Chapter 6: Birthday

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I woke to a passionate kiss, a warm tongue working its way into my mouth. I looked up to see Jacobs closed eyes. At first I started to panic, but then I remembered yesterday, and him telling me that it was his birthday. I rapped my arms around his neck and started to kiss him back. He moaned and then rapped his arms around my waist puling me closer to him.
He pulled away, and said, “Thank you for that birthday kiss, Iliesabell. Well it’s time to get up and get ready for my birthday.” He smiled.
I dropped my arms from around his neck and sat up as he got off of me.
“I didn’t say this because I was giving you a kiss, but Happy Birthday, Jacob.” I smiled.
“Well, thank you, Iliesabell.” He went to the closet and pulled out some clothes for him. When did those get in there? “I want you to look like an angle, not a hybrid. So you’re going to go get your body make over. And while that is going on I am going to tell you the plan for to night. So let’s go.”
He led me to a room on the fourth floor where four people where waiting to cover up my spots and make me look like an angle, as Jacob put it. There were tubes of make up and paste lining the many shelves along with powders of thousands of colors.
They pulled off the small robe I was wearing and started to take off all the hair that was on my body. Not that was much but on my stomach, arms, a little on my legs and pits, they waxed it all off. They then made me soke in a tube of fragrented water/oil, while one person worked on my feathery hair and Jacob explained to me what I was to do.After that was done they pulled me out and started to plaster this type of thick foundation on my skin, making it so I didn’t have spots anymore. Once the paste, or what ever you wanted to call it, was dry they sat me in a chair and started at my face.
Once that was done, Jacob came back in with a bundle of white clothing. I didn’t even know when he left. “Now let’s get you into your dress.”
The four helped me into the first main part of the dress, the silk part. It looked like the first dress I tried on, the one with small silk straps. Then they put on this thing around my waist. It was like a half dress bundle of feather light silk and on top of that they placed a corset, covering the disturbance in the dress. Then on my arms they placed these sleeves that lay off my shoulders and tied delicately under my plump breasts, the end of the sleeves reached all the way down to the floor. It was beautiful, but the dressing wasn’t done. They placed my feet into silk soft flats that could snag on anything. They then placed a silk head peace that flowed off my hair, reaching my shoulders.
When I looked at myself in the mirror I saw an angle. Gold eye shadow and contacts to make my eyes look golden blue. My cheeks looked flushed even though I wasn’t. I think it was called Blush, but it could have been different. My lips where a soft pink, looking plump and delicate, and as Jacob would put it they looked kissable. And my skin didn’t have any markings, it looked perfect. Like a normal human’s skin, just glowing instead of sun kissed. It looked as if my skin was holding in the sun. All in all I looked like an angle that has just descended from heaven.
Once I was dressed and all pasted Jacob led me to the place I was to ‘descend’ and he then showed me how he wanted me to act, and then he gave a script and told me to memorize it and to go by that when ever I was to talk to someone.
The lights where on twinkling in the night and in the trees making the night into an almost day setting, it was like sunset or sunrise. People swarmed the garden and out side of the house. I was amazed that they didn’t walk allover each other, and that they had some type of order. I watched from the top of the house as the people, looking like ants, kept arriving with gifts for Jacob. Some kissed each others cheeks and some hugged, and some avoided all the others trying to sneak away into the house, and in the garden. They all looked different, but the one thing they all had, was that they looked like they where birds, feathers in hair, and face paint. A few women had complete feather dresses, and some a feather neck collars. They all looked like they where putting on a show, but Jacob had said that the theme of his party was birds, so I didn’t let myself get upset by the imposters.
I was up on the roof for about on hour when Jacob finally made his way out of the house, and started greeting people. I was just watching when something caught my eye. A woman was making her way to Jacob and she looked like she was ready for murder. Jacob saw her and he’s composer completely changed, he started talking to her and she raised her hand a slapped him. I wasn’t going to stand for this. I knew I was to wait tell he told people to look up at the moon and say how nothing could compare to it’s beauty, but for some odd reason I felt like I had to protect Jacob.
I jumped into the air and went high, and then I started to drop. Not like I did when Jacob asked me to fly but gracefully. I then herd someone gasp and then people started to turn there heads in my direction. I pulled myself upright and made my way to the garden and landed, pulling lose the petals, and lifting the older ones off the floor and made a vortex of petals like I had done before.
People where taking several steps back and tome where just standing there, mouths gaping. I looked around, not that I needed to but it was part of the act, and looked for Jacob. As soon as I saw him and the woman, tears came to my eyes.
The woman had on rings and they had cut Jacobs cheek when she had slapped him, and she slapped him two more times before I had showed up. He looked at me with astonishment, and the woman looked terrified. I walked through the wall of petals, and advanced on the woman.
As soon as I was a few feet in front of her I looked at Jacob. “I hoped you wouldn’t need me until you called, but my master saw that you where in danger and sent me early.” A single tear rolled down my cheek and I looked at the women, “You have hurt my lord Jacob Shattuck, and for that you will never be allowed into the gates of heaven. Begun with you before my master tells me to banish you from this world, for your soul is quenched with fiery darts of evil.” I turned and walked to Jacob and gave him a kiss.
There where many gasps from the people, but I didn’t care. I pulled away and said the first part of the script, “You know not of why I am here, but I was sent by my master to come and help you with what ever you may please. You could say that I am a gift from God, but I prefer not to call my master that. Only mortals are to call him that. But I am a gift from god, for he has said that you are one of his most favorite children, and I his favorite Angle. And what not a better gift then his favorite?”
I don’t know why I had to play a stupid part. I don’t even know why he didn’t just let every one no that he bought me. I thought that this whole act was utterly pointless, but I wasn’t the Master so I couldn’t give my opinion of this ridicules idea.
Jacob took me by then hand and said, “Well then, if you are a gift I don’t plan on giving you back.” He said devilishly. He pulled me to him and planted a huge lustful kiss on my ‘kissable’ pink lips. Then people started applauding and cheering.
After a while someone came up to us, Jacobs arm around my waist, “My, my, Jacob, who new that you would get such a divine gift.” Said a man who smelled like he had been drinking far too much liquor.
Jacob laughed, and said, “George, you seem like your jealous.”
The man looked at me and said, “Who in gods name wouldn’t be?” I flinched when he said god. After all I was playing the part of an Angle. “I mean look at her, so obedient and you just meat her.” He started to laugh, blowing his foul breath into my face.
My temper rose a little, but not too much. I just let his little remark and foul breath pass. But then more people kept coming up to Jacob and saying that I was truly a gift, and a little obedient birdie. My temper was slowly rising, and I tried to hold it in tell the one woman came back and said, “Aww! What a perfect little fucking birdie. She has to have something wrong with her. Are you sure she is tame?” She asked laughingly.
I looked at her and said, “I can’t be tamed you two faced human. I am who I am and I can’t be changed. I am more of a person then you will ever be. So go run along to your husband, or was it you lover you brought with you? Wait it could be the man hour you have been buying fro the last year. You are taking up air that was never meant for you. I should pull it out of your lungs and make you suffocate. After all you don’t seem to realize that others need it.” I was so furious; I didn’t know why I said all of those things. But the look on her face was priceless, I was glad I said it.
Apparently Jacob liked what I said too, because he said, “Yes, like my dear here said, run along. And I don’t ever want to see you ever again. If my Angle says you are evil, then I don’t want to taint her. “
Everything from then on when great, I didn’t get anymore, ‘Aww, she is so obedient’ I got treated like an equal. And that was the first time that had happened in such a long time I can’t even remember when it happened last.

Submitted: September 11, 2010

© Copyright 2022 Castrule. All rights reserved.


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Sun, October 17th, 2010 8:44am


thank you. glad that you like it so much, but I have been havin writers block pluse I have been grounded for about a week now, so when I had an idea I was unable to write. sorry. I will post as soon as I can

Mon, October 18th, 2010 12:41pm

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