The Longest Letter

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Chapter 8 (v.1)

Submitted: June 08, 2011

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Submitted: June 08, 2011



I bought a sketch book from the store. I get a fifty percent discount on uneatable merchandise so I bought the most expensive one there, so it ended up costing me twenty five dollars. I've been thinking about dresses more and more lately and have started to draw out designs as a fun pass time when I'm alone at home.

Speaking, or rather writing about, dresses; the most embarrassing thing happened the yesterday. I was alone in the apartment and decided to put a dent in my new sketchbook. It was the night after I remembered my parents so I was feeling rather giddy about everything. I decided that the best way to inspire dress designs was to be in a pretty dress I took out the red one from my closet. It still fit, I was worried I might have gained weight, and once again I got to see something very rare: myself as beautiful and complete.

Anyways I went to my small living area, the dress spread out all around me in a red sea of ruffles that even Moses would have trouble parting, and began creating. I had just began a colour palette for my second dress when I heard a know at the door. I assumed it was some sort of salesman so I ignored it.

When the knock came again I heard the door creak open along with it. I instantly thought of the kind of neighborhood I lived in and jumped. Someone was robbing the house! I ran into the kitchen in a panic and grabbed a frying pan. I heard a yelp of surprise as I spun around, pan flying outwards towards whoever had entered my home. The force from the swipe sent me careening to the ground but thankfully two strong hands gripped me moments before my head met the ground.

It was Dane. Here I was, in a stunning, big dress with my hair in knots holding a half-washed frying pan still wet from the sink while he held me inches from the floor. After an awkward moment he pulled me up to my feet, I was amazed at just how strong he was! He coughed in his fist and asked if this was 'a bad time'.

Of course it was, there was no way I wanted my new friend to see me in such a demeaning state so early on, if ever! I simply blushed and clucked my tongue as I said 'no, it's fine, really' and such. I invited Dane in for tea and he sat on the couch while I went to get changed.

I took a full ten minutes because I could not find my hair brush anywhere. In the end I put my hair up in a messy ponytail and clambered out to where he was pouring tea into our glasses. I had not even bothered to put the water on so I knew I had in turn forced my guest into serving me.

I won't accept an apology he smiled. I've been as bad as a guest as you as a hostess, if not worse. I flipped threw your sketch book without asking...

I turned even redder, I have no idea why he has that effect on me, do you? Am I usually so shy around people? My head never blurs when I'm with Gary, though I suppose maybe it is his less-than-amiable fumes startle me to attention.

Dane really liked my drawings. He said there was a lot of potential there, apparently he's an art graduate! I asked him why he was working as a cashier then and he just shrugged, there isn't much work out there for artists. I frowned but he said I was a designer, not an artist, so I had a better chance. I've just been in this state of elation ever since then, I'm not even worried about my first session of group therapy tomorrow.

Okay, maybe just a little bit, but what's life without some excitement?

Yours Truly,


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