Mannie The Moon Girl

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Mannie is just a young girl coming of age, in the year 2067. However, her own path is also unique, she uses her scientific talent to create robots for the next generation..and she harbours a secret, passionate ambition to become an intergalactic astronaut.

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Mannie The Moon Girl

Submitted: May 29, 2007

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Submitted: May 29, 2007



Mannie the Moon Girl

In the evenings she had dreamt of its cool grey edges, for years she had studied it with an unyielding passion, a passion which had outgrown her adolescent yearning. Through her window to the sky, she studied it and other stars, their every detail, until she understood every planet, every satellite's movements and patterns more deeply than any other astronomer. The year 2067, Mannie had trained to the highest degree as a robot maker. It had been a dream she had worked to fulfil, for many years, from the age of eighteen, when she had first enrolled in a course in cyber robotics, after achieving savante results in a young talent school, in the field of astrophysics. A talented student, she was encouraged to study for many years, to master a skill in a field that was previously dominated by men.

Now, late at night, in her workshop she lay on her floor and gazed up at the subject of her fascination. Would she, one day, become a pilot and and solitary navigator, to the moon? Was it something young girls learnt to master, alone? Could she, a young girl, even of her kind of brilliance, develop the courage, and expertise necessary to carry out such a formidable task?

When she was just a young girl, Mannie had asked these questions of an older, wiser woman. Someone who was a kind of guide, an older sister figure. In those days she had asked many questions of her. What kind of a pilot could I be? What distances will I manage to exceed? Do I possess the kind of genius that could bring me closer to the stars? Would I ever see the planets from a closer vantage point? Her answers would be more or less in the category as follows, can you imagine the planets close up, Mannie? Mannie nodded. Yes, they seem to be vibrating. Then, what you can imagine, Mannie, bears a certain possibility, the guide said. The guide had a peaceful sense of resignation about her. She did not fear long distances, or unknown spatial worlds. Her deepest connection was with the universe, and she longed to sustain that connection.

Mannie walked out onto the balcony of her flat and looked out over the city. She felt somehow very alone, but she was not unaccustomed to loneliness. When she was a young girl, she reassured herself that loneliness would help her to develop an ability to tolerate long hours of solitude, and that this was the strength of an astronaut. If she were to accomplish her goal, then she would have to work hard on suppressing the parts of herself which were human. Sometimes, however, her loneliness was too acute, and she would seek out any activity which distracted her from her pain.

In dreams, resonating visions were formed, swirling gases surrounding planets framed the visual cortex. Their vivid shapes enabled her to feel less lonely, a feeling that seemed to be intrinsic to her emotional colour. The more that she repressed her thoughts of the joys of interplanetary examination, then the spatial worlds more vibrantly appeared from the subconscious. Mannie became determined to graduate from her responsibilities as a robot maker, as an expert in the dynamics and construction of robots, to the ever surprising world of the galactic explorer.

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