Sixteen Years Ago

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Everything changes with time but people are supposed to remain the same. For those three friends though, nothing would ever remain, or return, to the way things were...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Sixteen Years Ago

Submitted: May 04, 2013

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Submitted: May 04, 2013




Prologue (Present Day) – Tempestuous Skies, Roaring Thunder & Pouring Rain 

 It has often been said that people feel their mood is affected by the weather. The majority of people either complacently agree or simply ignore this statement, he had always been one of those who chose to ignore. That was what made this situation so ironic, now the weather was being affected by his emotions, or rather, his emotions were perfectly reflected by the atmosphere. 

However none of this, whether it be the statements, the irony or the world’s reflection of his inner state mattered. None of it would ever matter again, nothing would ever matter again. As he kneeled on the ground, arching his back with his head hanging and the pouring rain running off his body like a river, he shook.  His dark, scruffy hair covered his face from anyone seeing its content as he thought.

‘I’m not crying, I won’t cry’.  

He shuddered but told himself it was only due to the rain and continued.

‘Ah it’s raining’ ‘It’s the rain coming down, yeah that’s it.’ 

Continuing to lie to himself he concluded his inner conversation.

‘Because… there’s no way… no way that I’d cry.’ 

As he finished these thoughts he knew the obvious truth. He could feel the difference of temperature on his cheeks between the rain & his tears and he knew he was merely trying to escape reality, but that was the only logical choice to make because he would never dream of the future again. Only the past, that was where his dreams would lie now. 

As he accepted the truth a flash of lightning momentarily lit up his distraught face and in that instant the world could see his expression. His eyes were as wide as the sky above with his tears streaming below and off of his sunken face. His demeanor was that of a forgone man and he would wholeheartedly accept that. 

Once the lightning had passed he bellowed, roaring with the thunder he screamed louder than he had thought humanly possible. He felt his soul leave his body through his shout but he did not care, something so menial meant nothing in this situation. 

He watched his tears fall onto the face his empty shell of a body hung over. Beautiful and breath taking, these were the only two concepts that could explain her now and yet, the depth behind these thoughts could never be explained so easily. Her pale, perfectly still body that laid in his arms was as light as the air he felt he could no longer breathe. The beginning of a smile she had fallen into an eternal slumber with could only be stated as beautiful. Finally, the state that her body had been left in, the rose red blood that lay beneath her ice cold body, which would still look too perfect to belong to any inhabitant of this world, would only leave him with that single understanding, breath taking. 

With his understanding of reason already broken beyond repair he finally reached the only logical question to ask, why? Why is she dead? Why did she have to die? Why was she murdered? Why did that person do this? Why would that person do this? These were the questions spinning inside his head creating the tempest that the sky had become. These questions were logical to think, to hunt the answers for, but still these questions did not matter. It did not matter that the only woman he had ever loved had died, it was the manner of her death that mattered. It was not the reason, or lack of, she was murdered that mattered, it was who she was murdered by. 

Her mutilated yet majestic body had been tainted in ways far more despicable than mere carnal lust or rage. The way in which her body had been left was clearly designed to be a message to him, a signal to test him, a warning of the times to come. 

The warning coming from the only existence, past or present, which had ever been more significant to him than hers. That person he had called friend, named rival and bound as brother, that person he had known since birth. Whom he had grown up with & loved. That person who had cared for him, helped him in his times of need and had been his shoulder to cry on. That person who had set him up with her in the beginning, who had supported their relationship more than anyone else. That person who made them the three greatest friends that anyone could have ever imagined. 

At that moment in time though the questions stopped appearing in his head, instead hatred and animosity had come to the forefront of his mind. The desire to kill had never been something he had felt before but, now it was as if it was the most natural feeling in the world. Consuming his mind and manipulating the remnants of sanity he had retained, he felt his heart freeze over and his soul regain strength. 

 He had discovered a goal and although it could never replace her role in his life nor the love he felt for her, at the very least it would help him to find a logical solution to this insane situation he found himself in. 

He looked down at her once more in hope of reiterating the necessity of his new found goal. He had hoped looking at her would confirm his resolve however all it did was increase the hole that had been left in his heart. She was brighter than the sun, she looked as if she belonged beside God’s throne. A Seraphim, she radiated a light so perfect that even angelic beings could not look upon her. She was beyond anything that could be described, even with an eternity to write it. It was only after these thoughts had passed that his original wish was met. He felt the need to settle everyting return and part of his mind, at least, was put to ease about the next steps to take. 

Whilst finally finding some sense of reality had made him feel like he had been brought down to earth, what actually brought him down was the vibration of his phone in his pocket. 

Originally he had thought this was the vibration of his body as his physical reactions caught up to his new-found resolve, however he soon realised that the vibration he was feeling was located in his pocket and was too monotone and repetitive to reflect this important discovery. It was only once he had looked at the phone though that the shaking of his resolve began. 

The caller was that personas if the entire breakdown of the situation had been carefully monitored that person had timed his call to match the moment that the necessary resolution had been made. He, however, did not consider these thoughts. He considered nothing as he pulled the phone to his ear. "…"  

"… Do you have nothing to say?" 


"No questions to ask me? No rage to release at me? No despair to hurl at me?" 


"… Then, let me tell you only this" 


"This is the reason behind everything." 


Prologue End 



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