” I replied.
“What’s wrong?” Sarah asked. Sarah is always the touchy type. She always the person whose cheer me up the most.
“I just got in a huge argument with my dad. I swear, I might think of running away someday.”
“Well… Everything will get better. You just need tried.”
“Thank for the cheer up, but I don’t think its going to work tonight. Hey… Want to go out tonight?” I asked.
“Sorry, I suppose to watch my brother until my parents come home. You can come over though is you want.”
I was considering it. Any minutes my dad going to burst though the room and just going to shout at me some more. Sarah house seem like a better idea.
“Sure.” I answered. “I be over in five.”

After sneaking out my bed room window and driving my car over to Sarah house I knock on the door. Seconds later Sarah answer it. She was dress in her pyjama like she about to sleep. “Hey.” She greeted me.
“Sorry, did I woke you up?” I asked, with a smile.
“Only every night.” She give me a smile, wrap her arm around me and pull me to her lips where we kiss.
I step inside and close the door behind me with my leg.
Sarah is a pretty girl with long blonde hair, blue eyes and athletic built body. She is a typical hot girl.
The next thing I knew she was on top of me on the couch as we were making out.
“How long until your parents come back home?” I asked her after we released.
“Midnight.” She answer, leaning down to kiss me again.
After we had our make out session we were both cuddle with each other on the sofa watch television.
“By the way, do you think I can stay for the night?” I know Sarah parents. We bonded well since me and Sarah dated but they hate me for wasting Sarah time with my company, but other then that they seem to like me.
“I don’t see why not. Of course.” She give me a smile and give me a short kiss on the lips again.
“Oh nice, you got Darkholm.” I said with excitement as I pick up a DVD case of Darkholm.
“Yeah, my parents rented it. I haven’t watch it yet.”
“Well you want to? They say it’s the scariest movie of the year.”
“They as in you?” She giggled. “Sure, I will try to sit though it.”
“Aww you are so cute not knowing how scary this movie going to be.” I got up, place the movie in the DVD player and went back with Sarah. We both cuddle under the sofa blanket.
“Sarah?” A boy voice called.
“Michael.” Sarah turn her head to face her 8 years old brother standing on the star case. “You should be asleep.”
“I- I can’t. I’m scare.” Michael, Sarah brother replied, frighten.
Sarah stare at me. “Kid are so cute but they are a pain.” Sarah got up to her feet and walk over to her brother.
“Who is that?” Michael asked as Sarah escort him back up stair.
“He’s Dylan.” I heard Sarah replied as they were out of sound range.

I swear… Darkholm, not a good movie to watch with your girlfriend. Sarah was scare throughout the movie. When ever I tried to make movie she flinch, jumping back ruining the moment. Sure its funny but it differently not romantic.
We were near the end when the door open to the arrival of Sarah parents.
“Sarah, we are home! Is Dylan over?” Sarah parents walk thought the door, hung their jacket and stare at us.
“Hi there Dylan.” Sarah Dad greeted me.
“Evening sir.” I replied.
“Sarah, I told you not to watch that movie. Its to scary for you.” Sarah mom scolded.
“Now honey, let the two love bird enjoy the movie.” Sarah dad chuckled.
“Dad… You make it sound creepy.” Sarah hop on to her feet. “So how was your trip?”
“Oh, Dylan…” Sarah dad called. “I heard you had a important game today. Did you guys win?”
I shook my head saying, “No. We tied.”
“Oh… That is good enough. Sometime tying is better then winning.” That… That right there is what I believe in. According to my father… winning is everything. “Beside, I am sure you play your hardest, that is good enough.” He give me a smile before heading up stair. “Is Michael asleep?”
“Yes dad.” Sarah answered.
“Sarah mom kept looking at us. Switching between the television and us two. “Well you two don’t stay up too late.” She went up with Sarah dad upstairs.
“Alright… Where were we?” Sarah went back and join me on the couch.
“The part where you are about to cry.” I chuckled.
“Yeah right.” With that… We went back to our movie.

I got home late in the evening the next day. Only to find myself in a bad position. My dad were waiting for me at home. He was watching Saturday night football when I enter the door.
“Dylan.” He called. “Come here.”
“Why?” I asked.
“Why?” He look over his shoulder to face me. “When your dad tell you something, you do it!”
“Yeah… Their a lot of thing dad should do also.”
“What was that?” He got up from his seat.
“Dylan… Richard… Please just calm down.” My mom entered the room from the kitchen.
“Stay out of it.” My dad shoo her away then stare back at me. “You don’t think I will know if you sneak out!?”
I walk pass him up the stair. “No, but I figure someone like you would take a long time to find out.” I said behind my back while running up the stair. I didn’t like where this was going. Normally I just stay quiet and let it cool off, but not this time. It was time to set this family right. I enter my room and begin to turn on my computer.
My dad enter my room later. “I have enough of your smart mouth!”
I could see my sister in her room looking worried at us.
“I don’t care what you think! Not anymore! Season is over now, you can’t tell me what to do.”
The next thing he did is yank the plug out from my computer, shutting it down completely. “This isn’t the only thing I will take away!”
I am surprise he haven’t use physical violence yet.
“THAT IT!” I shouted out loud surprising him, even surprising me. “I have enough of your shit!” That was the first time I sworn directly to him. “JUST SHUT UP! Do you think any of us want to come home and hear you shouting all day!? No one does, not Katie, Not Mom and especially  not me! If your tired of me then I got something good to tell you! I am gone, out of here!” I grab my wallet, and my cell phone and walk pass my still stunned dad.
Down the stair I didn’t even say bye to my mom, I just head out the door with my shoes on and walk down the street.
After I was in the clear I sent a text to my sister to tell her to tell my parents don’t go looking for me, after that I came out with an alterative.
I scroll though my contact and I find my grandmother number. I call her up.
After couple ring she pick up. “Hello?”
“Hey… Grandma?” I muttered, holding back emotions.
“Dylan? Is that you?”
“Yes grandma… I got a big favour to ask you.”
“Anything dear.”
“Well… Me and dad had a fight… do you think I can come and live with you until thing clear?”
It took  awhile but then my grandma replied. “Is that a great idea? I live pretty far and don’t you have school on Monday?”
“Well that the thing… Can I… You know… go to school where you live?”
“I think I should tell your mom that first.”
“No, please grandma. I am asking you, not my mom.”
Another while later my grandma finally say, “Okay dear… I will set the guest bed for you.”
“Thank you grandma! I will be there by tonight or early in the morning.” I was kind of excited. I never did anything this big on my own, but at the same time I was scare and concern for my family. I hate to leave my sister and mom to my dad alone, but for some reason he seem to only take it out on me, not them, so they should be fine.
I didn’t want to go back to grab my clothes, belongings or even my car so I just decided to left with all I have on me. My cell phone, and my wallet containing all my Id and money, and then I was off to the bus depot.

Chapter One
The New Kid

I was sitting near the back of the bus as it drove me to school. Over the weekends my grandma took me to go shopping for supplies and clothing. Even if she offer to buy me them I generously turn her down and use my own money I been saving up. None of my family call me yet, but I figure my grandma must had told them I was staying with her while I wasn’t there, I didn’t care. They not going to make me move back.
So there I was in a noisy bus on the next Monday waiting for my first day of school. This will be the first time ever I experience a day without any of my friends, I hate to be the guy whose seem to be alone at school but I had to work my way up.
As I was sitting on the bus I got a message from Sarah.
In the message she says, “Where are you?”
Opening my phone I text her back explaining her everything though a series of messages. She didn’t seem to like it but she couldn’t do anything so we had to try long distance as so it seem.
The bus arrive at the new school. The school were called Green Hill Knights. Well its called Green Hill Secondary school, I guessed the Knight is the mascot.
Getting off the bus the place seem much bigger then my old school. The main building is built on top of a hill with a series of stairs leading up to it. On both side of the stairs is a nice hill field with couple of trees. There I could see some students just lying there in a group or laying down sleeping and such.
I climb the stairs to walk on the pavement where the school main building is. Their couple of basket ball court on both side of the school where it being occupied. Some skate boarder just riding around follow by bike rider. This seem like an active place.
I check the time on my phone to see I still have time to explore.
I walk around the left side of the main building toward another hill. I climb the stair that lead to the top to find the football field. It was large with huge bleachers on my side of the field. Even on the field its being occupied with soccer player and peoples passing the football around.
When I saw the football al I can think of is my last game. I don’t know how long it will take when my dad come and force me home, but if he did I not going with him unless he promise to change his act.
I went inside the school to find it just as equally crowded as outside. Kids fill the whole hall, sitting beside their locker or just standing and chatting, not much movement however.
I navigate though the hallway and finally find the office. Going inside the office their were less students in there then outside, much less.
Two kids, one boy, one girl are on the chair just waiting as they playing on their cell phone. I ignore them and talk to the lady at the desk. She was filing with some paper when she look up to see me.
“Can I help you?” She asked.
“Yeah… I’m Dylan Scott, today is my first day here. I don’t know if you heard about me or…”
“Let see…” She open a drawer and flip though a bunch of files. “Dylan Scott you said?”
“Yeah, I transfer from-”
“Oh, here you are.” She pull out a yellow file and hand it to me. “Please double check everything in there is correct, personnel details and current resident. Then come back and hand it in.”
“Ok, thank you.”

I fill out the whole sheet informing all my details and handed back to the girl. “Thank you.” She said as she take the sheet form my hand. “A guidance will come soon to help you pit your classes. Just take a seat.”
I went over and sat beside the girl whose too busy on her phone to even notice me.
That however reminded me of my phone. I flip it open to see some text messages from some friends back at my old school. I ignored all of them, believing Sarah will fill them in what happened. Instead I scroll though my gallery to see the pictures in my phone.
The first picture pop up were before my last game. I was standing with my sister, hugging her harshly in my football equipment. She didn’t seem to like it but you can see me having a huge grin on my face. I sure going to miss her. I scroll to the next picture to see me and some of my friends on the team all huddle up, smiling at the camera. I was on the in front on one kneel with two other on both my side and 8 other behind us standing up.
3 of our 5 captains at the front and 8 players at the back.
I kept until I ran into a picture of me and Sarah.

This was after the game couple weeks ago. Sarah is dress in her normal jeans and white laced t-shirt. I am in my uniform and it the picture of us kissing. I just can’t stop thinking of her.
“You play football?” The girl beside me asked.
“What?” I muttered.
“Your picture.” She pointed to my phone, where I turn it off. “Saw you in some of those.”
“Yeah…” I didn’t even notice she was looking at my photos. “I used to.” I added.
“Oh. That cool.” She went back to her phone.
Just then the door open up to a tall middle age looking man. “Hi there.” He greeted the girl behind the desk. “You called?”
“Yes, we got some students whose need help picking out his course.”
“Very well.” He eye the three of us. “How about you.” He gesture to me. “You will go first.”

“So what made you want to move here during the middle of the school year?” The guidance asked
“Family issues.” I replied.
“Oh, I’m sorry then.” He lead me to his office which is a small room inside the guidance office. He sat on his chair behind his desk and turn his computer on.
I took the seat in front of the desk and wait patiently.
“What school did you say you were from?” He asked.
“Redwood… Oh, that a interesting school. You on the football team back then?”
I nodded nervously.
“It say your team made it to the championship this year. Congratulation.” I didn’t feel any affection. That championship was a mistake, hopefully a good one.
“Thank you.”
“Alright let see what we have at the moment for you. We can just resume your class from your old school if you like. The mark you earn this semester will be carry over here.”
“But if I choose new classes I won’t get the credit?”
“You will. But whatever you choose will not count to your requirements.”
“What do you mean?”
“Let put it this way. If you were to choose English for the end of this semester you going to have to retake it or pass grade 13 English in order to graduate.”
“Oh, I see.” That didn’t bother me much. I was planning to stay back for grade 12 A to join the team during the best time of my life. “I don’t mind that.”
“So new classes?”
He started clicking repeatedly on his mouse then he turn to face me. “Alright, for your first period class… I got Cooking and nutrients-”
“Sure I will take that.” I answer without letting him finish. Truth is… I like cooking, I always wanted to try but my dad never let me.
The guidance smile at me. “Alright… cooking and nutrients as your first, second period… we only got 3 available classes. Computer tech…” He waited for me to interrupt again, but I didn’t say anything. “Music, or Greek myth.”
“Greek myth?”
“The Olympians and such.” He answered.
“Ah, I see. I guessed Greek myth then.”
“Greek it is then. For third we got dance class… I doubt you want to take it.” He said it with a small laugh. “Drama class, Chemistry science, biology science or history of 18 century.”
History… I kind of like history. I am interest in the past and such but the school never really teach us anything interesting. “I guess I will try drama class.”
“Drama? Okay…” Their were more click but finally he finish and turn to face me. “Alright… we are finish, let me just print it.”
The printer beside the computer roar into life as a paper got drag in, then out with my time table.
“Here you go.” He handed me the sheet.
“Thank you… Sir.” I replied.
“Mr. Kansis.” He said.
“Ah, thank you Mr. Kansis.” I got up and left his office.

I didn’t bother to go to my classes, not until tomorrow. Since first period is already in session I guess it best to start all my class evenly. So during lunch I was outside eating my lunch on the bleacher before the football field.
Moment later the football team came bursting out. They ran to the field and started throwing the ball around or talking. I find it strange because last I heard, football season is over.
None of them seem to notice me which was good, I was just sitting there enjoying my lunch.
I was half way though my lunch when the coaches came out and the players started running lap around the field.
Before they finish their first lap I finish my lunch. Getting up on my feet I walk toward the garbage can, place my lunch in the trash can and about to walk off but from the field a ball was hurling at my face.
Stepping out of the way I caught it as it crash next to me.
I look out to the field to see two large jock waving at me. “Hey, Kid! Over here!” They called.
I didn’t think they did it by accident, since no body throw that bad but I didn’t care. I threw the ball back to them and walk away without waiting for them to catch it.

“Grandma, I’m home!” I yelled as I enter the house.
“Hey Dylan. I’m in the kitchen.” My grandma yelled back.
I enter the kitchen to see my grandma baking something.
“Hi Sweetie, how was your first day.”
“It… went better then I thought.” I replied.
“That’s good. We can talk about it over dinner if you want.”
“Your room is prepare if you want to go see it also.”
“Thank Grandma. I guess I be up stair then.”
My grandma house isn’t big, its actually very small but it fill with antique items. From old wooden clock to bear fur carpet my grandma love to collect those items.
Upstairs in my room its not even big at all. Barely enough room to fit my bed, led along a television set. I didn’t care, least I have a comfortable bed. I lay down on it, pull out my phone right before I receive a phone call.
Without looking at the ID I answer it. “Hello?”
“Dylan?” It was Sarah.
“Yeah, what’s up Sarah?”
“Just calling to catch up. How you been?” She asked.
“I guess pretty good.” I answered. “How about you?”
“Umm… Good.” She didn’t sound too good. “Actually I’m lying… Dylan… I missed you, a lot right now. I just need to see you.”
I find it odd since it only been like 3 days.
“We can web cam over the internet.”
“I can’t do that.”
“Yeah me too, don’t have a computer.” I chuckled.
“It this whole long distance thing… It seem impossible to do, it only been like 2 days and I just can’t bare not seeing you.”
“I’m sorry, there nothing I can do about that. If I go back my dad win.”
“What if you stay with me? We got a guest room, if I ask my parents they will let you.”
“I didn’t finish… I also met my grandma the first time since I was like 6. I never realized she been this lonely till now. I can’t leave her, especially after what she doing to me.” I waited for a reply but she didn’t say anything. “I’m sorry Sarah… I just can’t leave. I don’t think I ever be coming back either.” I am being 100% truthful on that. Despite the limited space and house, I actually like living here. The school seem big, so a lot of peoples I can meet.
“Then… I’m sorry I just can’t do this anymore.”
“Wait… You want to break up?”
“You also want to too. Long distance never work, you know that, especially for peoples our age. I’m sorry, it just seem like the best way.”
“I understand too, but I would never through long distance would be the cause of us breaking up.”
She managed a small laugh. “I’m sorry Dylan. But we can still keep in touch as friend.” I know that not going to work. I have friends whose tried to do that. All of them keep saying it feel awkward.
“Yeah, I guessed we could try.”
“Thank you. Bye.” She hung up.
I lay on my bed, looking up to the ceiling.

Second day of school started as I got off the bus. It still look the same as yesterday. As I walk pass everything I enter the school, up the stair to the second level and toward my locker that was given to me. As I was opening my locker down the hall there was a loud bang.
I look down to see a large kid bullying someone small.
I never like bullies back at my old school. I normally do something about it, that how peoples look up to me, the one who care, but this time… I stay out of it as it pain me. It best for me to not attract any attention until I know the school more, for all I know everyone is backing up that bully and the last thing I want it to get pick on after losing a mob fight.
I turn my attention to my locker, shove all my thing in there except my first period class note book.
The school bell ringed right as I close my locker door, so I put the lock back on and walk down the hall with my note book.
When I reach the class I find out I was cooking, which I find it odd since I barely know anything we learning. What I find most surprising is the class room. Its massive. The first quarter or less of the room is desk in front of the teacher table, behind all the desk is station, each containing a stove, sink, microwave a bunch of counter and there a least 10 of them.
Behind all the station is a big wall size window giving a good view of the football field.
“Dylan, you can put your bag and item on any empty table. I going to pair you up with Paige, she be happy that she have a partner.” The teacher told me.
“Alright, thank you.” I said.
“Paige.” The teacher call a pretty girl name after she walk inside the door of the classroom. “You going to be working with Dylan from now on.”
“Sorry, whose Dylan?” The pretty girl whose must be Paige asked.
“I am.” After placing my notebook on one of the desk I walk up to greet her. “Hi there.”
She have long brown hair tied in a ponytail, cute blue eyes and… well she just look pretty.
“Oh, hi.” She give me a cute smile. She lead the way to one of the station. “So here your apron.” She reach in a drawer where all the cloths is and the aprons. She handed me one.
“Thank you.” As I start placing the apron on Paige begin to explain everything to me as she place her apron on.
“So right now we are cooking anything we wanted. Since you weren’t at class this week I already choose cup cakes as the food we going to cook.”
“Alright… I love cup cake, so what do you want me to do?”
She give me a light giggle. “The recipe is in my bag.” She pointed to one of the desk but then she remember she didn’t place her bag down. “Oh, sorry.” She pull the bag off her back pack, reach in it and handed me a white sheet of paper containing the recipe.
I scan thought he recipe. It seem simple enough, but I guessed I should take it slow just in case. I know ruining girls cup cake is crossing the line.
Looking back at Paige whose had her bag beside the stove and started washing her hands at the sink. After she was finish I washed my hand.
Around the classroom its already being occupied by the rest of the class mate. There were a few of them, all whom took all the station.
“So are you new here? I never saw you around before.” Paige asked as I was looking around.
“Yeah, today is my second day.”
“Oh, that’s cool. You might actually like this place, a lot of friendly peoples, great sport team and… well you will just like it.”
“I’m already liking it.” I replied.
She stood beside me, read the recipe and headed off doing her own thing. “Alright, why don’t you start working on the cup cake, I will make the favour.”
“Sound good.”

Though the end of the class I really have fun. Paige seem verysocialize, making me feel comfortable. I admit, we had some of those moment where we made our self started laughing hard that even the teacher look up to see what’s going on, but in the end we finish making the cup cake.
“No, it because you don’t need to put out the fire, its already too big so you have to put out the fire that is blocking your path.” I said as the cup cake is baking.
Paige give me a warm chuckled. “Yeah, I get it. So if I were to start a large fire right now… You would say ignore the fire and just run out.”
I lean on the counter. “Well in that position, the teacher will tell you to leave any way, but if you have a choice… Put it out. The initial start of kitchen fire is normally small, but what cause it to be a problem is the fact people don’t know what to do.”
“Your right.” She smile at me. “I don’t know what to do, so explain.”
“Well, say this oven just burst in flame…”
“Burning all our hard work cupcake… Yes…”
“It considered to be an electrical fire. Meaning avoid any water contact with the fire as much as possible. You want to take any rag, cloth or anything and kept whacking it.”
She give me another laugh. “Alright, and what if you catch on fire? Do I hit you with a rag also?”
“Well that can also work, but since I don’t have any electrical in me, you are free to use water if you don’t hit the stove or anything else that involve power.”
“Well, if that ever happen you can be sure I be using a rag on you.”
“Well, I guess I could say the same to you also.” I chuckled.
“What are you two even talking about?” A blonde girl walk to our station and lean on the counter next to Paige.
“Oh, Heather… We are just talking about fire.” Paige answer.
“Oh, that sound interesting.”
“By the way, Heather… This is Dylan, he’s new here.” Paige introduced me.
“Hey, how its going?”
She give me a smile. “Fine.” She giggled. “So is that your cup cake again Paige?”
Heather turn to face me. “Yeah, that her special, just cream cover cup cake.”
“Well I see why you are fast at making it now.” I replied, frowning at Paige.
“Yeah, it is… What are you making anyway?”
I almost jump at that word. I love Pasta!
“I will talk to you guys later, I got to get back.” Heather walk back to her station.
“I got a question by the way.” I said as I lean down to check the cup cake.
“Yeah, what I it?”
“Why were you working by your self?”
“Oh, because I used to work with my boyfriend.”
That took me by surprise. “Really? What happened? Where is he now?”
“He died.” Paige answer.
“What? Really?” I frowned at her, expecting her to laugh but she said it with a straight face. “Well… I’m sorry about-”
“I just kidding.” Paige jokingly laughed. “I was working by myself because there was an odd amount of peoples in this class.”
“Oh.” I join in with the laugh. “Shouldn’t it be like one group of three or something?”
“Mrs. Heffy wanted all of us to use all the stoves.”
“Oh… ok.”

After a moment of silent I decrease the awkwardness by pulling out my cell phone and pretend to do something on it.
“So do you play any sports?” Paige asked me.
I look up to see her looking at me intently. Shaking my head I say, “No. Not really, I’m more of a person whose watch.”
“Ah. Well what school are you from?”
“James Bay.” I quickly replied off the top of my tongue.
“So had you always been at this school?”
She nodded. “Yeah, since the 9th grade. It strange because-” The oven beeped interrupted her. “Look like the cup cake is finish.” She place on oven mitt and open the oven where a bunch of steam rise up. “That is hot.”
“Let me see.” I pull the door all the way down, hover my hand in there for a bit and bring it back out. “Its not that hot.”
I grab the other oven mitt and pull the cup cake pan out and set it on the counter.
“Yay, finally time to decorate them!” Paige took the oven mitt off, grab a plate and set it beside the pan.
“You seem excited.”
She smile at me. “Of course, decoration is the best part!”

We spend about 10 to 15 minutes decorating the cup cake with the frosting and candies Paige made. My, is completely basic, just a happy face with gummy bears and chocolate chips. Paige on the other hand is very graphical. There cup cakes with picture of scene and such, like a house during the winter with a snow man. I didn’t even know we have frosting that thin.
“Wow…” I said with amazement. “That is- you must really love art huh?”
She giggled. “No, I just like to decorate, let me see yours.”
I show her my happy face cup cake.
I could tell Paige was holding in a laugh. “That… Actually look cute.”
I couldn’t help but smile. “Okay, maybe I not a good artist as you, but this show emotions!”
“Yeah, I’m sure.”
So afterward we share our food with the rest of the class, and everyone seem to like it, I couldn’t tell if we were the best though.
So after class I got the Greek myth class, and I got to say… I actually like that class also. Despite showing up in the middle of the semester I knew what we were learning. During class I sat at the back, keeping myself quiet as I take note and such.
Which afterward lead up to lunch.
I didn’t bother with the outside bleacher lunch today, ever since I knew the football team were still active I just want to eat in private in a quiet place and now I have no idea where to go.
With my bag tug over my back I walk around the school to claim a place for myself, sadly… no where in the school I am alone.
That lead to me being outside. More group of kids is everywhere talking, on the grass hill between the school and parking lot, on the pavement around the school… It seem like no one here heard of going out for lunch.
I walk to a empty spot on the grass hill and just sat there, eating my lunch. Despite the noise I kept hearing, I am actually really having a good time enjoying the fresh air.
After finishing all my lunch I was about to get up but someone sat beside me, forcing me back down. Another person sat on my other side.
I look at both of them to see they are both very tall and athletic looking. “Hey there.” The guy on my right greeted me.
“Hello…?” I muttered, unsure.
“My name is David, and this is Josh, sorry to rush you like this but we just have some question to ask you.”
“Ok… Concerning what?”
“You ever play football before?” David asked me.
“Um, no.” I quickly replied.
“Well we saw you yesterday.”
“Um okay?”
“We meant we saw you catch the ball and threw it.”
“And that mean…”
“Well it was just amazing… Look, we have football practices after school today, why don’t you come by and… try out for the team.”
“Yeah, I will… see If I can.”
“Alright, great talking to you man.” The two got up and left.
I wasn’t going to show up. I didn’t want to join any sport or club especially since a sport team were the whole reason I switch school.

My last period class came around. I was a bit excited for it, I love gym class of any other class.
So after this whole really annoying talk in the change room I got out to the gym and to my surprise its Co-ed gym class. Their a even amount of boys and girls just standing around the gym, around 40 students in total, I figure its too much but this school is big.
I ignored the facts its co-ed because this is the first co-ed gym class I ever had. Walking to a nearby bench I sat on it and begin to place on shoes, tying it when the teacher walk in the middle of the room.
“Everyone stand on the center lines as I do the attendance.” The teacher is a middle age man. He got short greyish hair but I don’t think it because of his age but just his natural hair colour, and he’s also pretty tall.
I got up and stand beside all the others on the center line.
The teacher started reading the attendance, looking up once in a while until he was finish. He didn’t mention about me so I figure he knew I was the Dylan on the sheet. “Okay, so I guess it a nice day out so why don’t we get a friendly game of flag football on.”
All the boys cheered while the girls groan.
The field is already occupied by some of other kids throwing a football around. My guess its some players on the team with a spare or something. They got move to the other half of the field while we set up our game.
The teacher split the team up, their four team in total, each with around 8 to 10 kids. I rally up with my team whose placing on their flag and colour shirt. I follow their example, then my whole team rush off to the field with a single football to pass it around.
We were away from the other three team where we started talking.
“I really hate this game.” A girl complained as we stop.
“Stop being a little bitch about it.” Some boys snickered.
“Umm, excuse me!” The girl recalled. “I believe you are that bitch when we play football.”
“Yeah, because that is more of a girl sport.”
“And this is a guy sport!”
“Yeah, but it take more balls then hitting the ball around.”
The girl roll her eyes. “Yeah, what ever.”
I just stood there with the team staying quiet.
“So who want to be the quarterback?” A tall guy with the ball asked all of us. He seem to be the leader of the group, according to me. “Anyone?”
“Your on the team, why don’t you.” Another girl asked.
“Yeah, there also a reason why I am on the line, not the team quarterback.”
“So?” I guessing none of the girls on our team know how to play ball.
“Green team!” The teacher called us. “You going to be facing orange team over there!”
On the opposite side I see a bunch of athletic looking kids throwing the ball around. I guessed they are pump.
“YO!” Someone down the field yelled at us. “Mac, Throw it!” He waved at the tall guy with the ball.
The one with the ball whose name must be Mac threw the ball up high, but very off course, which force his target to sprint backward to catch the ball.
Mac wave his hands signalling his friend to throw it back.
His friend threw the ball similar to Mac, with power but very inaccurate. The ball were going over Mac and about to his one of the girl on our team whose don’t even see it coming.
“Heads!” Mac yelled.
The girl look up but instead she flinch and screech, that where I step up. I jump forward caught it easily and landed.
“Whoa!” Mac shouted. “Nice catch man.”
“Thank.” I replied, tossing the ball back to him.
“Hey! Mac, Your team ready yet!?” Someone from the orange team yelled.
“Fine, I will be the quarter back.” Mac volunteered.

Our team were horrible. It seem like only Mac and I know what we doing. Everyone else barely even run. T/hey just run like 5 to 10 feet away and just turn around, despite the fact they are behind their blocker. I was seriously the only one Mac threw the ball to that they have to place 3 blockers on me at once. Sadly, Mac threw bad throw so it pretty hard for me to catch it and run forward with it except this one time.
“You guys really suck.” Mac insulted the team as we all gather in a huddle. “Seriously, their a difference between open and not open.”
“I never wanted to play this sport.”
“Then a least do something. Just keep running around!” Mac took a deep breath. “Alright, it seem like this kid know what he doing, so everyone else… Just… do what you want.”
“You just told us to run around.”
“Shut up Scott.” We all gather to our position but Mac pull me aside. “Hey, you really good a catching. You should join the team.”
“Yeah, thank I will consider it.” I replied.
“MAC! YOU SUCK!” Mac friend from before were on the bleacher yelling insult at Mac throughout the whole game. Him and couple of other were just sitting there watching us. 7 of them in total.
“Hike!” Mac yelled with very limited inspiration.
I sprinted off to the side, right before I about to run into my blocker I made a sharp cut toward the inside. It was a normal L pattern run, and the ball was hurl directly at me. I was surprise, it was the perfect throw despite the bad spiral but it landed in my hands.
I sprinted toward the left, the first guy came out of no where intercepting me but then I change my direction straight forward, but another person was there waiting for me. That when he force me to juke to the right toward a group of girls talking. I didn’t bother to dodge them, considering their sportsmanship I doubt they even going to try hard to grab my flag.
Around the girls I started running forward again to see that I was free. In no time I was at the end zone.

After some celebration and compliments even from the girls we all set up for the kick off. I volunteer to kick because I prefer kicking above all else beside running.
I line up with the ball, stay off a bit more to the left side and ready myself. I could feel the sweat pouring down on my fore head, I didn’t know I exhaust that much energy.
“Come on kid!” Someone on the other team shouted. I notice their formation is off. They were a bit closer then normal.
Taking a breath I run toward the ball and see out of the corner of my eye Mac is the only one ran up with me. I kick the ball and it flew at the perfect angle.
The other team all look up and running backward, but then I see where the ball going.
It flew over the fence separating the school with the other property.
“Holy shit!” Mac came up to me. “That was a great kick!” He complimented.
After some few minute of getting the ball back I had the chance to re kick again, which I took.
This time I add less power to my kick and it end off bouncing in their end zone.
A small short head kid pick it up and sprinted toward us. He was a fast runner but during my time in my freshman year of football I learn it doesn’t matter how fast they run, instead it matter where you are and how you time it.
I guess the right path he took. Now he was running right at me, I was about to tackle him but then I remember its flag football and that short moment of hesitation almost made him got away. He juke inside but I dive toward his flag, felt it in my hand and wrap it tight. The flag went off as I crash to the grass.
Everybody look more amaze then the kick I just did.
“Dude! Your awesome!” Mac came up to me again, with another compliment.
I was really having a fun time on the defence. Back in my freshman year, before peoples discover my throwing skill I was consider a good middle and outside line back. I can also play corner but I prefer not to.
Whenever they try to run, I was always there to intercept them, when they do short pass I am also there to swat it down.
But on their second down after their first down they reach I set myself behind where the line suppose to be.
They hike the ball, and instantly I knew its going to be a pass.
I scan my area to look for any open target to see the same fast kid from before running deep. Normally it the safety or corner job but I don’t see any. Mac was on the opposite side doing well covering someone so I fall back, started running toward the kid.
I knew the ball was thrown by the look on that kid face. He stare up but froze in one spot which mean one thing. The ball going to land where he is.
I caught up before the ball made it, looking up just in time to see the ball hurling at my face, and I caught it with ease.
I felt my flag being tug but didn’t hear any rip noise. With that I sprinted forward but didn’t make it far as I trip while trying not to get out of bound.

I never had this much fun since I arrived here. Throughout the game I continued to impress others, including the inactive girls that they begin to find this sport interesting. Even they give it a try also.
For the first time I actually feel alive playing an active sport. All the other times usually my dad is yelling at me or making me nervous, but here… You mess you they laugh at you, you succeed they act like it the greatest thing all day.
So during the end of the class as we all walking back I had a bunch of praise from other peoples. Even the other two team saw what I was doing as they patted me on my back with a smile and just threw me a lot of compliments.
So after showering real quick and changing into my casual outfit I begin to walk out of school but was stop by someone.
“Hey… You.” Behind me, just outside a class room door a boy with yellow shaggy hair was standing there, leaning on the wall. I don’t know him, but he seem to know me, considering he was the one whose stop me.
“Great game Dylan.” He praised.
“Thank.” I replied, tugging on my gym bag in case he try to steal it.
“You don’t know who I am, do you?” He asked.
“I guess not, I doubt you know who I am.” That was my come back.
“Well, honestl

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