From Nerd To Beauty

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She has always been that girl to have objects, food and books been thrown at her. She has always been that girl to be called every name under the sun. Charlotte-Rose Steele is that girl, her whole schooling years has been hell. That is until Rosalyn Miller comes along. Rosalyn is the one girl who stands up to the popular, mean kids for Charlotte-Rose. It doesn’t take long for Rosalyn to decide that she is the one who is going to give Charlotte-Rose a make-over and let Charlotte-Rose cause her own hell for the popular kids. But the one question floating around is can Charlotte-Rose be able to be as much as a mean person to the kids who have caused her hell over the last eleven years?

*REMINDER: This is a remake of MY OWN NOVEL. I am the author of ‘Not The Same Girl Anymore’. I am the original author of that novel that I have decided to re-write and change it up.*

Chapter 1 (v.1) - From Nerd To Beauty

Submitted: October 26, 2013

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Submitted: October 26, 2013




You've read it all before in NOT THE SAME GIRL ANYMORE! I am going to be rewritting this novel and make it better than before. So, with out do... Here is chapter one! :D




Alright, Charlotte, you can do this.

I kept saying to myself as I walked away from my blue Pulsar and up into the school. I know I can do this but part of me knew that it was just another day in hell. I had one more year left of this and that is it. I will go on to get a job and move away from Broke Waters and not have to deal with the bullies anymore.

In my whole eleven years of school, every day I got picked on by the popular kids, they seemed to manage to stay friends and in the same group throughout primary school and high school. I however had one friend throughout primary school all the way up until year six and then apparently she didn’t want to be friends with me, she decided to become a bully like the rest of the assholes.

I managed to get to my locker without being seen by the poplar kids. I quickly put in my code and swung the door open before swapping my bag for my English textbooks and my every day note book. I prayed I could get through this class without the popular kids picking on me or throwing stuff at me.

I closed my locker as the bell rung and quickly headed down the hall to my English class. Of course I was the first one here, I had to make sure I had a seat right at the very back of the classroom and away from them other kids.

“Good morning, Miss Steele.” My teacher, Mr Fillmore smiled at me.

“Morning sir.” I replied as I sat down.

“How are you this morning? You look a little stressed.”

“I’m fine, really fine.” I lied. I am stressed, stressed about what they will do to me today.

“If you ever need anything, Charlotte, do not hesitate to ask me.” He said to me and I nodded.

It wasn’t long until the class had filled up and the teacher started to call out our names. I kept my head down as everyone names got called. Only saying a quiet ‘here’ when my name got called.

“Rosalyn Miller?” I lifted my head at the new name, “Rosalyn Miller?”

I looked around the classroom and couldn’t see any new faces, however I did see an apple come flying my way. I quickly ducked as it came closer; it missed me by a couple inches. I looked up to see Sterling Gregory laughing at me. I sighed as I knew he would think it’s funny. He only cared about himself and that was it. No one else but himself. He went through girls faster than I changed my panties.

Sterling is very hot, I admit that, any girl would. He has pretty blue eyes, light brown hair that he probably spent more time on than I did my own hair, he had that Colgate smile too. Everyone knew that Sterling hit the gym every day, he had those strong muscular arms that connected to two broad, muscular shoulders, a toned chest that lead to a flat stomach that he proudly showed anyone his six pack. And legs that every guy worked for at the gym, his thigh muscles looked rock solid and his calf muscles also.

“Take a picture, it will last longer.” Kelly Roland smirked at me.

So original.

I ducked my head and looked at my book for the rest of the lesson, only looking when I had too. I did not look back over at Kelly or Sterling. When the bell finally went, I waited for the class to be emptied before I left for my next class. As I walked out of the classroom, I suddenly felt the floor coming to me very quickly. I hit the ground hard and with a groaned. I quickly pulled myself off the floor and look to the right of me to see Sterling and his friends laughing at me.

I blinked back the tears. I didn’t want them to see me crying since that would be another thing for them to tease me about. I grabbed my books from the floor and dashed for the nearest bathrooms. I locked myself in one of the stalls as the tears rolled down my cheeks. I choked back the sobs so no one would hear me.

I pulled my glasses off my face as I grabbed some of the toilet paper from its holder to wipe my eyes. By the end of lunch my eyes with probably be puffy and red. Then I’d probably get called a stoner because my eyes are red and glassy. I hated this school, I just want this last week to be over and next year to go pass quickly.

“Hey, are you okay in there?” I heard a girl ask.

“Please, just leave me alone.” I whispered, “I’ll be fine.”

It went quiet for a moment before she spoke again, “You don’t look fine.”

I looked up quickly to see her peering over the side of the stall. She was really pretty; her baby blue surrounded by black mascara and eyeliner on her waterline and upper water line; her full perfect lips wore a light pink lipstick. She had light olive skin that gave her a natural tan look; her black hair sitting loosely down her right shoulder. Her chin rested on her pretty manicured hands as she looked down at me with a small smile.

“How about you come out and I can introduce myself properly and we can clean you up, hey?” She smiled a little bigger. I nodded slowly as I stood up with my books and the toilet paper I had in my hand. I unlocked the stall and she stood by the sink wetting some hand towel. She was like a super model, one of those girls I wish I could be. She had on a pair of denim short shorts, a black tee-shirt with a picture of a girl on it and a pair of high tops on her feet. I could see her stuff sitting on the bench where the sinks sat. She turned around and smiled at me as she started wiping my eyes with the wet hand towel.

“Why are you doing this?” I mumbled as I let the beautiful girl wipe my eyes.

“Well because you’re crying and no one should cry.” She smiled at me, “I’m Rosalyn Miller, new here.”

“Oh, you’re in my English class.” I looked at her as she pulled away from me.

“Oh sweet. What’s your name?” She asked as she sat up on the bench.

“Charlotte-Rose Steele, school nerd here.” I gave a small, pathetic smile.

“Is that why you’re crying in there?”

“No, I got tripped coming out of English.” I shrugged.

“What? Who did that?”

“Sterling Gregory, he’s one of the popular boys. I guess I should have seen it coming though.”


“Because they are always bullying me and stuff, been going on for years.”

“Oh god, I’m so sorry you have to go through that, darl.”

“It’s okay. I’d understand if you went and hung out with them too.”

“Why would I do that? I hate bullies.” Rosalyn jumped down from the bench as the bell rung.

“Because you’re really pretty, Rosalyn.”

“Well, I might be pretty but I am not a low life scum who picks on people because I’m insecure about myself.”

“Oh.” I said looking down in shyness.

“What class do you have now?” Rosalyn asked.


“Oh damn, so do i.”

“With Mrs Fisher?”

“Um,” I looked up as she looked at her timetable, “Yes I do. Come on, my gorgeous little nerd friend.” She smiled as she hooked her arm through mine.

Before we went to History, I stopped at my locker swapping my English textbook for my history one. I was still shocked that Rosalyn wants to be my friend. She could be best friends with Kelly and her girls but she chose to be my friend, which I am very grateful for.


“So, who is Sterling Gregory? And who are these other girls?” Rosalyn asked.

“They sit there.” I pointed at the table.

“Oh, I see. Stay here a minute.” She said and I nodded. I watched her walk over to Sterling and his group. She put her hands on the table and smiled at them. I held my breath, hoping she wouldn’t become friends with them and leave me. I hadn’t had two friends in years, not since Jackie Beckham left me for them. I spent my weekends shopping with my mum, playing board games with my mum, watching movies and eating junk food with my mum, studying and chatting online to my friend Daniel Vanity on Skype.

As I watched Rosalyn talk, I could see Sterling checking her out like he did everyone. Kelly was glaring at her since it was new competition for her. Before I knew it, Rosalyn tipped Sterling’s tray of lunch all over him and Kelly’s bright red drink went down the front of her.

“Don’t ever come near Charlotte-Rose again or it will be worse. Trust me when I say that’s not a threat. It’s a damn fucking promise.” Rosalyn snapped before turning and walking over to me.

“You will regret this, new girl.” Sterling growled.

Rosalyn turned, “Actually no, I won’t. I don’t put up with people who bully my friends.”

She put her arm through mine and led me out of the lunch hall, “Thank you.” I said softly.

“It’s all good. Come on, I’ll take you to get lunch elsewhere and we will come back to keep your perfect record.” She playfully teased me with a massive smile.


Author’s Note:
Double update on this and prepare yourselves, my little sharkies!

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