The Burning Ice.

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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“Wow. That girl is so much fun to talk to” I said out loud as I turned to Kevin who was now getting chips out of cabinet. “Yeah I can’t wait to meet her” he said as he sat back down on his favorite black leather chair, right in front of the television. I walked over Kevin who was now staring into the TV
“oh by the way-“I was interrupted
“shush games back on” he said to me while waving the remote at in my face, than he started screaming at the television again.
 ”pass it…pass it!! You idiot” I walked over to him and said “um Hun?” “Uh huh?” he replied with his eyes still glued to the game. I leaned down towards him and put my arm around his neck and said
 “yeah um, they can’t hear you” in a sarcastic tone in my voice. “Yes, yes you look very pretty” he said to me.  Just when I was going to say something back, I heard a knock at the door.
“Hey Lil’ Bit can you get that… I’m kind of busy” I just rolled my eyes and walked towards door. He had come up with that nickname for me when we were dating, I always told him I hated it cause I always hated being short, but he calls me that just because it bugs me, eh what can you do? When I opened the door there was a very strangely tall looking girl, I looked up and down her torso to get a better look at her. She had long brown her and big green eyes, she was wearing a purple wool dress with a black belt and black heeled boots to match, she had a very nice since of style. I couldn’t help but think that I knew her from some were.
“Hey you” she said happily. I ignored her, I was just staring at her face trying to figure  out where I had known her from…”umm hello?“ she said to me trying to get my attention “oh-” I said shacking my head and blinking my eyes trying to get back to earth “-um I’m sorry have we met?” I asked with confusion
“It’s me” she said “me who?” I asked still trying to figure were I knew her from
“Cameron, your old best friend…we lost contact when I went to college in Main”
“Cameron?” I paused for a moment to rethink than it hit me “…….Camay?”
“Yes!” She yelled with excitement “oh my god!” we both screamed. I gave her a big hug than I heard Kevin scream “OH YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!” Kevin shouted at the TV set “uh who’s that?” she asked “well this is my boyfriend Kevin” I said back to her, smiling and waving my hand trying to get Kevin’s attention “Kev…Kevin?” I walked up behind the chair and smacked his head
“OWE!! WHAT!?” he said standing up in annoyance “say Hello to Cameron” I said pointing to her. Kevin walked over to us and shook her hand
oh yeah, uh hi” he said quickly then ran back to his chair and back to watching his game.
“I’m sorry about that, He isn’t usually like this” I said to her “it’s cool” she replied
“so what uh, what are you doing here?” I asked while walking her over to the kitchen and as I poured both of us some coffee. ”well I came across an old picture of us” she said while sitting down at the table
“oh really? I asked “yeah” she said while handing me the picture it was the picture of us at our Senior prom of 2013 I was wearing a Hot pink waist band beaded short black prom dress and she was wearing a hot pink mermaid dress I flipped it over and it said ‘Amanda and Cameron at Senior Prom 2013’ it also had my old address on it and my old cell phone number.
“It had your old contact information on the back so I just went by your house and I ran into your mom. She said you lived in an apartment on main street, So here I am”
“wow” I said
“Amanda it was only four years ago”
“yeah but just wow…we looked pretty hot”
“oh yeah we did some heart breaking in the day”
“yeah we was some sexy bitches” I said while laughing
“so anyway how have you been?” she asked me
“well I got a boyfriend. I’m in college to get my bachelors degree in theater and arts to become an actress. or anything in theater really”
“oh that’s cool. I’m in my last year of college” Cameron said to me
“oh? What are you in college for?” I asked
“Art Phycology I’m going to help kids express they’re issues through Art”
“oh that’s really cool I always remembered you being a fantastic artist”
“yeah” she said while taking a sip of her coffee
“well it’s been great but I have to stop by my moms and check up on her” I said to her
“um there’s something else though”
“what is it?” I asked “well do you remember Samantha from PA the girl your ex cheated on you with?”
“ya barely that was over  ten years ago we lost contact when she moved to main, him and I haven’t talked since the 12th grade. Too bad because Sam and I became best friends after that, turns out he was playing the both of us.” I said taking a sip out of my coffee
there was a long pause of silence “Cameron what’s wrong?” I asked with concern braking the dead air silence
“she‘s getting married…”
“Oh wow that’s so cool, to who?”
“I don’t think I should tell you that part”
“Cam, tell me I promise I’ll keep my cool”
“okay…its Eliot”
“oh that’s nice-wait, did you say Eliot?”
“Yeah” she said “Eliot? Eliot Chase? The same guy who cheated on me with her?” I asked “Yes” she just looked at me with fear that I would be mad
“and how do you know this?” I asked her
“well we went to the same college for a while, turned out we were taking the same math class”
“Yeah we became best friends after that math class, I was extremely good at it and she was lucky to add two plus two.”
“Yeah that sounds like her.” I said while rolling my eyes
“she dropped out though. She told me it was because she wanted to be a stay at home mom and wife”
“wow-that-that’s nice” I said getting up from the table and turning my back to Cameron. For some reason I wanted to cry, Maybe it was because Kevin and I have been dating since high school and we’re still not married.
“Hey Adie you okay?”
“Yeah I will be, I’m with Kevin now but-“I said turning to her
“but what?”
“It’s just weird because you think you know a guy, and then he turns out to be a total jerk in the end”
I lied, that wasn’t the reason why I was upset at all. I didn’t want her to know I was jealous of Samantha. Green is not a good color on me.
“Well I ran into them about a week ago they seem pretty happy, and he seems pretty nice”
“yeah well that’s how he gets you. He acts all sweet and nice than BAM kick’s you to the curb! I just don’t want her to go through everything I did” now that was true we dated for two years and it turned out he was cheating on me the whole time. And the only reason he said yes to going out with me was because he wanted to be able to say to his guy buddies  ‘hey I dated a girl and I broke up with her’ just so he could look tough. It’s really hard to forgive a person for using you like a circus monkey
“well I got an invite to the wedding and they said I could bring one friend”
“you would think they would remember me” the fact they wouldn’t remember kind of hurt, I mean you would think after all we went through I would get an invite
“yeah I know but you think you can go?”
“I don’t know, I mean don’t you think it would be awkward popping up after all these years?”
“Well that’s true. But you still could go to have some fun…you know? Show him you did great without him” she did have a point he always thought I was still madly in love with him. Well everyone did for that matter. So this would be a good chance to rub it in people’s faces and show them I’m not that wounded little bird that people used to kick around.
“You know something?” I asked walking over towards her
“What?” she asked
“You’re RIGHT! When I get there I can tell that scum to watch himself” I said to her
“you can be such a bad ass sis”
“yeah I know” I said with a smile
“so do you want to go and get your mind off of things?” Cameron said standing up
“I don’t know right now I just feel like staying home and hanging out with my boyfriend and I still have to go check up on my mom”
“GOAL! Yes! Kick ASS!” Kevin yelled at the TV waving his arms around
with her eyebrow raised Cameron looked at me
I looked back at her “Let’s go” I said grabbing my keys out of the key bowl by the door
“honey I’m leaving!” I said trying to yell over the TV
but he didn’t answer
“me and Cameron are going to make out in a hot tub!” I said sarcastically trying to get his attention
“that’s nice, get it on video” he said with his eyes to the TV
“hey do you know any good hair salons in town?” Cameron asked as we walked down the apartment stairs.
“Yeah there’s one right next to Shop-City just twenty minutes away” I said
“oh yeah didn’t we used to go there all the time?” she said with a smile
“yeah good times” I said as I walked outside to my surprise I walk out and I set my eyes on this beautiful Red Mustang
“whoa is that your car?” I asked while walking up to it
“why yes it is” she said proudly
“it wonderful, how’d you end up with a Car like this?”
“Well to be honest, you know the actor Tony Sanders?”
“Oh my gosh yes! He is so freaking fine!” I said to her still walking around her car and admiring its beauty
“well yeah, he’s my cousin” she said while getting into the car
“whoa! He’s your cousin?!” I yelled in shock as I got in the passenger’s side of her car.
“Yeah you met him few times though” she said starting the car
“what, whoa, whoa, whoa, was he that chubby kid I used to pick on in high school? At all your Family Reunions?” I asked her still surprised as to what she was telling me
“yep that’s the kid, he gave me this car cause’ mine broke down”
“whoa I owe him a apology card” I said sitting back and looking out the window
later as Cameron drove she tried to make conversation but I just couldn’t stop thinking about how everything changed so much
I was going through so much already my parents got divorced when I was eight not that I still cared about that, It’s just really hard knowing that whole side of the family hates me. And not to mention the fact my abusive ex father of mine does not want anything to do with me. I tried to get to know him about two years ago but he said he didn’t want anything to do with me and my mother is dying even though she’s only 52 she is overweight and has diabetes I had  no idea how long she is going to last. I just didn’t need this today. We pulled in the parking lot and at the corner of the right side mirror I could see someone I hated with a passion. Her name was Kim, why do I hate her you may ask? Well it all started when I did a show called Seven Brides for Seven Brother’s. She was the director. Granted she is wonderful at what she does. But it’s like she uses her directing power for evil. She tells you what to do. Yes that’s her job, but it’s not her job to tell us what to do off stage. It was really annoying. She’s probably one of the reason’s I haven’t done anymore shows
but just because my day couldn’t get any better she walks over to our car, Cameron rolled down the window
“hey Amanda! How are you doing?” she said with a smile
“I’m ah… I’m doing well” I said with the most sarcastic smile I have ever given another human being
I looked over to Cameron who was just sitting there waiting for me to introduce her
“oh sorry Cameron this is Kim” I said
“I have known Kim for a long time she directed one of the plays I was in at the local Playhouse just up the street”
“oh really what play?” Cameron asked
“Seven Brides For Seven Brother’s” Kim replied
“Oh yeah, I remember  Amanda showing me the tape, it was wonderful by the way”
“oh thank you”
“well we really should be going” I said trying to get Kim to go away
“oh well be sure to stop by the play house anytime ladies”
“okay we will” I said to her as she walked away
“oh by the way Miss Amanda, I would very much love it if you would help me cast pick for Romeo and Juliet tomorrow morning, you interested?”
“I’m not sure”
“well just call the office later today if you change your mind”
“okay I will” I said waving goodbye
“ugh bitch…” I said rolling my eyes
“hey! She was nice” Cameron said as we both got out of the car
“no she’s not I hate her” I said walking to the door
“Don’t get me wrong she is great at what she does, she is an amazing director, but as a person? well let’s just say every time she talks to me I want to throw a brick at her face and feed her to lions”
“well I like her” she said walking to the front desk of the salon
“yeah that’s what the lions will think while eating her” I said that last park as I walked up to the desk
the black lady at the front desk gave me a look she thought I was crazy
“um may I help you?” she asked
“uh yes you can mam, the both of us would like to get our hair styled”
“oh okay did you make an appointment?” the lady asked
“No” Cameron said
“oh I’m sorry but I can’t let you in without an appointment” as she said that my phone rang 
“sorry I got to take this” Cam looked back at me “hey can you make sure the car is locked while you’re out there?” ‘yeah sure” I said as I walked outside, Cam always had a thing about keeping doors locked she was always so paranoid…as I walked towards the car I answered the phone
“hello?” “Hi, is this Amanda Brown?” a familiar male’s voice said on the other line “yes it is” “wow I can’t believe I found you” the man said with excitement
“um I’m sorry who is this?” I said while opening the car door “It’s your father” I stopped in my footsteps “what do you want?” “Look I-“  I interrupted him
“no just shut up okay? I’m not a, little girl anymore the only reason your calling is to probably ask for money…I mean who do you think you are? You haven’t called me in two years, now your all of the sudden calling me” “I just-““save it!” I hung up the phone without saying Good bye and I sat in the car.
I saw Cameron come out she look pretty pissed off knowing we couldn’t get our hair done today and just relax. She hopped in the car and looked at me
“so who was that?” “Oh, it-it was nobody” “so what now?” she asked me “well I’m just really tired….I-I just want to go home let’s just call it a day and we’ll start all over tomorrow” “okay that sounds like a plan” Cam said while starting the car. Not much was said on the ride home, we got to the apartment building. “So I’ll see you tomorrow?” I asked her and my phone rang “yeah sure thing!” okay see you!” I said back to her, I looked at the caller ID and it was my mother “SHIT” I said aloud I forgot to stop by my mother’s house “Hi mom” ‘where are you?’ “sorry mom I got busy I’ll be there next weekend promise” ‘alright dear’ “I love you mom” ‘love you too’ “bye” I hung up the phone as  I opened the house door slowly; I was worn out. I entered the threshold, and took off my shoes by the door and kicked them aside. I brushed my fingers through my hair, and breathed in slowly, and blew out a long breath. I walked into the living room, and the first thing I saw was Kevin sleeping on his chair. A bag of chips lay on him and in his hand a beer bottle. I smiled, and went over to the couch to grab the carpet-like, rag blanket, and walked back over to Kevin and laid it lightly on top of him.  And took the chips and beer bottle to the kitchen he was only nineteen he was not supposed to be drinking, but I’ll just deal with him in the morning I gently kiss his forehead and went to bed.
The next morning I awoke to a sound of an alarm clock. I pounded on the button till it was on silent on the floor.
I sat up, pulled the covers off and ran my fingers through my-what was now messy bed hair. Slipped on my fuzzy house slippers and picked up the clock off the floor it read 8:00 AM “oh dammit!!” I yelled out loud.
I had an appointment with my therapist at  9:00 and the office was thirty minutes away
I ran into the bathroom I saw that Kevin had already gotten up and was already in the shower.
“Dear?” “Yes?” he replied “you seriously have to get out I have to leave in thirty minuets!”
“well why don’t you come in?” he said jokingly “I told you none of the fun stuff till there’s a ring on my finger” “okay, okay it was worth a shot though” “yeah nice try” I said back sarcastically “alright well I made you breakfast it’s on the table you go ahead and eat and I’ll be out in a minute!” he yelled  trying to talk over the sound of the shower
after breakfast  I ran upstairs to get ready but the water was freezing, I could already tell that this was NOT going to be a good day for me. I went to my closet and put on my blue jeans brown closed toed heels blue button down blouse and an orange belt around my jeans to match. I ran down stairs to kiss my boyfriend goodbye. But he had already left he had a meeting with his nerds friends. He’s a video game artist he designs creatures and things like that for video games. Crappy part was I didn’t have a car only keys I own were the house keys. So, I had to walk and it was already 8:15 “how am I going to get there in time?” I said to myself as I looked around, my teenage neighbor caught my eye he was riding his bike
“Hey kid!?” “Huh?” he looked at me “can I use your bike?” “Um let me think about it? Yeah no”
“listen to me you little bitch give me this bike or I will shove it so far up your ass you will walk funny for the rest your life. GOT IT?” the kid got the most terrified look on his face “ye-ye-yes mam” he handed me the bike I got on it and started pedaling. When I got to the office it was 9:05 “CRAP” I got off the bike and ran into the office like somebody was after me “oh gosh Miss Amanda are you alright?” Dr. Myers asked me “yes mam I’m fine” “well what happened?”  “Well -“I sat down in the chair that was in front of her “I woke up late had a cold shower, my boyfriend took the only car we own, so I had to almost kill some teenage boy for his bike” “oh gosh Amanda! What have I told you about using harsh words and violence to get what you want?” “Hey! I tried but this kid as an asshole!” “AMANDA” “-sorry” I said to her putting my head down looking at the floor. “What’s going on with you my dear?” “What do you mean?” I said looking back up “Well you seem so different, it’s like we haven’t made ANY progress at all” “I-I-I‘m sorry. It’s just-““yes?” She asked me “My father called” “Oh dear, what did he want” “I have no idea I hung up on him, he hasn’t changed at all” “well how do you know he hasn’t changed if you didn’t give him a chance to speak?” “are you siding with him?” I said in shock “no Aman-“I interrupted her as I stood up “Ha, just save it-“I walked out in a huff I can’t believe she was on his side! I walked outside and over to the bike, I got on it and started making my way back home. “Why was she siding with him?” I thought to myself “well, what if she is right? What if he has changed?” Then it hit me, latterly a pole it me right on the face and I fell to the ground and everything felt black. All I could hear as I fell was a strange man’s voice saying “Mam are you okay” then I completely blacked out.
 I awoke to a sound of a man voice “Miss?-Miss?” “Huh?” I mumbled as I opened my eyes to see a man’s torso he had brown hair brown eyes and glasses with a white button down and brown boots. I sat up putting my hand to my head “are you okay mam?” “Um yeah I’m uh- I’m okay” 
he put out his hand. I ignored his hand and just stood up “um alright” he said confused “Name’s Smith, Josh Smith, but everybody call’s me Smith” “um hello Mr. Smith, thanks for your concern and all but I really must go” I got back on my bike “hey-“ he said gripping my seat “can I help you?” I said with anger in my voice “you need a ride little lady?” “No I’M fine thank you. I’m not a child I can take care of myself, good day sir” I starting riding away and as I was riding my bike I couldn’t help but think I had to be somewhere “oh crap I had to call Kim and let her know that I wasn’t going to be there, UGH I might as well go back and see what’s up, I mean I haven’t been there since I was a kid. And this day can’t get any freaking worse so I might as well” I thought to myself.

I road my bike up the giant hill always wondered why they couldn’t just build this place on flat ground
I got to the blue door that said Auditions for Romeo and Juliet 9 AM-12 AM It was 9:55 I was just in time.
Although I was defiantly not ready to Audition again I thought it would be nice to watch people for a change. I walked inside to find a Kim watching a man on stage she looked at him with a inspired look on her face. The guy singing on stage had a beautiful voice the kind that makes you melt inside. He was wearing a white long sleeved button down with the sleeves rolled up, blue jeans and brown boots. he also a had big brown eyes and brown hair. “No” I said out loud he just looked at me why would Smith be here? Was he some kind of stalker? Or is this fate? I have no idea but I just sort of looked at him in amazement I couldn’t help but feel something in my stomach and a chill down my spine
“wait was I attracted to this guy?” I thought to myself as I slowly walked closer to the stage to hear more clearly what he was singing. My eyes widened in amazement for he was singing my favorite love song ‘Your Guardian Angle’ by The Res Jumpsuits. My heart melted to the floor as he sang,
“I'll be there for you through it all. Even if saving you sends me to Heaven.” I walked closer not noticing there was a microphone cord on the floor the heel of my shoe got caught on it and I fell making a big thud that made him stop singing and draw is attention to me ”Amanda?” Kim stood up from her chair and ran over to help me
Smith got off stage “are you okay mam?” he said while helping me up “yes I’m fine” I said standing up.
“You have a thing for falling or something?”
“Oh ha, ha” Kim grabbed my arm turned me to face her
“Are you here to audition?” Kim asked me in excitement
“no I was just taking you up on the offer of me coming and helping you with the casting
“oh I see, well Josh I’m going to get you a script so we  go move  farther in your audition“ Kim walked away and left us alone  
“yeah you’re going to audition”  Josh told me
“what?” “Well you obviously attracted to me. You knowing I’m auditioning you’re probably going to” He said walking over to the table.
“Oh and how do you know I’m attracted to you?”  I asked walking towards him “Oh please-“
He rolled his eyes “- I saw the way you looked at me while I was on stage” “oh really?” I asked rolling my eyes “Yeah” “is that so?” “Yeah” he said with confidence “Ha!” I laughed and said “well what you don’t know is that I have a boyfriend” “oh really, I wonder what he is going to say when he finds out your attracted to me” he said with a grin pointing his finger at me “IM NOT!”  Kim came back and handed him his script. “Are you going to help him read Miss Amanda?”  I looked at her confused “oh um, I don’t know about that.” “Oh come on you know you want to” Josh told me “UGH! Okay!” I yelled and grabbed a script out of Kim’s hand. Josh and I walked on stage, and Kim sat down at the table. I look at him waiting for him to start and I was amazed at what he had said next I couldn’t believe it
“If I profane with my unworthiest hand this holy shrine, the gentle sin is this. My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand to smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss.” He was such an amazing actor I felt like I was actually Juliet
“uh-uh-uh” I stuttered “Amanda?” Kim asked me waiting for me to start.
“OH um ahem” I paused and cleared my throat
“Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much, which mannerly devotion shows in this. For saints have hands that pilgrims' hands do touch, and palm to palm is holy palmers' kiss.” He looked t me in amazement
“Have not saints lips, and holy palmers, too?” he walked towards me
“Ay, pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer. “I looked in his eyes
“Well, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do. They pray, grant thou, lest faith turn to despair. “
He said looking back into mine
“Saints do not move, though grant for prayers' sake.”
“Then move not, while my prayer's effect I take.” He pulled me in close our lips were about to touch when I heard my phone ring “oh sorry-um-um-uh I should-uh take that” I said breaking character. 

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