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Three mysterious men, a castle and a talisman.
What is going on here?

Find out now by reading my first novel submitted here at Booksie! I will divide it into chapters, so please stay for future chapters! I'll start by publishing the prologue.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Armageddon

Submitted: May 12, 2013

Reads: 83

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Submitted: May 12, 2013






"Don't you think you should take a break soon, milord.."

Asmodeus watched his lord from afar, not daring to interfere with his work other than by speech. The words echoed through the big halls, getting fainter and fainter until they at last weren't understandable anymore. It didn't even reach him, as he was still encased in his own mind, waiting, and storing up strength. "Forget it, when he is in that state, it's impossible to reach him". A tall, muscular man in a long redish coat and a black hat stood behind the tiny butler as he spoke. Asmodeus turned around, frightened at first but soon calmed down. " Ah, it's just you, Abaddon.". The tall man gently lifted his hat and smiled at Asmodeus. "So, what is he up to this time?" said Abaddon, crossing his arms. "Apparently, the lord is making some sort of a talisman." They both stared down the long hall, only just being able to see the picture of a shadowy figure. "Oh is he now." said Abaddon, tapping his middle finger at his arm. "Yes, the lord used to talk about this experiment of his, how he wanted to "test" humans." said Asmodeus. Before Abaddon could answer the figure stood up. With a mighty roar, the torches turned on, and the ground began shaking. "Hah hah haah, it is done!" The figure turned around and threw something up in the air. Great beams sprung out of the walls and catched the talisman. A massive amount of light began to fill out the hall. Both Abaddon and Asmodeus had to shield their eyes before this light. "Heh, so this is the extent of his powers" said Abaddon with an enthusiastic voice and a grim smile. "The lord had stored a lot up it seems, for this light is truly blinding." said Asmodeus, almost using both arms to cover. "Abaddon!" The sentence came from a person so mighty that even Abaddon had to kneel. The shadowy figure turned its head towards the two of them. "You'd best get out of here, if you don't wanna get trapped!". A small drop of sweat rippled down Abaddons face, still trying to keep his cool. "Haaah! I suppose I'd better do as you say, after all, you are my lord too.". The figures' buring eyes were locked at the two of them, getting more and more unpleasent. Abaddon got up on his feet, quietly bowed, clapped Asmodeus on his shoulder and left with a magic spell that left a cloud after him. Asmodeus tried to look at his lord now that the light had dimmed, but it were still to much for him. "Watch now, my loyal servant, Asmodeus! As I transfer a portion of my powers to this talisman!" His voice were so deep and dark that it left Asmodeus stunned, as he had almost forgotten his voice. "Satan, my lord!" yelled Asmodeus. Then, the light encased the whole of the castle, and in an instant, it was gone. Only the talisman, infused with his powers, were left behind.

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