Nothing Left.......

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Nothing Left......

Submitted: December 10, 2012

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Submitted: December 10, 2012



Nothing Left.....

Chapter 1


A camera hovered around us like flies. Watching us; Staring; Wanting for something to happen, something bad....... The downfall of everything that will happen. We collaborated to stay in the game. The game that we have to play to live......., striving to be a survivor. It’s decree for this thing to happen. People die. People pass. People give up. It’s the way of life. The bonanza we are blessed with riches, not riches of money but riches of knowing we have family and who are family are. Sometimes they can be churlish but we learn to accept them and love them anyway. Sometimes my family is like a citadel watching over me protecting me and making me feel safe. We may get discordant but never. I never do that. I shot at the cameras at a jostling speed that it didn’t have enough time to move out the way. I passed a pile of brick rubble scrambled everywhere. Everything is reverted from having nothing to something then nothing again. I rather have nothing. You can’t take something from nothing. People staring at the t.v. people evolving safely in their homes. All safe in their nice big beds........ bountiful jewels and silks. And we are in poor places with nothing. no silk beds, no fine clothes, no huge houses; just hope, love and wishes. A bountiful supply of everything they could have...... an enterprising state of mind..... of riches.... of everything..... just about everything.

I grab a durable piece of wood and tossed it in a fire that I started to keep warm just for more glut to the fire. A frugal thought that helps me survive. To keep living and never dying, until my time is really up.

My incapacitated mother is laying out, staring up at the myriad of stars in the sky. I wonder if she’s thinking about how we got in this mess. At this perspective point she looks like that is what she is thinking. She looks at me, then back up; like she’s telling me to come. I slowly walk over to her, lay and stare with her looking up with her.

“Mom are you thinking ‘ how did we get in this mess?’”

“Sure....... I’m thinking what would happen if we were instigated........”

The longevity of the perturb between us felt wrong; Never this much of uneasy feelings.

“Mom........ Would they have killed us...........maybe........”

“Maybe but not before they make us talk.”


The thought of getting killed only at 16 years old, not even a start in college........ not a start at living at my self....... only, always with ‘unison’ with my parents nothing without them seems...........seems irrelevant....... awkward....... and....... unreal to me.......

“Alice........” My mom’s words veer me back to the present. ”Do you think dad made it out?”

She was talking about the ‘legendary’ fire that happens during the game show. People know it’s going to but not when. It evolves with the years and more diverse. They say it’s supposed to preclude the population. People get skittish when there is a willful voice complying: ‘the government they are wrong to people’; Either in their family, friends or relatives. Then the government thinks they’ve won the game.

Me, my mother, my brothers, my sister, and my father are gingerly trying to save our state and country and others are too, but most are incognito. Avowed to my frugal family I would, could, and will help at least save my family and maybe even my state and country.

‘I’m willing to take the risk........ To risk my mostly invalidated life to my sister, my mother, my father, and my brothers. My life.......’ I thought when my eyes obliqued closed.


By the sight of the sun it was about seven in the morning. I could feel people or a person staring at us while we slowly walk through the forest. And I knew my family had too but they didn’t stop. But for me, who was in the back it almost precluded me to stop. Then a wrangle of a tree branch made me finally stop, but not revert myself. I would have but I wanted to wait for the right time. I began to walk again and I heard the noise again. But I just walked in unison with my sister.

“Mom.” I called her and looked up at the trees.

“Yes.......... I ‘seen’ the antics in the area around us.” My mother said with banter and a minimized voice.


“Yes......” he said calmly.

‘And I already know my siblings knew.’ I thought holding a stick gropingly.

We had to get through a congested forest and streets with cars; Then we had to run through a building full of guns and guards just to get to my dad. We had to kill thousands. But he was not detriment. It might have been a wanton thing to do but I venerate my father.

To be continued.....


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