Summer Of '85

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In the summer of 1984, love was blossoming, friendship was blossoming. But, where their is light, inevitably their is darkness. From the view point of a "80's film slasher" . After all of your friends are dead, and you're safely back at home with your family, what is he doing? What does the killer do while he waits for the long anticipated reunion?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - 19 Eighty Four

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•Chapter 1• •Part 1• •19 Eighty four•

\"If dew covered moss was a cologne it would be my favorite.\" I thought to myself. \"Id wear it out to dinner with my family or even to work\" The smell of the woods had a keen distinct scent, i had fallen in love with over the years. It brought out the freshness of the summer air in ways that a polluted city street never could. There was just something about a cool breeze swiftly cutting through the woods. All at once, the wind carried the smell of healthy green to rest gently upon the nose.

Out of all the things I had smelled in my life, moss had a soft spot in my heart. Well, in my nose. I remember the first time I'd smelled... Actually for some reason I can't remember my first time out here. That's kinda strange. The memory seems so distant in my mind that my thoughts can no longer touch it. Actually I don't even remember why I'm out here. \"I must be hunting\" No I can't be. I searched myself but found nothing on my body to show signs of my conclusion. Just a hunting knife on my waist and no camouflage attire. I know I wouldn't be out here in possible bear infested woods with just a buck knife. Or maybe I would. Maybe I'd developed a taste for a more difficult challenge. Still. Why couldn't i remember what i was doing? A cool breeze tapped my chin and climbed up my nostrils. I was heading up wind, maybe tracking something. I studied the soil and leaves as I ventured on through the ever thickening evergreen. A gentle brush of blinding light fell down from the heavens. Daylight was fading, and what ever i was doing I needed to hurry. If I continued much further I'd farther my departure into the lost.

I walked for what seemed several miles before finally finding a clue. It was a small shoe print. I could barely focus in on the dirt imprint in the dull dusk lighting. Was I following someone? Someone must be lost. Maybe my daughter. Do I have a daughter? I started to figure,this must be important that Im trying to find them. The other thing, I was tracking a female. The size of the shoe was to big to be a Childs. To thin to be a mans. \"She's probably lost.\" I kept thinking. I decided to start closing the gap on her so I could find her before dark and get her back to safety.I didn't see any blood on the ground so she had to be in good health. A dark thought suddenly rushed into my head. \"How am I supposed to help her when I don't even know where I am?\" If these woods are like the ones from my hometown, bears were common and I DIDNT want to be caught out here with just a dull hunting knife for protection. Time to head back the way I came. No. I can't. This girl may be in danger for all I know. At least I have this knife, she probably has nothing to defend herself with. Maybe a stick or survival gear, but nothing that would kill a bear. Darkness began to drown the sky and fear began to drown my body. My fingers tingled as they glided over my old leather knife holster. As I pulled it out, I imagined the metal clanging sound that films always gave the situation. Only for me, no sound came from my knife. It slid out silent and weighed down my hand. Five pounds, that's how much I'd guess it weighed. Enough to do some very heavy damage to just about any enemy. I started cutting branches self consciously and building something as if I forgot what I was doing before I even started. Before I knew it, a make shift shelter was standing in front of me. \"I guess I should rest a bit\" I thought. The ground felt warm and inviting. My eyes, heavy and dry. I layed and wondered. \"Do I have amnesia?\" I started trying to think deeper into things. \"Who even am I?\" The thought hadn't crossed my mind until now. Certain things were triggering small memories about myself. I knew I was a hunter because I could track. I knew I was a man, because well I think I'd notice if I wasn't, even if I didn't look down there. As I drifted off to sleep I Thought of reasons for my memory loss. Was I with someone, the person I was looking for and I hit my head some how. Maybe they're off looking for help for me. My head doesn't seem to hurt though. Maybe I'm trying to find help and I found shoe prints and realized they could be the help I needed if I was lost. Most of all I just wanted to know who I was. With no wallet in my pocket, I was forced to wonder.

Just as fast as I'd fallen asleep I was awake. Standing in front of a huge window. Did I black out or was I sleep walking. Maybe dreaming. There was a group of girls inside, I count five. One of them caught my eye. A short girl with jet black hair, from inside I could here the other girls calling her Dorian. Man oh man was she beautiful. She looked about 17 years of age. I couldn't stop staring at her, was she who I was tracking? She sat reading a book (who's title was to far away to read). \"The intelligent type\" I thought. Her glasses sat gently at the edge of her perfect nose. Even her flaws were imperfections. I focused hard to hear the conversation they were having.

\"Whining whinny, were not gonna get caught.\" said daisy. \"It's not that Im afraid of getting caught daisy, I just want to go to bed. Im tired. My legs are on fire from the hike today\" \"So?\" added Irene.

The girls, Irene and daisy were both blonde, and looked like models in some teen magazine I'd seen somewhere. They wore clothes almost to tight for there bodies. The other girl, Winny, She looked like the kinda girl country singers sang about. Her hair seemed as though it flowed perfectly from her head to her shoulders. With a unique look about her, the rugged adventurous type. The other girl sat on the floor twirling her bright red hair, through further conversation I discovered her name to be Lynn, but I was gonna call her red. She wore all black and didnt really stand out amongst the other girls.

They seemed to be talking about sneaking off somewhere. I found myself wondering about dorian. I didn't even know her but I knew I had to have her. Was I good looking enough for her. I have no idea what I even look like. \"What if I'm to ugly\" Maybe I'm old, to old for a young girl to love. Imagine the irony of that. Love at first sight and she wouldn't even give me a second glance. I tried to listen closer, but I was to far away from them. A closer window seemed to be the only option. I turned and started walking towards the front of the large cabin. It seemed to be the only one around, lighting the close surrounding of the windows.

\"Excuse me buddy, shouldn't you be in your bunk. I'd hate to have to report you for being out past nine\" said the old and wrinkled woman behind me. She looked like some type of ugly witch from a fairy tale. With her surprise entrance, she nearly scared me half to death but for some reason the fear in my head didn't show through my body. Not a single jump or nervous action. Face to face, I nervously thought of an explanation. \"I'm sorry. I'm looking for someone and I'm lost\" I tried to say the words but they didnt come out, instead the womans eyes locked onto mine and a scream was welling up in her body. I don't know why she was about to scream, if anything I should have screamed, her face reminded me of a zombie from a George A. Romero film. Was there something even more horrible or wrong with my face? As her scream started, a pitch only my ears could grasp. I grabbed her by the hair and punched her as hard as I could in the face. I struggled to stop myself but I couldn't. I just kept punching. Watching her face caving in. I pushed her head down to my stomach and pulled out my knife. Before I knew it I was stabbing her in the face more times than I could count. With each uppercut from my buck knife, I felt a strong burn in my muscles. Horror coursed through my veins as her veins opened and spayed warm blood all over my arms and hand. Like I had no control over my body I dragged her by the hair to edge of the woods and swung her past the debrise and into the brush. \"Where did this strength come from.\" I thought. She felt lighter than my empty hands. Something inside me wasn't letting me control my body. I walked back to the window. Watching the girls I found so lovely and beautiful, again. Only this time I feared for them. Not knowing what I was doing or planning. Three. I count three of them now. One of the blondes, daisy, and red were gone. They were arguing about something now.

\"I hope daisy has fun with the boys\" voiced Irene with a hint of sarcasm. \"Don't be mad at her, you should have gone.\" Snapped Dorian. \"I would have. I don't know why bill didn't want me to go\" \"maybe because you broke up with him?\" Added winny. Irenes face seemed to brighten with rage. \"I broke up with him\" she said. \"because he's a cheater.\" \"Then why are you so mad you're not over at there side of the camp swapping STDs?\" Added Dorian with a smirk. She could tell she was making irene mad. They didn't seem to like each other. \"Why are they hanging out if they hate each other?\" I wondered as Irene stood up and stomped out of the room slamming the door behind her.

\"Water doesn't wash away disease. No shower is gonna help her\" whispered winny. Dorian started laughing. I guess winny didn't like her either. I continued watching as Dorian stood up showing off her short smooth legs. \"I'm off to bed, you can read more of this if you want\" she said as she handed winny the book and walked into the other room.

I decided to follow her to the other room. Part of me wanted to walk away, and as much as I tried I couldn't. I watched as Dorian pulled off her shirt showing her perfect breasts. I felt my breath anchor in my stomach. She put on an oversized band hoodie, it looked like The Doors. A sudden memory rushed into my head. I adored Jim Morrison and The Doors were my favorite band sense I was a child. I felt myself Further connected to this girl, who I knew next to nothing about. \"I need to leave.\" I thought. The more I told myself to leave the more frustrated I got. If I hurt them like I hurt that walking corpse I'll never forgive myself. Especially Dorian. Memories of Her perfect body kept showing me a picture show in my mind long after her lights were out.

After I was sure she was asleep, I found myself drawn to the front door, unable to stop myself. \"After I see her in person ill leave.\" I hope. The window closest to the door seemed easier to glance through, less dust. It was probably cleaned recently to show off the beauty of the front of the cabin. Inside, none of the girls were visible. \"They must have all went to bed\" I thought. I reached the door and slowly opened it, somehow without a single creak. The door was old and heavy, the hinges rusty. I was smooth with my movements, I walked through the cabin with the grace of a feline. \"First things first, off with the light\" I surveyed my now dark surroundings, Letting my eyes adjust. Once I could see again, I found myself heading towards Dorians room. I could smell a scent of berries as I passed the bathroom, water was still running behind the door. It lingered around me, it reminded me of being a child. A warm kind of innocence. As a child, I licked shampoo once. I thought it would taste as good as it smelled. I was wrong. Just as I felt as though I was caught in a trap of blissful smells I heard the front door opening. Oblivious to how long I'd stood their smelling the air, I was suddenly the one in danger. I rushed into the bathroom. Locking the door behind me. This poor girl was going to die because of me. \"Better Irene than Dorian.\" I thought.

Irenes body was barley shielded by the almost clear shower curtain. Every inch of her tan naked body visible to me. I felt myself staring. Almost shaking. I realized now, I'd never seen a woman naked before. \"Am I just a kid?\" No. I can't be. I can feel myself towering from the floor. The more I thought about the possibilities, the more I stalked. Watched. Water pouring over her face and dripping down her breast disappearing below her hips.

\"Getting a good look winny? I knew there was a reason you didn't go to the boys side of the camp. Here let me give you a closer look\"

She swung open the curtains with her middle finger up. In one graceful, swift motion I grabbed the shower curtain and twisted it around her body, capping it off with an extra twist around her head. Underneath the thin see through plastic, I could she her mouth gasping for air. Or maybe trying to scream.

Within seconds from my entrance into the bathroom I was stabbing this beautiful young girl in the face. I was desperate to keep her silent. A sickening feeling crept over my body. The amount of times I'd stabbed her was uncountable. I looked down as blood poured down the drain in a swirl. It reminded me of a movie I once watched as a child. Alfred Hitchcocks Psycho. That's what it was. I remember how real his stories were, how close to the reality of this world. They could happen to anyone I use to think. In a weird way, I felt like I was in a movie. Which started to make me feel even more sick. I was starting to think lightly out of all of this. I needed to get out of the bathroom and find the police. Turn myself in and pay for what I was doing. I gently set Irenes motionless cadaver down and began thinking of the most effective way to leave. Maybe swing open the door and just run. Or, walk out and tell them to call the cops. The weight of my arms suddenly felt a thousand pounds as I tried to reach for the door knob. The mist of the hot water had fogged the mirror beside me. I started to wipe it clear to finally see my face, a knock on the door sent me spinning into a vertigo.

\"so id like to take a shower to. Just saying\"

Daisys voice was even more beautiful up close. \"The only way out of here is to run.\" i thought. As I went to swing open the door I heard another knock, this time, coming from the front door. As Soon as i heard the distant creak of the thick front door, I crept out of the bathroom and into Dorians room. The room smelled of her. A floral scent lingered in the air. I searched the dark blindly discovering she was gone. The next room over I heard an elderly man asking the girls if theyd seen his wife.

\"She went to do rounds over an hour go and no ones seen her\" he said with a hint of fear in his raspy voice. \"Maybe she's already back and you just walked different ways mr. Pip?\" Said daisy in a sweet childlike innocent voice. \"Maybe... I'm gonna look around a bit more just in case. Call me if you hear from her girls\" \"We will\" she said in another innocent voice.

As the door closed I could hear them discussing where the old women could be. Then just as fast another knock, on the bathroom door. Now was my time to leave, the window across the room seemed to small for me to fit through. \"Fuck. Ok this is what I wanted anyway. I need to be caught. I can't live with this guilt anyway. Time to turn myself in.\" I forced my body back to the bedroom door. Finally my body agrees. I have control again. Dorian swung open the door and without thought I grabbed her by the hair, and threw her onto the bed. \"I need to get out of here.\" I repeated to myself. Outside the room Daisy, Lynn and winny were screeching up the stairs. As incoherent as they were, the only word understandable was \"help\" \"Ok out the door we go.\" Why am I turning around? Great, I never had control at all. I was setting up a trap for who ever came into the room.

Dorian smelled exactly like the smell that lingered the room. Fresh flowers. I finally looked down at her, Part of me wishing I didn't. She was crying. Screaming. She was to beautiful, I had to fight this. I stopped right above her. It's working! Run Dorian! Please run!

She was staring up at me. Horror sunk deep into her eyes. I reached my hands down to her. I'm helping you. Run! Her screams echoed in my head as my thumbs slid over her eyes and into the sockets. Pushing deep within. It felt like jello. As a kid I remember poking my jello at desert and watching it wiggle around. This was not the same. Her hands gripped my wrists almost breaking the skin. Her screams hurt. Not my ears. But my heart. How could I destroy something so beautiful. And just like that, Her scream faded into nothing. Yet the echo continued, It was coming from up stairs. I could hear them running down the stairs heavy footed.

I walked out the door and straight into their path. I felt myself tumble to the ground, vision temporarily gone. Only moments after Daisy's foot slammed into my face and knocked me off balance. I came through my black out with winny running past me. I felt her ankle in the palm of my hand struggling for freedom. Like a fox in a bear trap, the only way she was getting out was death or amputation. With one quick slash, I watched her nearly collapse in front of me. The wound was deep, instantly flooding around her foot. Daisy and Lynn seemed to struggle lifting her.

I felt myself smiling. Not me, but my outside. The uncontrollable part of me. They struggled further to balance her weight between themselves. I felt the warmth of the fire place on my leg as I passed it. As cold as the night was, sweat was pouring down my body. My shirt was sticking to my stomach. I knew my heart was beating faster than ever, it must have been causing me to sweat. Either that or it was the stress of what was going on. Complete loss of control.

I watched Mr. pips walk through the door with blood covering his shirt, crying, looking, almost glaring at the girls. He had found his wife, in a state, if possible, more hideous than before.

\"ca-call the police.\" he gasped as though the air couldn't leave his throat.

I already knew what was about to happen, the only question was how. All eyes were on me as I picked up a fire poker. Ok. Yeah, this will do. The thing left my hand at incredible force. When it hit his skull I watched his brains paint the girls faces. The crunch reminded me of the first bite into an apple. He was attached to the door, legs dangling a few inches off the ground. My adrenaline seemed to snap as my body ran towards the door. Finally I'm leaving. My foot seemed to lift with the momentum of a wrecking ball, stomping the handle of the poker straight through his head, trough the door and out through winnys door that the girls were now hiding behind. \"Why aren't they running?\" I thought. They need to get out before I hurt them. Just as my thoughts of them hiding instead of running started, I heard a window smash from behind the locked door. All I could think was \"please dont run outside\" and I didn't. I began trying to punch my way through the bedroom door. \"Wow, it was flimsy\" i thought as it shattered around my fists. Within moments I was rushing over to the broken window. Movement through the trees in the distance pointed out Which way i was to follow. Glass crunched below my feet, as I assumed it did to them as well. If one of them cut themselves on the it, I'd have a track to follow. Blood was already all over the window frame. Winny must have struggled, giving me a place to start. I felt myself dive through the window and land in a full force run. Like an animal in it's prime. I was wizzing through trees trying to catch up, dodging every obstacle in my path. Searching for blood drops to follow. There it was again, that old familiar smell of moss in the air. Fresh as ever, almost fueling my lungs with clean air to keep me going.

We lost them. Frantically I searched the ground. One set of prints going north another, south. \"Which set to follow\" I thought. I decided to go south, down wind, Back the way I came. Part of me was starting to enjoy this. Like I had lost all of my humanity to the devil. I couldn't stop myself even when I tried, why not just embrace it? If I gave up on myself now, I knew deep down, I'd never regain control.

\"Which girl was my body after?\" I wondered. Then it hit me. Whinny got out. She couldn't have run, she must have been hiding in her room hoping I took the bait. I chased after the other girls like they knew I would. I hope my body doesn't realize what I just had. As we ran I began to wonder if what ever was controlling my body could also hear my thoughts. I had to be possessed. There was no way that I suddenly just couldn't control my body. Or, Maybe something happened to make me snap. What ever it was, I needed help. I needed to take control of this. I needed to either regain control or be stopped.

•Chapter 1• •Part 2• •Wither, Blister, Burn And Peel•

\"Where's my hoodie\" I thought to myself. Even while reading I could never fully concentrate on what I was doing. My mom used to give me alot of hassle about it. She ment well, but in the end just got on my nerves. Over the past few years I felt myself picking up some of her tenancies. One of them being my ability to be distracted by absolutely nothing. Even though it's only been a week I already miss her. To be honest, these next three weeks will be a nice break from her though. For a full month, I didn't have to hear her gripe and whine about crumbs on the counter or my clothes on the floor. I laughed to myself thinking about how my boyfriend would always called her gripe-zilla. I think the worst part about this month was not seeing him. He was the love of my life. With the cutest blue eyes, sexiest messy black hair and the most perfect smile, he was hard not to love. I often caught myself picturing Tommys smile even when I was sitting right next to him. I slept with his hoodie almost every night, despite the fact I had no idea where it was right now.

\"whining winny, were not gonna get caught\" claimed Daisy.

I loved daisy, but she could be a bitch sometimes. As close of a friend as she was to me, I could still admit how much of a slut she was. I wouldn't trust her around my own father for five minutes alone let alone my boyfriend. I kept zoning in and out of the conversation her and winny were having. I think she was trying to convince her to sneak out or something. Winny would never do that though. Out of all my friends, I think I'd consider her my best. Out of all the girls here she ment the most to me. Which isn't really fair considering we've been friends sense we were in diapers. Well, I was in a diaper, she learned how to use the toilet before me. She was always like that, once she did something, it inspired me to be like her. In many ways, she was my idol. I looked up to her as if she was some radio star.

\"Did you just hear that?\" asked daisy with one eye brow raised. \"Umm, no?\" I said back. I mean, I honestly didn't hear anything. I considered trying to scare her by agreeing but realized I'd only end up scaring Lynn or myself. Around the camp fire last night some of the girls were sharing \"scary\" stories and Lynn damn near pissed herself. I felt bad but at the same time I couldn't help but laugh at her everytime she whispered \"You cant be serious\" at the rediculess story's of ghosts and ghouls. My mom used to tell me to be more like her. I don't think she ment in the pissing my thong at every ghost story I heard. She was tall and pretty, and dressed mostly proper like. Lately she added a bit of an edge to her wardrobe, or took something away. Color. She started wearing all black, trying to impress a boy who has never even noticed her. Just about every guy at our school still wanted her though. Sense daisy and Irene graduated, the girls of Lakewood High final have a chance with guys they like again. Which still, even with Daisy and Irene gone, the boy she liked, Boone, hasn't given her a second glance. He may have never even given her a first glance.

She met Boone once kinda, through Irenes ex bill. They didn't talk or anything. Irene just staired and Boone just got drunk and talked to everyone but her. Irene tried to sleep with him that night, failing miserably I might add. If all the sluts in our town had rankings, Irene would be number 2. I, to be honest, just had my first conversation with her earlier this week and already, I cant stand her. So cocky and full of herself, I found myself often wishing someone would just shut her up after one of her stupid little rants.

I noticed the room was silent, everyone was trying to hear the spooky noise daisy was talking about. Which was weird though because for the first time all week someone shut Irene up, and it happened to be daisy. Note to self: tell daisy thank you later. Just as fast as the room became silent, it was broken by the phone ringing. Since I was closest to it, everyone turned there attention to me.

\"Fine, I suppose I'll answer it.\" I said as I stretched my arms for it trying not to leave my seat. \"Hello?\" \"Uh, hi.\" said the nameless boy \"Who is this?\" \"Boone. Is this Daisy?\" \"No\" \"Is it Irene?\" \"Try again\" \"Oh ok good. Well bill wanted me to make it very clear that Irene was not invited tonight. Can you pass that message on?\" \"Aye Aye Captain\" \"Ok thanks\" he said sounding relieved. \"Are you coming tonight\" \"No I'm afraid not. I have a boyfriend\"

In the backround I could hear another boy say \"What he doesn't know won't...\" What a silly boy I thought as I hung up the phone. Do men have no manners at all?

\"Irene you're not invited\" I said as fast as I could trying to hide the humor I found in the situation. I watched her jaw drop and her nose turn red. Which is a rare sight considering the tone of tan her skin was. Somewhere between lobster red and turd brown. God I hate her.

\"I don't understand!\" she yelled suddenly focusing her anger towards me. \"Well dont kill the messenger geez. It was from Boone from bill. If that makes any sense\" I said tryin not to smile. \"Boone? He's so hot. I'm gonna marry him someday.\" said Lynn all dreamy eyed.

She loved the rocker type lately, all teased hair and leather pants. I must admit so did I, yet I found myself dating Tommy. The total opposite of Boone. He was running back for our school football team, which was not as impressive as it sounds considering they rarely won a game all season last year.

\"Well who's coming with me then?\" asked daisy \"I will!\" squeaked Lynn running to her room upstairs. \"Anyone else?\" she asked again looking at winny.

This time with no reply. \"Great thanks Winifred, have fun at home then girlys.\" she said with a hint of sarcasm.

Lynn came running back down stairs in a leather jacket and ripped up jeans, clearly on a mission to impress Boone.

\"Bye daisy, love ya!\" I yelled as obnoxiously loud as I could Running over to kiss her on the cheek. \"Ba-bye doll face\" she laughed as she walked out the door with a waving Lynn behind her. \"Standing sucks\" I thought as I sat back down. My legs hurt so bad today from the hike. Never again will I walk around these woods for 6 hours, with no goal besides getting lost and finding our way back. I think this will be the last time I ever attend summer camp. The only reason I came was because I wanted to spend the summer with my friends, and they were all going to be here. Still, it was a nice break from the rush of the city. Why am I still holding this book? I haven't even read a word in about 10 minutes.

\"You ok Irene?\" I asked, now starting to feel a little bad for her. \"why don't you mind your own business Kay?\" she snapped back.

I felt my face turn hot. From ear to ear, my face burned. The very little bit I felt bad about Irene was suddenly gone and replaced with the urge to slap her across her stupid face.

\"Relax Irene, no one here did anything to you, you need to stop starting shit.\" Winny said jumping into to defend me. \"Doesn't matter. Ok fine, Sorry. Geez.\" She said almost choking on her words.

I simply just nodded at her biting my tongue. I couldn't say anything without making the situation worse. I needed to keep my cool, only 21 more days of this till I got to never see her again.

\"So anyway, I'm thinking about getting my tongue pierced, I heard that guys like that. Should I get it?\" ask Irene.

It seemed the only time she didn't have a bitchy tone was when she was talking about herself. So I unbit my tongue.

\"You don't need anymore holes in your face\" I said with a fake obnoxious smile. \"The ones you already have are never shut to begin with\" \"No need to be rude\" she replied with an equally fake smile. \"I hope daisy has fun with the boys\" she added with a hint of sarcasm. \"Don't be mad at her, you should have gone.\" I snapped. \"I would have. I don't know why bill didn't want me to go\" \"Maybe because you broke up with him?\" Added winny. Irenes face seemed to be brightening up again. \"I broke up with him\" she said. \"because he's a cheater.\" \"Then why are you so mad you're not over at there side of the camp swapping STDs?\" I asked, this time with a real smile.

There goes that red nose again. She stood up almost tripping over her own chair and rushed off to the bathroom slamming the oak door behind her. The slam echoed in my head for a minute. I kept thinking how bad it would hurt to run into those thick doors or stub a toe on one, It would obviously suck but... Wait a minute, why am I still holding this book?

\"Water doesn't wash away disease. No shower is gonna help her.\" whispered winny. I laughed and stood up thinking \"On that note, its beddy bye time.\" \"I'm off to bed, you can read more of this if you want\" I said as i handed winny my Anne Rice novel and walked into my bedroom. More like sleeping courters, the room felt like one you would find in an old abandoned house. The bed smelled of mildew and something I couldn't familiarize myself with. Maybe must, or sweat. \"Time to find that hoodie and cover my face\" I thought, as I looked though my clothes finding it instantly. As I laid there I thanked god for the smell of Irenes shampoo wafting into my room. I decided to spray my perfume around a bit to lighten the stink of my homeless shelter of a room.

I wonder what Tommys doing. Maybe he's thinking of me to. Probably not, he's probably out drinking with his friends. I felt my body sink into my bed as I drifted off to sleep thinking of Tommy and how much I missed him.

\"I'd like to shower to. Just saying\" I heard daisy say from the other room. I wonder how long I'd been asleep for. Well I'm awake now after that short lived nap. I opened my door and found daisy standing there with mud up to her knees. \"How longs she been in there\" I asked. \"About an hour\" winny replied. I watched the door knob shake a little and all I could think was great she's gonna come out here yelling. But the only noise that came was a knocking at the front door.

Daisy reluctantly opened the door. Our camp counselor Mr. pip stood in front of us not looking to happy. \"Have you seen mary? She went to do rounds over an hour go and no ones seen her\" he said. \"Maybe she's already back and you just walked different ways Mr. Pip?\" Said daisy in a sweet childlike innocent voice. \"Maybe... I'm gonna look around a bit more just in case. Call me if you hear from her\" \"We will\" she said in another innocent voice.

I closed the door and looked at the other girls. \" I wonder if she's ok..\" winny said looking concerned. \"I'm sure she's fine, she probably just got a little lost in the dark.\" replied Daisy \"I doubt it she knows these woods like the back of her hand\" I decided to add in. \"Oh well who cares\" said daisy \"I'm here and that's all that matters\" \"Speaking of which, why are you back already, it's only been an hour\" \"Oh the party got broken up by a bunch of the consolers\" she replied. \"I didn't even get to talk to Boone.\" added Lynn \"Yeah, we had to run through the woods and hope we got back before anyone noticed we were gone. That's why I almost pissed myself when I heard a knock on the door. I thought we were caught for sure\" laughed daisy. \"speaking of, I'm covered in mud. I need a fucking shower\" she added as she walked to the bathroom door wiggling the door knob. No longer locked it just popped open. I watched her open her mouth to say something to irene only to be frozen as if she looked directly into the eyes of medusa. Instead of words her lungs opened, unleashing a scream that could have destroyed the sound barrier. In perfect unison Winny, Lynn and I all ran to the door. As I peered in I felt the bathtub move a mile away from me, as If my fear was pushing it. Once again in unison I could barely hear my own scream over theirs. A yard in front of us was Irene, slashed to ribbons, wrapped in a blood covered curtain. I felt like I stared for an eternity, not fully grasping what was happening.

Finally, I felt myself snap out of it, the act of motion seemed to make my stomach feel sick. \"We have to get out of here.\" was my first thought. Followed by the fact we needed help. The closest phone to call the police was in my room. I sensed the other girls following behind me on the quick run to my door.

\"What's going on? why does my head hurt?\" I thought as I was suddenly able to think again. I was laying on my bed and the back of my head was bleeding. I somehow fell and bashed it on the wall.

About a yard in front of me was a man dressed in all black standing at the edge of my room. His face hidden in shadows, His skin covered in blood. Did he kill winny to? He leaned down towards me, and the light of the moon shined down upon him from outside the window. His face... Oh my god. His hands so soft as they touched my cheek. He's going to kill me. I wish I could tell my mom how much I love her. And Tommy... I love you so much Tommy. Please god, please give me a chance to tell them. As his fingers drove into the core of my mind, I could feel myself slowly fading away. Is this death? I can't seem to scream anymore, or move my body.... I love you Tommy.

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