Chapter 4: Garden

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Light shed across my face, jolting me awake, forgetting where I was for a second. Then I saw Jacob by one of the windows, curtains leaving his hand. He was wearing a pair of jeans that slipped off his hip bones barely, showing his happy trail lead down to his manhood. He had a smug look on his face as water dripped off his hair. He must have just come from the shower, he smelled clean with a hint of woodsyness.

He came walking over to the bed stopping only to pick up the shirt that I had shed the previous night. He placed it on the bed, and started carling towards me, like he was a lion. He was literally on top of me before he stopped.

He leaned closer to me, if that was possible, and said, "Iliesabell, I want you to kiss me."

I wanted to punch him and see how he felt about that but I knew that he had power over me. So what do I do to survive in this new world I'm in? I kiss him.

It was my first kiss and it was with my "master" by a command, by someone who thought that I was a peace of property. It made me feel sick, but he owned me. If I made him mad he could kill me, or worse send me back to the lab.

He was breathing abnormally when he pulled away. "Iliesabell, open your mouth more, and use your tongue."

He then bent down for another attack. I did as he told me. It wasn't bad at all by the way he moved his tongue directing me. And his lips where smooth and my lips melted to his in a way that I didn't think possible. But even with all that it still wasn't all that great. He was so nice just the day before; he even gave me a name. But know he was a prick. Goes to show you can’t judge a book by the first page.

When he finally pulled away I was breathing a little faster (which doesn't happen to me often). "Thank you Iliesabell. You’re not bad for your first kiss." He pecked me on the lips quickly before he went to the door. "Get dressed, and I want to see you in a dress for our meal." He turned and said "Don't be late." And closed the door.

I picked up the closest thing to me, witch happened to a pillow, and threw it at the door. Then, as Jacob had ordered, I got dressed.

I grabbed the first thing that I touched and slipped it on, a soft blue dress that hung off my shoulders that swept down to my feet which where clad in soft white flats.

I walked into the garden and Jacob stood like he did the night before. I asked, "Is this to your liking Jacob?"

He smiled and said, "Yes, but loosen your wings a little, they must be cramping up a little."

"No sir- Jacob." I let my wings a little anyway.

He saw the little ruffling, and kissed me, "Aww, that's better."

As we ate he chatted away about nothing unparticular. Then he brought up a subject that caught my attention. Birthdays.

"My birthday is coming up in four days and I want to discus this with you." He put his chin in his hands, "I want you to attend. I would also like you to enter by flying down. That is if you could fly." He smirked.

What was he trying to do? Get punched in the face? Was he mocking me? "I have never tried, but if it would please you I would love to try and fly."I smiled at him as sweetly as I could.

He was taken aback and blushed deep red.

"I would love to try knowing if that’s alright." I kept smiling.

You may ask way I'm being sweet to him. It's because he was nice to me, and then he was a prick. So I thought that if I was nice it would mess with him. Pulse he does own me so that has a contributing factor. It was also all for survival.

"Yes it's all right with me. I would love to see it." He smiled just as sweetly to me.

I stood and walked over to a large bed of flowers, and shook my wings out to get the lose feathers out, (I did what just came naturally). I then snapped my wings open, and turned a little to look at Jacob. He looked as if he was glowing with excitement.

I took couple hard strokes with my wings, to see how well they worked, and jumped. I was about 25 feet in the air when I started pumping my wings to catch the air. Then my wings caught the wind, and I started gaining altitude and fast.

It felt good to fly, to be free. It just felt right. It felt better then I ever dreamed of. With the wind flowing through my wings, my hair, and through me, it just felt like I was supposed to be there. That was what I was made for, to be a weapon of the sky, to live in it. Bask in it. Yet I can't be who I am, I'm stuck on the ground, constricted by invisible chains that I wear, forced upon me by weaker beings. By the rich boy of a master. I wanted to fly away and be free, to just be me. But I couldn’t, not yet.

I flew a little higher, and then dropped. Tucking my wings in, becoming a lethal weapon that I was, speeding to the ground at high speed. I reached a point where I could see the flowers, and opened my wings, letting the air pull me up right in its slightly painful embrace. (Note to self: Don't snap wings open. hurts like a bitch!) Before I could hit the ground I pumped my wings again, pulling the petals right off the stem. As the petals broke lose they swirled around in the sky from the winds I made. Creating a flowery embrace as I landed.

Jacob came running to me as my feet touched ground. He scooped me up and swirled around. He started laughing, showing a slight dip in his cheek, aww cute! Then he ruined the mood when he kissed me. I could feel the smile on his lips as he kissed me tenderly. He pulled away a little to look at me and said, "That was great, Iliesabell! You where beautiful!" Then he gave me another kiss.

Does this boy ever get tiered of kissing!?

He put me down and said, "You can do what ever you want to day." I herd a small buzzing sound, and then felt a small sting. "I have to go to same meetings and-" I started to feel dizzy, "Iliesabell!" I herd Jacob yell as I collapsed. I just barley felt strong arms wrap around me as I fell unconscious.

Submitted: June 13, 2010

© Copyright 2022 Castrule. All rights reserved.


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please add more
can't wait
but you really might want to check your spelling
its really off
other than that
your story is good

Thu, September 9th, 2010 6:40pm


well. I'll have to change that wont I. (I am dislexik, or however that word is spelled.)

Fri, September 10th, 2010 3:42am

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