fame friends family

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My story is about 4 girls who start there first day of high school but they meet 4 boys who change their life foreva

Chapter 1 (v.1) - fame friends family

Submitted: January 24, 2012

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Submitted: January 24, 2012



Paris: I can't find my fav. Shirt were did u put it Tifani: idk your stuf get thrown all ova the place I'm just shocked that u found your room Paris and tifani's cuizn's walk in Babydoll: let's gooooo you walk slower then our granmother Baja: word move y'all selvs on and paris you have your shirt on Paris: I knew that The girl hop in to paris's green porsh On there way to school they were cut off by a tour bus going in the way to there school Baja: did u just see that! Paris: they cut us off Tifani: just go around them Paris: kk Paris drives around the tour bus and parks in the parkig lot at the school and the tour bus parks right next to them the girls get there stuff and paris locks the door until paris bumps into a boy and falls on the floor ???: I'm so sorry I wasn't paying atenchon Paris: its ok ???: here let me help u up Paris: thanks As the boy picks up paris their eyes meet ???: hi I'm roc royal Paris: I'm paris Baja: I knew he looked familer Babydoll and tifani: o shush Paris: um I have to go Paris runs inside the bilding with her family Roc: wate I neva got to know u................................ Prodigy: its ok man you will see her agin Princeton: yea Rayray: word Roc: y'all right let's go The boys runs in the school and went to there seprate classes Roc: paris you have vet class Paris: yes Roc: can I sit with u Paris: ok ____________________________ Prodigy: tifani hey wanna sit next to me Tifani: ok ____________________________ Princeton: baby doll u have dance class Babydoll: yea and aperintly so do u Princeton: wanna be my dance partner Babydoll: ok ___________________________ Rayray: baja u take art Baja: yep Rayray: cool wanna work together Baja: ok ____________________________ Chapter 2 will be up soon

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