The Burning Ice.

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When two best friends, who have been keeping contact on social networks, finally get to meet each other in person, they have the time of their lives. And truly discover what love and life is truly about. Amanda Brown and Annara Harper find the extreme definition in life, they hold on to one another for advice, affliction, and unconditional friendship as they make their way through life among the many tests to conquer.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Burning Ice.

Submitted: March 10, 2013

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Submitted: March 10, 2013



ONCE YOU WERE A LITTLE KID, PLAYING WITH Barbie’s and dollhouses -- Sleeping with Teddy so he'll protect you from the monsters under your bed and in your closet. Than you are a teenager and having your first kiss, first real relationship, first heartbreak, and it seems to be in repeat. Then, you're fifteen, and everything seems to make sense, when your friend asks you to move in with her in three years. Already the both of you are planning ideas, and trying to get things organized until then.
  Every time a friend comes along, you both have this crazy idea that you could have an apartment, and be roommates. But, when another friend comes along, you decide you two should become roommates. And then, it goes on and on until you finally made your decision.
  Next thing you know, three years sped by and you're eighteen and ready to go out on your own. It feels like yesterday, I was playing with Linda across the street, and now I'm moving out of my parents' house. The house full of terrible memories and the house where I was imprison for eighteen long and dreadful years.
  It was two days until I would leave to Tennessee to the life I was more able to fit in with than mine. Especially with Amanda!
  Amanda Brown, the girl I can talk anything about everything with. She is like my big sister in ways; but, she is one of my greatest and best friends on this earth. She is independent, and has a style of her own. She is gorgeous in every way, and she knows how to get guys so tied around her finger.
  Now, finally, I am eighteen and get to move out on my own -- not exactly on my own; I'll be moving in with Amanda and we'll be getting an apartment. So, technically, Amanda, her boyfriend Kevin, my boyfriend Trever and I.
  First of all, Trever and I met when I was fifteen at detasseling. But, we started off disliking each other, not exactly hating. He was a total jerk, and I was this independent fifteen year old girl that had so much she wanted to do with her future. Anyone could tell he liked me, but I was too stubborn to realize it. And, it couldn't get any worse than being transferred to the same crew as him.
  All that changed when my foot got stuck in a hole, and he laughed historical while trying to help me out of it. And, when finally I got unstuck, he helped me up, and our eyes met. Right there is when everything connected, he kissed me, and I fell for him.
  After that, all I saw was Trever, his bright blue eyes, his blonde hair that was perfectly put, and his tall and skinny frame. I couldn't have dreamt better, and asking my parents if I could date him was more adrenaline than him kissing me.
  My parents have always been strict; there is a certain crowd to hang out with, certain music we can't listen to, certain things we can't do.
  But, asking if I could date him went easier because it was a month until my sixteenth birthday in August. We invited Trever over, and instantly my parents loved him because he was so polite, shy, and had all the right things to say. I was worried because I didn't get to tell him some things that he shouldn't do, but he did perfect. Score for the jock!
  That's how we met, and we've been dating three years headstrong. We never usually fight, but I've always been a pro at relationships that we never did breakup once. I've always been good at giving advice on how to get, protect, and keep a relationship strong. And, I guess that was a perk because I know how to keep a relationship of my own.
  Now, a relationship with my parents, on the other hand, that is pure work. We get mad at each other, and with my harsh sarcasm, my dad’s anger, and my mom’s selfishness...Yeah, it’s hard.
  There was no doubt that they were the reason I dreaded getting married, I was afraid I'd end up like her...Nagging, complaining, regretting life constantly, and being selfish. And his, complaining, telling us kids never to get married.
  I have six siblings, two older brothers, two older sisters, and two younger sisters. Roy, the eldest brother, lives with his mom. Lily, my eldest sister, lives with a friend. And my other sister, Kelly, and my nephew, Leon, live with her boyfriend. My favorite older brother, Chris, he moved out and never looked back. I love him to death, he is my role-model, and we've been buddies since forever. My two little sisters, Taresa and Tally, are stuck here with my parents.
  And I, 5'4 and skinny, long brownish-blonde hair, and big blue eyes. My hands were large compared to my small body, I've always said they were piano hands. I love everyone, and almost everything, and I tend to always randomly laugh. I want to spend my life happy instead of depressed and wasting precious youth. I don't want to sit and wait, I want to get up and do. I want to be myself instead of sulking on being unable to be someone else, I don't care who doesn't like me for me, as long as I'm happy and doing right. Plus, I'm a huge adrenaline-junky, I need a lot of action in my life.
  And then, there is where I live. Sioux City, Iowa. It had gotten the nickname Sewer City; or in this case, Siouxer City, because everyone hates it here. But, now I finally will get to leave this town behind. I've lived here for my whole life. And, I loved this little neighborhood, Leems, it always had action. But, finally I get to move out and to Knoxville, Tennessee.
  At the moment, my parents are trying to talk me out of moving so far away. My mom, obsessed with the end of the world saying if it did happen, she wants us together. My dad, says he doesn't want to drive so far to see me, adding his humor.
  "What if something happens? And we can't get to you?" My mom, Terry, protested, even though she knew I decided to leave three years ago. "Like, I want our family to be together".
  My mom is crazy, but I love her; she has always been a weird woman, very headstrong. When her mind is made up, it is made up, no backing down. Nobody could ever tell her what she can and can not do, and she always tended to get her way.
  As I filled my glass with water, shut off the focet, and listened to my parents go on of how I should stay in Iowa for three more years. I've waited three years, I refuse to wait another three. Yes, I've always said I was going to move out at twenty-one, but that was before I realized I was going to move to Tennessee, and everything was settle.
  I jumped up and sat down on the counter, criss-cross-apple sauce with my legs. I am not suppose to sit on the counter, but nobody said anything. And, I am also not suppose to wear short shorts, but since I'm eighteen, I get to choose. I took a sip of my water, and accidently spilt some on my white tank-fashion-top. I've always done that, so I put the glass in the sink, done with it.
  "I think you need to stay for a while, until you know exactly what you're doing". My mom suggested, and I was finally done listening and done talking.
  "Mom, I love you, too, but I've made up my mind for three years already. And, I planned that Trever and I are going to Tennesse, and going to move in with Amanda, we'll find a job, and start from there". I lost count of how many times I said this, but I knew this wasn't the last.
  Dad looked at me, a smile nipping at his lips as he looked up from his eyebrows. "You can go, just bring me with you". My mom shot a glare at him, and he looked up seriously, which made me burst out laughing.
  Dad, Loyde, has always been the smart-guy joking-type. He is so funny and awesome, truely the best dad in the world. I will treasure the moment we went to Cold Stone Creamry, and for weeks he called it Stone Cold, which I had to constently correct him.
  But, I thought  that I would go to Cold Stone with him every time I came back to Sioux City. And, I'd go to Outback Steakhouse with my mom, and get that bloomin' onion and primerip. Hopefully they have one in Knoxville...
  I would miss them, I would miss everything, and even though we'll be able to talk on the phone, or webchat over Skype...I'll miss mom coming into my room and kissing me goodnight, and saying goodnight to dad at seven, o, clock at night because he had to wake up early in the morning.
  My mind questioned, secretly, if I should go, but then the thought of seeing my friends. I had to go.
  "I waited until after Christmas," I announced. "I waited until Spring to leave, and I can't pull back any longer. Its not like you'll never see me again, I'll come back in August, November, and December".
  They both stared at me, their eyes glistening, and I could tell that they didn't want another child to grow up and leave. But, I was more attached to my parents than Lily and Chris, I'd come back more often than them.
  That was the end of that conversation, and I knew that I had to finish the rest of my packing, otherwise, I will never be ready to leave in two days.
  "I have to finish packing", I announced, unable to look into my dads eyes and see them watering. I jumped off the counter, and walked through the foyer, and walked up the ugly pink capret. My sisters sat in the livingroom watching cartoons, and they were to captivated to notice me watching them. But, I walked up the rest of the stairs, turned left, walked down the hall, and another left into my room.
  My room looked...unlike my room. It had boxes everywhere, holding all my clothes, blankets, books and notebooks, my music and movies, the paper cluddered around my room, and my old stuff animals. I still had to take the posters off my door, and the pictures of me and friends and family, and my life through the years off my wall. Boxes were the decoration in this room, and we had the options of driving or flying to Tennessee.
  Personally, I am mortified of heights, and I would have an axienty attack in the air without the plane being attached to anything. So, we decided we'd drive the one thousand, and thirteen miles, and it would take sixteen hours and thirty-eight minutes -- not including stopping for gas, and refreshments. We decided that we would stop half way, and stay a night in a hotel in Columbia, and then travel the rest of the way, hoping we would make it before dark. Which we'd travel a little more than eight hours both days.
  Of course, Trever and I would take turns driving; he'll drive the first day, and I'll drive the rest. And, we'll probably be on the phone with my parents and Trevers mom most the time, incase we get lost...Which we're hoping to avoid, but I have a GPS on my Ipod, so we should be covered.
  Speaking of the devil, my phone started vibrating in my back pocket. I dug it out, and pushed the send botton to answer it. "Hello?"
  "Hey", his voice was light and sweet.
  "Hey, Trev", I couldn't help but smile.
  I could hear his sweet laughter come through the phone. "What are you doing?" He asked.
  I balanced the phone between my cheek and my shoulder. As I folded a shirt that I designed and tossed it into a box, I answered, "packing".
  "Do you need any help?" I heard the crackle of his smile, I could see him smiling now.
  "I'm good, just trying to convince my parents they'll live without me". I answered, remembering when I was fifteen and told my mom I was moving out, the only thing she said was don't let the door hit you on your way out. Which I figured would come from her.
  "My parents think we're too young to move in together", he sighed.
  "It won't be just you and I -- Amanda and Kevin will be there, too".
  "That's what I told them!" He got offensive.
  "And what'd they say?" I asked.
  "That it didn't change the matter".
  I shook my head in disbelief, and paused. "They won't hate me for this...will they?"
  If he was here, he'd close his eyes and shake his head. I bet he's doing that over the phone. "No, they love you the same, they just don't want any of us getting hurt".
  "Why would we get hurt?" I asked, humor in my tone.
  He hesitated, "incase...this ends badly..."
  I was quick to answer, "no, we should be fine".
  "Exactly, I love you, Harley".
  I hesitated for a second, "I... love you, too, Trever".
  A beep sound inturrupted my thoughts, and when I figured my phone would be dead, it was an incoming call from Amanda.
  "Hey, babe, Amanda is calling -- can I call you back later?"
  "Yeah, sure", and I switched to Amanda's call.
  "Hello, Ms. Amanda Brown", I greeted in a British accent.
  "Why, hello Ms. Harley Harper", she also immitated a British accent.
  I busted out laughing, rolling my eyes, and went to sit on my bed, it was the only thing I hadn't packed up. "What's up, chicka?" I asked in my regular voice.
  She breathed in the phone, as if a sigh, "nothing. Just waiting for my friend to come move in with me".
  I nodded, and laid back on my bed. "Tell me about it! I've been waiting for this day forever, and its finally here! I feel like I can't stop the time".
  "Tick...tick...tick...BOOM!" She screamed into the phone, and I shoved it away, and put it on my other ear.
  She smiled over the phone, "sorry, Harz, it was so there".
  "I know, right?" I smiled.
  That was the ending of that conversation.
  "So, how's Kevin?" I asked, trying to keep communicat-ive.
  "Good, you know, Kevin".
  "What's he doing now?" I asked.
  I could see her looking back over her shoulder seeing Kevin at his nerd-desk creating something for his next comic-script.
  "Oh, just watching the game, probably wishing Trever was here to watch it with him". My perdiction was wrong.
  "Hah! Trever misses him, too". I laughed. "But, he also hates sports, so...."
  "When yah-all coming down here?" She asked.
  I sighed, "not tomorrow, but the day after we are leaving, and going to drive eight hours to Columbia, stay the night there...And then, drive the next eight hours until we reach Knoxville! And you knew this, man!"
  "Par-tay!" She ecked.
  I giggled, "can't wait! This will be so much fun!"
  "Oh!" She exhaled, "I forgot to ask, how is Trever?"
  I rolled my eyes with a small smile, "the usual".
  She paused, and when I was about to say something, I heard a lip-moving noise, and a soft moan from a guy. I was officially grossed out in sort-of swept-by-romance way, and I couldn't resist the chance to embarress them both.
  "Icky! Ada and Vin makeout sounds over the phone". I cried, using their nicknames.
  I heard Amanda's loud laughter ring over the phone, and I couldn't help but giggle. I heard the phone being wrestled with and heard Kevin's voice, and then a man panting over the phone.
  "Hey, Harley, if you don't like it than hang up!"
  Over the phone, I heard Amanda smack him and him fall back in laughter. "Sorry, Harz", Amanda's voice said apologetic. "He is just so...Kevin-y".
  I giggled, "yeah, I get it. I'll talk to you later, and you both can continue makingout, okay?"
  Amanda snorted into the phone, "sure".
  I hung up the phone, and continued packing up all my clothes. In just a few days I will be there with Amanda and Kevin, and have that big party we have planned! Right when we get there, guest should be arriving. 

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