Suicidal Life

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Rosalinda King has been bullied her whole life. During her freshman year she turns to her only option: cutting herself. Whenever she gets bullied or picked on, she locks herself in the girls bathroom and delivers one cut after another. Her friend Shirley has tried everything to keep her from doing self-harm to herself, but only makes things worse by trying to help. Rosalinda tries to abandon the suicidal actions, but she just can't. Now that she's a 'suicidal' she can't take anything back...not even her life.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Suicidal Life

Submitted: February 06, 2013

Reads: 103

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Submitted: February 06, 2013




Chapter One
Rosalinda King wandered down the deserted school corridor in complete silence. Tears of pain flowed out of her eyes and traveled down her pink cheeks. She had had enough. She pushed the door of the girls' bathroom open and sprinted inside. Once inside, she stared at her reflection in the blurry mirror. Her tears stained her cheeks, her hazel eyes were red and her caramel hair was standing up in all directions. Rosalinda sniffled as she calmed herself down. She dove for her bookbag and rummaged through it. She sniffled softly as she pulled out a travel-size pocket knife. As she unsheathed it, she let fresh tears fall onto the cold blade. Rosalinda checked to see if the coast was clear before rubbing the sharp blade multiple times against her left wrist. Small gasps of pain escaped her throat as she let the blade gift her deep cuts on her wrists and arms. By the time she had seven long cuts scattered on her right arm, she was sobbing loudly. Rosalinda slid down to the floor as the cuts drenched her arm in fresh blood. She was about ready to panic when the bathroom door opened and her best friend Shirley walked in. Shirley gasped in horror when she saw Rosalinda's arm. 
''Rosalinda!'' Shirley dashed over to Rosalinda and fell to her knees. Rosalinda was sobbing hysterically now.
''Why did you do that?!'' Shirley asked as she took a bandage out of her backpack and placed it over the cuts on her friend's arm. Rosalinda gasped between cries to calm down.
''I c-can't take it anymore,Shirley! It's gotten w-worse since the rumor about me and C-Carmen!'' Rosalinda said between sobs. Shirley hugged her friend gently and took the knife from her hand. 
''Rosie, if it's gotten worse and isn't stopping you need to tell Principal Morris! Cutting yourself isn't helping the situation at all!'' Shirley exclaimed. Rosalinda took a few deep breaths.
''W-what am I s-supossed to do, S-Shirley? I don't see the need for living anymore! I just feel u-useless!'' Rosalinda cried. Shirley folded the pocket knife and placed it in her pocket. 
''You are NOT useless, Rosie!'' She yelled. 
''You're the only person who isn't p-picking on me!'' Rosalinda shot back as she stood up weakly and picked up her bookbag. She was about to open the door to head out when Shirley grabbed her wrist.
''Screw the ones who are making you have suicidal thoughts! They don't matter! The only ones who matter are the ones who make your life worth living! Rosie, think about this. Comitting suicide isn't thinking about anyone but yourself. Imagine how crushed I would be if you died. Not just me. Think about your friends and family-'' Shirley was cut off by Rosalinda's trembling voice.
''I don't have friends, my family doesn't care, and you are the only one staying by my side! One person. That's not enough to make me change my mind.'' Rosalinda shouted as she shoved the door open and stomped down the corridor, leaving Shirley with a look of depression. 

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Suicidal Life

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