Road To Nowhere*

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Allison – Ally – Mitchells is your typical bad ass who doesn’t follow anyone’s rules. Six months ago, Allison lost her parents in a freak flash flood and ever since then she has been jumping from foster home to foster home due to the carers not being able to control her ways. Allison has found herself landed in a house with four other foster kids and two foster parents. Collin and Taylor Harrison are her foster parents who act like they don’t care about her hoping that it will stop her from doing what she is doing. But what happens when they end up finding out that there is more to Allison than they see? Can they help Allison onto a new path or is Allison stuck on the road to nowhere?

**RATED: PG15+
Contains: Swearing, drug use**

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Road To Nowhere*

Submitted: January 03, 2013

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Submitted: January 03, 2013






I pulled my hair up into a high ponytail before grabbing my bags and throwing them down the stairs to my seventh foster home. I really couldn’t give a fuck if one my bags put a hole into the wall. My care factor on everything is at a high zero percent.

I knew I wouldn’t have been here for long since I’m never in a house for longer than two weeks. I didn’t even bother putting clothes into the closet, let alone unpack my suitcases and bags. I threw the second last bag down the bag down the steps and looked back at the room I had stayed in. Walls were bare, just like they were when I first moved; bed made, just like it was when I moved in; floors spotless, again just like they were when I first moved in.

“Allison, could you please not throw the bags down the stairs?” Mary asked.

“Um, nah. It’s much more fun throwing them.” I replied with a smirk.

“Allison.” She groaned.

“I don’t even care.” I replied and walked down the stairs.

I grabbed my bags and took them out to my car. If I was eighteen I wouldn’t have to be going to a new foster home. I could go off by myself and couch surf for all I care. I threw them into the back of the car before shutting the door.

I looked up at Mary who looked glad that I was leaving. She asked if I was ready and I nodded. She walked down to her car as I got in mine and started it. The purr of the engine rung through my ears as I looked over to see Mary pulling out.

I put my car into gear and did a quick U-Turn as she drove off down the street. I put my foot down and caught up to her in no time. I rode her ass as we drove. She had a panicked look on her face as I drove closely behind her. She was under the speed limit and here’s me hoping it would speed her up. Sadly, it didn’t. Sixty Ks and she is doing fifty Ks. Fuck sake.

She got up onto the highway and decided that she would finally put her fucking foot down. She stayed at 100Ks and I still rode her ass. She looked like she was getting angry but with Mary you never knew if she was angry, happy or sad since she had the same ugly facial expression.

Let the bodies hit the floor… Let the bodies hit the floor…

“What?” I answered my phone.

“Where you at?” My best mate Amber said on the other end.

“Heading to the new place, ay.” I replied.

“Tell me when you get there and shit.”

“Will do.” I hung up.

That’s the good thing about my blonde haired, bimbo best friend. She never got shitty at me for hanging up on her or when I was being blankly honest. She is a year old than me and you could say I was more immature than her and I ain’t even mature.

I have known Amber for two years now and I remember my Mum telling me before she left me on this hell hole that Amber was a bad influence on me. Clearly she isn’t because she doesn’t control by body, my mind or what I do. She is just there most – well all the time.

Mary turned into a drive way and I pulled up to the gutter. The house was huge with gardens and shit out the front. A woman and a man walked out with happy smiles painted across their faces as Mary walked up to greet them. Mary said some stuff, I didn’t here but she was probably having a good ol’ rant about me and my ‘issues’ as she says.

I don’t even have any issues, I never have. Yeah I have some days where i scream and shout at everyone or sometimes I just break down but other than that I am just being me. That’s all anyone asks for right?

“Hello, you must be Allison.” The man said.

“Yeah you got that right man.” I replied as grabbing my bags out my car.

“I’m Collin, I’m your new foster dad.”

I looked at him with an eyebrow raised, “Foster carer.”

“The lady speaking to Mary is Taylor, my wife. Your new foster Mum.” He smiled.

“Foster. Carer.” I repeated, “You’re not my parents, no offence.”

“None taken. I understand.” He said kindly, “Would you like some help?”

“Err, sure.” I shrugged and handed him a bag.

Collin was nice enough but I wasn’t going to get use to it because I’ll be out of here in two weeks, no doubt. Collin had sandy blonde hair that was cut short; blue eyes that had that stupid sparkle to them and an average body figure for a man of his age.

Taylor was pretty, I admit. She had light brown hair that was braided to the side; hazel eyes that wore natural toned make-up around them and a slim body figure. She looked nice enough.

I followed Collin up the driveway and stopped when he stopped. I looked at him with the what-the-fuck-are-you-stopping-for look.

“Thank you Mary, you can leave if you want.” Collin said, clearly he doesn’t like her.

“Yep. Bye.” Mary said, “Ally.”

“Allison to you.” I said.

She nodded and basically ran to her car and got in before taking off.

Oh now you speed, bitch.

“Allison, it’s an honour to have you with us.” Taylor said.

I snorted, “Honour?”

“You’re going to love being here. You and Sarah-Leigh are going to get along very well.” Collin said.

“Don’t get your hopes up ay.” I replied.

He nodded and we headed inside. Collin told me to put my bags at the door and he would take them up later for me. I swear they are way too nice. We walked into the lounge room and sitting in the lounge room where three guys and a girl sitting on the couches.

“Kids, meet Allison.” Collin said.

“Or you can call me Ally.” I smiled.

Yes, I do have a nice side to me; half the time I’m just a bitch who doesn’t bite her tongue.

“This is Antonio.” Collin said pointing to the guy sitting next to the chick.

Antonio looks like the typical player guy that you read about in stories and shit. His light brown hair was hidden under a beanie – who the fuck wears a beanie in summer? – and you could only see the front of his hair; brown eyes that were obviously checking me out and he had the whole tanned and toned body, so I guess he went to the gym or some shit.

“You can call me Tony.” Antonio said and I nodded.

“This is Colton.” Collin said pointing to a guy with black hair.

Colton is hot. Like really hot. Maybe it’s just his tattoos doing it to me but I don’t know. His black hair was semi-long and he had it brushed to the side; blue eyes that met my green ones and he had an average body, he had muscle but it wasn’t like Antonio’s.

“This is Rhys.” Collin pointed to a nerdy looking guy.

Rhys was that cute little nerd that you just wanted to hug like a teddy bear. He had short but longish brown hair that he styled; brown eyes that looked through a pair of glasses and he had the skinny, lanky body happening that didn’t make him look like a dork.

“And this is Sarah-Leigh.” Collin pointed to the chick.

I could tell that Sarah-Leigh was going to get on my nervous. She had that pretty, innocent girl look going. Light brown hair that was obviously straighten; brown eyes that had natural make-up around them and she had that slim body figure like all them popular girls at high school have. Ew.

“Just call me Leigh.” Sarah-Leigh said with a happy smile.

“Right.” I said turned my gaze away from her.

“Alright, I’ll let you kids get to know each other.” Collin said and I looked at him and noticed Taylor had disappeared like magic.

“Righto.” I replied to him and leant against the wall with my arms crossed.

“So, how old are you? Eighteen, nineteen?” Rhys asked.

“Seventeen.” I replied.

“Would never have guessed since you look older and you got them tattoos.” Rhys nodded on my arms.

“The look like they haven’t been on you for long.” Colton commented.

I looked at him, “Got them over the last year or so.”

“How so? You’re not eighteen.”

“I have connections.” I gave him a bored look.

“So anyways,” Sarah-Leigh said, “Will you be going to school with us?”

“Well, I kind of live here now, so yeah.” I replied.

“Oh yay! You can sit with me at lunch and stuff. I can show you around the school.”

“Yeah, no. I’ll be right.” I said.

“You know there’s no need to be a bitch to her. She is being kind to you.” Colton snapped.

“Excuse me? Who the fuck do you think you are?” I snapped back at him.

“Someone who has more respect than you, obviously.”

I raised my eyebrows at him, “Well aren’t you the little cherry on top of the cake.”

He rolled my eyes at me as he got up and brushed pass me. I could tell this was going to be a fun two weeks with this twat. Even though he is stage five hottie, lord of the panty dropper gods, he is an asshole.

Well guess what Colton, you’re about to meet your match.


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