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the seventy eight is something close to me. A story about losing control. about no longer knowing who you are, and doing things that you could never imagine yourself doing things like murder.
this first chapter tells the story of a young man who has blackouts and periods of vivid dreams that contain what he beleive dreams that are not his own. He plans to record them as they occur. One could only imagine the fear and confusion one would face.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Maddening Idea, Pen Note 1

Submitted: December 15, 2008

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Submitted: December 15, 2008



I sit here at my desk with the most maddening of ideas. I plan to write what I beleive should not be wrote. Ive been seeing things. Unnatural things. My soul is one within a delusioned mind. The reality of all the world has been denyed to me. This making me more and more aware that a world within could be made more affective than a world around. Certain thoughts could push me off the edge and have me plummet uncontrollably towards my utmost inevitable doom. I no know longer know what is happening, weather this is a disilusioned fantasy of a madman to have the rest of the world be his pen, or a vision of something different altogether. I think I am going mad. I do have the feeling that this will be of gargantuan proportion. I think this verry well may be more than a story, something like that of a supernova perhaps, something that only occurs once every hundred years. It will be wrote how it has been coming to me, as a young man who has found his parents dead in the midst of an apparent holocaust. Good god, Im so confused. What is wrong with me?
I no longer know.......

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